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  1. Aiming deadzone is along with the inability to jump the key features of OFP/Arma. One of the huge advantages with deadzone is that you can stay hidden especially in PvP and aim with minimal movement. With aiming deadzone disabled your whole body moves when you turn the rifle. Unfortunately it seems like this key feature has been pretty much neglected by BIS. It's there but it's not really working as well as it could have. It's way to fast compared to the turn speed.
  2. Llauma

    CiA co-op night

    Comrades in Arms hosts co-op nights for serious team players on every Wednesday at 20:00 CET. During summer, daylight-saving time will be in effect. If you are uncertain of the current server time check it here. The server is online 24 hours, 7 days a week in either FDF-BAS or WGL modes. CiA have been running serious Flashpoint games for the past six years. We are mostly known for our strict but simple modus operandi during our missions. There are no trainings or role playing; we concentrate on the coop and the ways to complete it, no more, no less. We choose a commander, we lay out a plan, and during its execution we follow the team leader's orders carefully. In spite of that, the atmosphere is light and calm. Every one, including guests, can lead in our games. However, once a leader was chosen everybody are expected to do exactly as he says. In order to assure serious team play the server is password protected. Until now, the server was open for all that have the addons but lately, an over flux of players have brought immature behavior to coop nights. Thus, the old password is in use again. The password will be provided to those who will show, outside the official coop night a grown and productive way of playing. If you posses the password, please don't forward it to anyone else. CiA Server Rules 1. Orders If the leader gives you orders, follow them at all costs, even if it may seem senseless in your eyes. This also requires that each unit knows their number so you will know which order is addressed to you. Orders are given either via Teamspeak, OFP's built in commands, or in the text chat. You should be attentive to all of these comm channels. 2. Reporting Back If the leader addresses you, respond. If you have been given an order report 'Roger' so the leader will know that you have received and understood it. Upon completion of the assigned task report 'Ready'. 3. Formation Stick with the formation unless told otherwise. Even numbers should be to the right hand side of the leader, while Odd numbers to his left. If the main squad is split up into smaller squads, each squad moves as an independent team, led by an assigned secondary leader. 4. Map Stay focused on the map. Know where you and possible friendly units are to avoid friendly fire. 5. Firing Don't open fire without being ordered. Before firing on a unit, check the map for friendly units! Also right-click will help, but not always. Rather be shot by an enemy than shooting a friendly! 6. Chat Don't chat if it has nothing to do with the current combat situation. Dumb comments result in overfilling the chat space, thus no one realizes when important orders are given. Switch to group chat during missions, if you aren't leading. 7. Concentration This is the last and most important rule: Concentrate. We don't forbid joking, but once a mission has started, stay serious, calm and focus on the game! Everyone who doesn't follow one or more of these rules will be asked to leave. Needed Addons Finmod, BAS addons and some more addons are in use. Please do not attempt to connect to the server without them installed. All the addons are available for download in an easy to install single pack from the CiA website addons page. Servers Info Game server IP: Port: 2302 Teamspeak 2 server IP: The TS password is ciafdf CiA Server Mission List Check this Google spreadsheet to view the missions we have on our servers. In order to pursue the sense of achievement we use it to keep track of successfully completed missions. We keep it up-to-date. WGL Server If you play WGL mod, feel free to join us on any other day of the week. If you and your friends wish to play WGL and the server is on FDF-BAS mode, please leave us a request on our homepage 'shoutbox' and we will gladly switch the server to WGL. ArmA 2 Server If you play ArmA 2 mod, feel free to join us on our Sunday ArmA 2 coop night. Check this thread for more details. See you on the server!
  3. Llauma

    Why in the world....

    The answer could simply be that anti-aliasing disables something else. I know that geforce cards have had problems combining HDR and AA in some games. It's possible that some of the HDR features get disabled when you turn on AA, hence you get a higher frame rate.
  4. Llauma

    Arma 2 built in FPS counter ?

    I'm guessing you have ATI Tray Tools or something running. I'm not that familiar with it but I guess it should have an option to turn off the FPS counter.
  5. Llauma

    Low FPS

    My game runs perfectly with everything on high/highest with my quad core and radeon hd 4890. When switching to an older geforce 8600 the game becomes unplayable even of very low settings. Edit:Oops
  6. @Flash Thunder BIS will never use the CryEngine period. It's like asking apple to use the windows kernel for their OS X. Surely the engine looks great with superb physics but I'm very sceptic whether it could handle something like arma 2. It's an EXTREMELY demanding engine unless you have heavily directed and scripted events so that the engine will never be overloaded. BIS is working on an expansion, not a completely new game so please lower your expectation/requests half a dozen notches. Spend some time researching what expansions in general adds to games. You could start with the Sims and World of Warcraft. You'll probably find out that it's usually new models, maps, missions and smaller engine fixes.
  7. Llauma

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    I get an annoying sound when I use full auto fire. It sounds like a 'ground loop hum' and it's ended by a crack. It's present with most of the weapons. Considering the game still has so many issues I'm not impressed with the patch. Only a fraction of the bugs/flaws were addressed. I love the game but it'll take some time before it's bug free and balanced.
  8. Llauma

    1.03 Performance

    It's a bug that's been along since the game came. If you first load chernarus and then utes the island up north will appear.
  9. Of course people want BIS to release an afghan expansion because people always want more. If the question was whether we wanted either an east european or an afghan theather I'm quite sure the majority would prefer the east european option. Please realize that making an afghan expansion means a lot of work for BIS. I'm quite sure it equals the amount of work companies like EA puts in their yearly game releases. Any expansion like this would cost at least €30. I'd prefer BIS to continue working on ArmA2 and if they would release an expansion I'd prefer it to be something like Resistance was for OFP.
  10. The Q8200 is a pretty basic quad core cpu but it's reasonably priced and it can easily be clocked to 3 gHz with stock cooling without any stabilty issues. I have it myself and I'm pleased with the performance it delivers. About the graphics card. Surely 1 gb is good but it's just a minor part. Nowadays they add 1 gb to pretty much all cards because it's a cheap way to get people to buy it. Even if you have a really tight budget don't get anything less than a Radeon HD 4850 or GTS 250 if you prefer GeForce cards.
  11. Llauma

    HE rounds and soft vehicles

    It's a bit awkward in the game. It takes many more HE rounds to level a house than it takes with sabots. In real life a sabot wouldn't cause any major damages other than a small entry and exit hole in the wall. If you wanna level a house you need HE rounds. The only use you have for HE's in this game is to cause damage to a certain area. If you have a specific target you should use sabots against it. I'm no programmer so I don't know how big engine changes are required for a better penetration model. Perhaps it would be easier to simply make ammunition behave differently depending on which class the target has. So if the class is House a HE would be far more effective than if the class is Tank. Also that would make HE's and rifle's ineffective against MBT's.
  12. More advanced physics equals less resourcess for AI, graphics etc. It's a massive scale game and you can't make it top of the scale in every aspect. The physics are somewhat outdated but they do work. It would have been cool to be able to turn a hut piece by piece into rubble with a .50 cal but that would be at the cost of much more important things. BIS has taken the approach to crate as many things as possible in house. It might not always be the wisest decision but I respect that. In the end it's your decision whether you wanna buy the game or not. I don't think I'd be willing to pay more than for normal games. I'm quite sure that is the common view on this. Developing a special expensive high end version would probably not appeal any larger numbers of players. I doubt, even though trying to be optimistic that BIS be able to sell more than 100.000 copies even if the price was just €100. Anyone with a sense of math realizes that it would be far more logical to aim for the million marker with a game costing a third of that. If they do manage to create a bug free version with top physics etc then why price it so high that only a minority would buy it? So how much I would pay for it? Well, I've bought OFP:CWC twice, OFP:R, OFP:GOTY, ArmA, ArmA:QG and ArmA2. I'm not sure how much that is but I would guess a bit over €200. On otherhand that's spanning over 8 years which makes it about €25 a year. So well, perhaps that's what I would be willing to pay a year.
  13. Llauma


    @Chammy First of all, get more ram. You have the minimum required RAM just to run win 7 64bit which I assume you have. It's a fairly cheap way of boosting your system. About overclocking. I think you have some dynamic overclocking options in the gigabyte BIOS. You can adjust the CPU, RAM and PCI-e clocks easily. Though don't expect any miracles as long as you have just 2 gb RAM. If you can get your hands on XP again I think it would be a wise decision to go back to it. It's the best OS for this game.
  14. Well, that's assuming that BIS actually wants to continue this series. I guess they will put all their effort in carrier command. What will come after that I don't know. We can only hope they'll grow to a size where they can develope two games simultaniously. If not that I think we'll see a non military RPG after CC. About the MMORPG idea. I'm not sure about it. I like the way it is now. If I want a good coop night I'll join a passworded server where I know I'll get it. I'd rather face AI's then thousands of noobs with no interest in the general mission. Keep on developing independant games and if I like them I'll buy them. The modding part of the game would also be doomed if it was became a MMORPG. No thanks...
  15. I'll repeat it again. They have a simulator called VBS. Why not buy it? To be honest, I think BIS would make more money by taking the opposite approach. Making it more arcadish/mainstream will appeal a much larger audience. Include the console market to that and they'll make much more money than if they would turn it into VBS2.
  16. Arma2 is the game and VBS2 the simulator/training tool. You're asking for something unrealistic. They're working the best they can on delivering a game with realism/simulation as an aim but not necessarely a goal. If you're interested in real simulation then contact BIA, stack up some money and sign a contract. If people could just take a step back and see what we actually have infront of us. It's an awesome game even though it has some bugs and outdated features. This is the creation and vision of a few guys working like hell to deliver something they can be proud of. It's actually amazing that this is the result of a work which probably started with Suma writing the first lines of code for the game. They're not gods but they managed to create a virtual world out nothing.
  17. Llauma

    ArmA 2 on PlayStation 3

    Actually I wouldn't be surprised if BIS was working on porting the game to PS3. There's a huge potential market as there's no way to crack the games at the moment. It's also good for future releases if BIS gets familiar with the PS3. BIS has surprised us before so I wouldn't be suprised if we were surprised once again...
  18. @ch 123 If you compare W7 to vista then W7 does everything better. There are some older games which can have some issues but they have the same issues in vista. I agree with you though. Win 7 is a far better choice than vista. The game runs well on it, just not as welll as on XP. As you've been using W7 sincer christmas I assume you've never tried arma 2 with Xp on your rig. Trust me, there's a difference. Whether W7 is a smoother OS is questionable. Compared to vista, yes but XP is quite scaled down in comparison which makes it run faster than any of those though with the downside of having none of the great features of the later OS versions. I had some dpc latency issues with W7 and I didn't manage to isolate what caused it. I had no issues though while running arma2. I assume I had some bad drivers but for what? I'm quite sure W7 will be a great OS but it's under development and until it's officially on the shelves I recommend people to stick with XP if performance is more important than looks. To get back a little more to the topic. The recommended spec's by BIS are quite accurate. If your rig meets those criterias then you're good to go, as long as you're running XP. Vista requires quite more for a smooth gameplay and while W7 is less demanding it still needs more than the recommended spec's.
  19. That might be true but not for this game. I've tried it and even though win 7 is far better than vista it still can't compete with XP when it comes to arma 2. Before you go upgrading to win 7 make sure your hardware is supported. Just because the compability check is okay doesn't mean your hardware will run without issues. After all, it's still work under progress and many of the available drivers are also beta. Google is your friend. Use it to find out how your hardware runs in win 7.
  20. Llauma

    Too few enemy units

    Some guy told me a few years ago that war is boring.... But seriously, this is not about killing enemies. To me it's more about trying to survive. There's also an excellent editor which allows you to create your own missions with your desired number of enemies. Check it out, though you'll probably find out that more enemies equals smaller chance of surviving.
  21. @OstiasMoscas I think that's a good rig which will give you your desired performance/looks. Though as I wrote earlier, there are some major differences in performance depending on which version of windows you're running. Win XP is by far the best OS for this game.
  22. Llauma

    Optics and Zoom

    If you click the RMB once it'll bring up the optics. If you click and hold it, it'll zoom in. Though I use the same mapping as Dallas. 2xRMB is very convenient. It wont bring up the optics by accident when you intend to zoom in and vice versa.
  23. Llauma

    Vehicle FOV

    It's just the nature of a narrow screen/monitor. You can't get a realistic FOV on a screen. Sure, the FOV might get better when zoomed out but I can't stand the fish eye view all FPS games have. Maybe you're used to the fish eye view of other games? I prefer to have it even more narrow. Sure it has it's downsides but you can always turn your head to see what's around you. By the way, you can adjust the FOV in the player profile config file. fovTop=0.75; fovLeft=1.33; If you wanna increase the FOV then multiply those numbers with the value you want. Try multiplying it with 1.2 and you'll get 0,9 and 1.6.
  24. I've tested ArmA 2 on Windows XP 64-bit, Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit with exactly the same setup: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2,33 (@2,8 gHz) RAM: Kingston DDR2 HyperX PC8500 8 gb GPU: Radeon HD 4850 512MB HDD: Samsung SpinPoint F1 750GB SATA2 I don't have any statistics or numbers to back me up but I've got hours of playing. I just want to point out that this is a test with one system so the differences might be driver related but I've used drivers from the same suppliers and most of the times the same version number. Vista was by far the worst OS for ArmA2. I had to struggle to maintain a decent frame rate even with adequate settings. At start the game ran decently but the longer the mission went the more the performance dropped. I'm no expert but to me it seems like vista has some memory handling problems, at least when you got more than 4gb ram. It kept constantly accessing the hard drive which in combination with arma2 which is a very hard drive dependant game was a disaster. Windows 7 gave me quite a boost in performance. A 30% performance boost might be somewhere near the truth. It didn't have the performance drop either. I was quite pleased with the stability and performance. Out of curiosity and other hardware related reasons I went back to Win XP. I wasn't expecting any major changes but I received quite a surprise. The performance boost was just as big as when I switched from vista to win 7. The game runs perfectly on win xp. Even though I don't have any high end system I can run pretty much everything on high/very high. So my conclusion is quite simple. It doesn't only come to having the right hardware. The OS is just as important. Avoid Vista as much as you can. I just wanna point out that I'm not a vista hater (they're quite common). I actually like many of it's features but it's no good for this game. XP is the superiour choice. No question about it. If you're not willing to live without the nice features of vista then check out win 7. It's still beta but it's free and Arma2 runs way better on it. It's an evaluation copy though you'll be able to use it until march 2010.
  25. Llauma

    User Account - Interactive

    I've got it too, though for other shortcuts. So it has nothing to do with Bohemia interactive. What it actually does I don't know, but I doubt it's anything suspicious.