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  1. Would also like to know about this, would be fabulous.
  2. would it be possible to have a 'maps only' version or setup?
  3. Where do I begin... - but seriously that's adorable. :)
  4. Thanks ToH team, this is great. :) This kind of helicopter flying better be in Arma3, I can't go back to the old stuff!
  5. http://www.nightstalkers.cz/index_en.php?menu=enews This looks cool. The arma1 version was outstanding. :)
  6. KaiserPanda

    FDFmod for ArmA II

    how about a FDF sound mod for ArmA2? I still think FDF sounds were the best in arma. :)
  7. Isn't that one of the "resistance" factions he's shooting? The fool probably didn't set them hostile to Blufor.
  8. KaiserPanda

    Custom face textures in ArmA 2?

    Thread hijack and no answer. :(
  9. Will there still be custom faces? Will the template for custom faces be released before the game? I want my face ready for going through the campaign co-op. :)
  10. Oh snap. Be sure not to miss the pictures on the previous page. :eek:
  11. KaiserPanda

    Direct Chat SHOUTING!!

    A related suggestion: a simple personal volume indicator would be great! A meathod of knowing how loud your mic input sounds to other people. You can only find out if your mic is too low to hear or too hot from other people. Sometimes you're muted and dont know it and headsets move around a lot. A little gauge or bar in the corner would do it.
  12. KaiserPanda

    Real Time Strategy or First Person Shooter?

    ArmA missions can be just about anything you imagine. :)
  13. KaiserPanda

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    I don't know a lot about VBS2, but that just shows up in a tech demo video, doesn't it? Also VBS2 is usualy run in a LAN environment for end users with different standards than gamers. -not to mention BIS and BIA work independantly. It's probably the coolest thing in that game Joint Ops, and it would be amazing to be in ArmA. Not necessary, just cool. Even cooler than walking around inside vehicles was the ability to cary vehicles inside vehicles out of the box. :D Also jumping out. mid-air. yeaaaah.
  14. This is a great surprise! Â Can this be played co-op, somehow? I also wish this was ACE compatible(yeah, silly idea)
  15. KaiserPanda

    GC 2008 Press Coverage

    I think he was flying with the keyboard.