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    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Ryan, What TERRIFIC work! Thank you for working so hard on behalf of the community for a badly needed mod for Arma 3. It took far too long for something this awesome to finally reach us. :) I also deeply appreciate that you're designing this so that it can be used in combination with any other mod. I am deeply disappointed with how some zombie-mods are designed so that their zombies will only work within their own mod. Allowing us to apply your zombies and demons whenever and wherever we want continues the super sandbox capabilities that's the very spirit of all things great about Arma! I can't wait to see your spider-zombies in action. With BI's recent massive changes to their Forum's system, I've lost a lot of my account's records of what I've written, posted, etc., and I can't recall if I ever wrote to you in regards to some suggestions that I think would be very warmly welcomed by the Arma community in regards to a mod such as this. Before I "recollect" what I think I wrote to you earlier, I would like to first post some newer ideas that I've had... (1) Please continue to keep "specialized" zombies easily addable to a mission via the Module system. Such convenience via the Editor will ensure that many players will use it. That's a very considerate feature that you're supplying, and will certainly ensure its wide use. :D (2) The Jumping Zombies are a terrifying sight to behold and contend with. Wow! I was wondering if you'd consider adding additional specialized zombies, such as... ...Bursters. When the last fatal round strikes a Burster, they violently explode, emitting a bile like fluid and/or gas. These specialized zombies could manifest some kind of sign that they're a Burster-type zombie, perhaps a greenish gas emanating from the mouth and ears, and perhaps having a grotesque greenish skin color. Still-human characters caught in this explosion would very rapidly "resurrect" as an infected. If they live long enough, they evolve to have the same abilities as a Burster. Note that Bursters could come with a number of different bursting effects: fire, electricity, etc., etc. ...Ragers. A Rager is much like the Jumping Zombies already created for the mod, only they're MUCH tougher, requiring 2-3 magazines' worth of standard small arms fire being dumped into them to finally kill them. Heavy rounds may knock them down temporarily, but until they've reached their maximum damage, they'll continue to get up from the ground. They're still super strong, knocking vehicles and walls about as if they're mere toys, but they can also use their powerful arms to rip up a large chunk of rock and/or debris, and then throw it at its next victim. This thrown rock has so much power behind it, that it can easily kill whatever is in its path till it strikes a solid structure. A single punch from a Rager will send its instantly-dead target flying, causing enormous harm and knockdown damage to whatever is struck by the flying corpse. Perhaps they could be made 15% taller than a normal human (they could still enter doorways without clipping), has elephant-like cracked skin, and produces a large dust cloud from its filthy flesh? ...Emitters. An Emitter can project energy from their bodies, damaging humans, but healing zombies who are damaged. The energy attack could come in a number of forms: electrical, flame, concussive, etc., etc. Special effects that match their emission type could be assigned to their bodies. An electrical Emitter's exposed flesh could have a strobing blue glow, flame-throwing Emitters would have a glowing, ember like skin, etc., etc. Emitters are more intelligent than their infected-cousins. They can identify injured zombies, and deliberately try to heal them. They can also sense zombies who are still buried, and can "summon" them to the surface. A very powerful Emitter can also hover up to 9 m. off of the ground. The more powerful an Emitter is, the greater the range of its energy attack. (3) Now, to the older material that I can't recall if I sent to you or not... RickB has applied something that I suggested to his Walkers mod ( http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&id=180709 ), the undead can be exploited tactically. Basically, the infected are strongly attracted to large visual movements, bright light sources, and very loud noises. Thus, if an infantryman fires a flare into a compound occupied by uninfected infantry, if the zombies are within sight range of the bright light, they'll seek it out to wherever it lands. They will, of course, attack any uninfected on the way to the light source, and especially once they get there. Firing a 40 mm smoke grenade into a base can achieve the same positive ends. :D However, the ability to "manipulate" the infected horde can have negative consequences. What if the enemy drops the flare on your own position? What if one comes under suppressing fire, needs concealment and desperately needs to toss a smoke grenade? Does one do it, and risk drawing the undead to your location...? :( There are a ton of insane possibilities here. :) (4) In regards to their appearance, bloody up their appearance real good. The wetter it looks, the more terror inducing it'll be. As demonstrated here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/perfected-doom-3-version-500/images/gruesome-zombies2#imagebox . Maybe you could expand on the variety of their appearance by incorporating and modifying many of the amazing clothing selections from the TRYK mod (it's astounding!): http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26661 That's it for now. Thanks again for all that you've accomplished. Can't wait to see what's coming next. :)
  2. Other than the buildings and vegetation that's floating above the terrain, from a distance, the locations are immediately captivating. The do "feel" like the iconic real world locations, and that's a big achievement. Framerates in the cities were a substantial issue. With just my avatar in the map, turning him about resulted in major choppiness. I loved the 1 story residential homes (the ones with the working garage). Said structure is too "clean" and pristine though. The exterior and interior needs some texture work to make them look more weathered and lived in. Also, while inside these structures, one can see the shadows from the vegetation outside showing through the walls. Overall, a very solid start. Keep up the great work.
  3. Doesn't look like he felt a thing. ;) Thanks for sharing Marc!
  4. Kyle_K_ski

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Just wanted to state that I forgot to mention that the frag grenades generate a ton of shrapnel, and that the hit effects take a couple of seconds to finish. Oftentimes, the hit radius, visually, is three times as large as normal.
  5. Kyle_K_ski

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    I'm thrilled to hear that there's a patch coming soon. SUPERB! I'm also happy to see that I wasn't the only person experiencing the non-IF grenades "sudden drop" bug. Trout's reported it too, and without any other mods running as well. I hope that this bug's addressed in the patch, as I'd LOVE to use the IF maps with modernized units that don't have to use WWII era grenades. Another bug that I've encountered occurs after I place IF structures in a non-IF map. This bug does NOT appear in the Editor until AFTER the map (with the IF buildings placed) is reloaded. There's a graphical glitch that's hard to describe. It looks almost as if the mesh is being severely stretched onto a very thin horizontal plane, that stretches from one side of the monitor to the other. If one is looking at the building, centered with it horizontally, this graphical glitch is difficult to detect, but if one reduces one's viewing position to be lower than this glitch's plane, one can clearly see it, and the same thing occurs if one elevates one's viewpoint to be above its "horizontal center." It frustrates me that these buildings produce these glitches if they're spawned on other maps. It would be terrific if this phenomenon could be eliminated altogether. Thanks again for all of the hard work, and the dedication to getting rid of the bugs and glitches.
  6. Kyle_K_ski

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    First, I want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for the hard work and love that's evident throughout every mm of this pack. The work is just astounding, and is one of my favorite addons of all time. :bounce3: I'm hoping that if it's not too much trouble, that you continue supporting versions of the clothing without identifiable national flags automatically on display. Having the clothing be "free of flags" allows the community to build the perfect unit in Virtual Arsenal, and then export it to be used in any way that's desired, whether that's as a Blufor, Opfor or Independent unit. If it's at all possible, it would be greatly appreciated if uniforms were supplied wearing clothing of just one color, all-black, all-khaki, all-olive, etc., etc. I realize that you kindly supply uniforms such as these already, but I'm hoping to have even more variety added in this way. If time permits, another bonus would be to supply variants of all of the uniform and equipment that are filthy dirty, thread bear, blood stained, and worn out to the point that repairs are needed. Think "apocalyptic" clothing and that would hit the nail on the head. Thanks again for all that you do. I am eager for the next release!
  7. Kyle_K_ski

    Slaughter Asset A2 Import

    Wow! This will prove to be a VERY useful set of assets. Thank you for it! :) That said, could you create a version of this mod where the sounds of dead flies, and the flying insects themselves, will be automatically present when the object is spawned in the game? That would eliminate a number of steps in the Editor to try and make the addons to feel as immersive as possible.
  8. Oh man, Marc, you just made me soil myself with that video posting! What a horrifying predicament to be in. What I love about the device's design is the following: (1) It's vagueness - it can be easily misinterpreted to be a fencepost, a psycho stalker, a tree, a psycho stalker, a bush, a psycho stalker, some debris, a psycho stalker... (2) The "Slender Man-ness" of it, but executed with an eye to maximize the terror even further. Having multiples of this devilish device in an uncertain environment was the smart way to go. (3) The sound and stamina effects were brilliantly applied. Yeah, Marc, no surprise here, I loved it. Thanks again for sharing.
  9. Kyle_K_ski

    [WIP] Modern Tactical Thompson

    From LinuxMaster9: Yay! This is very good news indeed! I know what you mean about BP's weapon stats - they are extremely high. Their M4s hit with something like 20% more power than the stats found in virtually all other M4s that have ever been released. In regards to all of the different ways that one could modernize the Thompson - well, there are 1,001 ways to skin a cat, and I say that if you're willing to explore multiple ways of modernizing this classic firearm, feel free to do so. You'll find nothing but encouragement from me. :) Releasing a pack of modified Thompson's would be very cool. Whatever you choose to pursue, I'm utterly confident that a lot of people would dearly appreciate it if these upgraded Thompson's could also be outfitted with some cool looking drum magazines and/or some other form of high capacity ammo storage. They don't have to emulate the Prohibition Era "mafia" look at all, but that too would be a nice bonus for those who'd like to create missions with a more "law enforcement/defilement" approach to them. :) Following!
  10. Kyle_K_ski


    chAkrA, What can I say? The details that are found in this release, and the fact that we finally have an AK-47 that comes with an ammo drum...! THANK YOU! :bounce3: Any chance on getting a version of this in the following paint schemes...? Woodland Arid Desert (medium values) Desert (lighter values) Winter Black It would also be VERY nice if an update also included the ability to use Design Mastery Weapons' attachments http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20798 , as well as the FHQ Accessories Pack http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20393 , or create your own set of optics, suppressors, etc. I'm sure that they'd look quite fine as well. :) And I have to agree with iCMspectre - with the high skill sets evident in this release, it would be extremely cool to see what kind of masks that could be created for us to pick from. Some high tech looking (a bullet proof mask with a slit for the eyes and/or with a camera system for seeing), apocalyptic (air filtration system and/or an enclosed helmet with hints of a built in rebreather device) and monstrous looking creatures (werewolves, reptilian, demonic, etc.). In any case, keep up the GREAT work and thanks again for sharing!
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    Infected Script by Gulozwood

    From Schrubbdiwupp: The question that I'd prefer to have answered is, "How to get Epoch monsters into Arma 3's regular Editor?" For a variety of reasons, multiplayer is a game type that I rarely play. In the end, multiplayer communities vanish over time, and frequently at a rapid pace. I dearly wish that the great zombies from Breaking Point and the creatures from Epoch were readily available for easy use for single-player modding in the default Editor. It took me nearly an hour and a half to follow asuseroako's instructions to get Breaking Point's zombies working in the regular Editor http://voicecommands.blogspot.com/2014/10/arma-3-breaking-point-zombies.html, but even then, doing so makes the game very unstable, as one is "locked" into an Editing mode that seems hardwired towards just the zombie based mission that Gulozwood wrote. For me, it's impossible to simply merge Gulozwood's/asuseroako's coding to a different island within the Editor. One has to, instead, rename the mission so that it ends with the island's name, but then the trigger points spawn zombies in areas where they're not desired. And that's just the start of the headaches... :( Don't get me wrong, I am VERY grateful that asuseroako released what he did to enable Breaking Point's zombies in single-player (THANK YOU asuseroako!). I just wish such huge hurdles weren't required to make it happen at all. . . . Badly Desired: A script that causes the infected/zombies to be drawn towards flares, explosions and lengthy persistent smoke trails... I'm completely confident that this would be a VERY cool effect in a zombie infested world. If it's dark enough, whenever a flare is fired into the sky, any zombie within 400 m. of the flare would be drawn to it, and would start walking to it. If they see any living targets on the way, zombies would run towards to the target in an effort to eat them. Zombies would keep walking towards where the flare was last seen for another 2 minutes after the flare completely dies out, at which point the zombies then linger. A smart person could fire several flares over a region occupied by human enemies, and the zombies could be "lead" from a safe distance to one's targets. Of course, using the flare might not be so "safe" if there were zombies BEHIND the flare shooter's position! Ideally, I think it would be smart to write the code in such a way that even if infected spawn points weren't within range of seeing the flare, that a random amount of infected would be spawned (where the player couldn't see them pop into existence), perhaps a minimum of five zombies to a maximum of 30, and that these zombies would come walking in from a multiple random directions and distances (direction and distance would be randomly assigned to every cluster of 5 infected). This would keep the player on his toes, because a cluster or two of zombies could be spawned behind him. If I remember correctly, Gulozwood already wrote the script so that the infected are drawn by the sound of gunfire, but how much more so should it be for exploding 40 mm, frag hand grenades, and flash bangs? Again, theoretically, throwing a chain of these noisy explosives towards an area that's occupied by human enemies could draw the infected to the noisy area so that they'll then attack the humans they find there. Trails of lengthy and persistent smoke could also be beacons to the infected. If they're within 500 m., they'll move to the area to investigate. And finally, imagine that after clearing a region of human opponents, that badly needed supply caches are dropped by air, and shortly after the small cache of supplies land on the ground, red smoke begins to trail upward from the newly landed cache, and attached flares also alight? What a torturous target for the player! Now they have to move to the smoking and bright supply cache knowing full well that zombies would be attracted to the location as well. Talk about tension! :bounce3:
  12. Kyle_K_ski

    Masculine Head Pack

    zeealex, I love the look of these! Can't wait for their release. It's almost agonizing to have to wait for them, as I'm creating units using Virtual Arsenal, and would dearly like to add these faces to the mix. Variety is the spice of life! :) Please consider creating selectable faces of a badly wounded and/or of a diseased nature. These types of faces are very hard to come by for Arma 3, and I'm completely confident that they would see a lot of use for apocalyptic scenarios. With the world economy in an impossible state to fix, and with a constant threat of collapse, apocalyptic content has been, is, and will continue to be, a popular genre of self-expression and creation. Right now, gulozwood's Dawn of the Dead mod http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26716&highlight=DAWN%2BOF%2BTHE%2BDEAD is about the only mod that supplies such content for anyone to use (it's not of an exclusive nature, such as Breaking Point's terrific zombies). Considering how amazing your female heads are (I'm so grateful for those - thank you!), and how terrific these new masculine heads look, I'm very excited at the thought of you unleashing your talents on something of an apocalyptic/creature nature. I'm certain that they'd be unforgettable. :) Could you recommend to me a terrific tutorial on making masks and helmets? In a few weeks, I'll finally have some real time to do some modding, and I have a handful of sketches for masks that I think would look great in the game. I've spent some time looking for an easy to understand tutorial, but haven't found any. If you know of one, would you be so kind as to post a link to it in a reply to this post? Keep up the great work. Terrific as usual. :bounce3:
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    [WIP] Modern Tactical Thompson

    I really like the idea of this mod. It reminds me a lot of the updated WWII-era firearms that can be found in SilverGirl's superb work for the terrific "7.62 High Calibre" tactical game. http://bluesunmod.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/12526007-wip-silvergirl-s-weapon-addon To be clear, it's understood that this is of your own creation, to do with as you please. I've contributed to mods for over 15 years now. My only concern is its planned exclusivity for the Breaking Point mod. It seems like there's more and more modding being done of an exclusive nature that makes it extremely challenging, if not impossible, to utilize said exclusive content in Arma 3's wonderful Editor to broaden one's ability to create a world of one's dreams. This worries me. I've been an avid player of the Arma 3 from the very beginning, and one of its main strengths has been its modding community. For most of its history, said mods were made available to whomever wanted to try it out in the Editor. Crazy stuff could happen, even if it never left one's own computer. That is a huge part of Arma's charm. :) So, I'm hoping that you'll seriously consider releasing it for the general public, and not make it an exclusive creation. Whatever your decision, I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves. Good luck to you! :D
  14. From megagoth1702: Wow! This is GREAT news! I'm still somewhat confused as to what the results of that meeting were, and I hope you can clarify further... Is BI itself revising their sound effects system, or are they going to "lay bare" the processes they use to the public, so that the modding community does the work for them...? Personally, if BI revised their sound effects system to emulate the greatness that you achieved, and rolled it into their DLC bundle, I'd actually finally buy it. :)
  15. From tpw: Not a problem. I'm happy to help/contribute in any way towards your superb work. :)
  16. Kyle_K_ski

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hello Folks, In another couple of weeks, I'll be (finally) receiving a break from work, and I'm eager to continue working on my campaign for Arma 3. What I'm desperate for, is a suppression effect that's triggered whenever a particular unit is viewed by opposing forces, be they AI or the player. In particular, I'm a huge fan of LAxemann's superb suppression effects, and would dearly like to have them activated when the specific unit is seen... Video of mod in action: Mod File:http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27849#comments The basic reason why I need this effect is that the player/his AI allies are so terrified of this particular SF AI, that just seeing this person causes the suppression effect. The characteristics of this "when seen power" are: (1) The closer to the center of the viewer's vision this unit gets, the more severe the suppression effects become. One could look at this opponent from the far side's of the screen with only a small penalty, but getting a better view of him (that is, he gets closer to the viewer's center of vision) the greater the suppression effects becomes). (2) The mildest effects of LAxemann's mod would appear at a view range of 300 m. (3) The medium effects of his mod would appear at a view range of 200 m. (4) The fullest extent of the suppression mod would appear at a view range of 100 m. (*) In regards to points #2-4, the view range does not "just" mean physical distance from the target. At a physical distance of 400 m., units are "immune" to suffering any kind of suppression effect from merely looking at the target through iron sights, BUT if one's using a scope, and the view distance is 180 m., then the medium effects would be experienced even though one's body is out of range! (5) Furthermore, the full power of the suppression would also impact a unit that is 10 m. away, whether they can see him or not. Thus, odds are exceptionally high that if one's in the same building with him, with even a wall between them, that the thought of knowing that this SF unit is so close causes complete panic, and instills terror. (6) If this particularly nasty opponent actually shoots/throws a frag at a target, the suppression effects are doubled with every round that comes nearby. Imagine what the resulting child parented between Amnesia+Arma 3 would be, and that's the effect I'm going for. Although, without any monsters. :) I'm still trying to work out what this particular enemy looks like, but if need be, I might try making meshes and skins by myself as well. Essentially, I'm asking for the creation of a terror-inducing power that could be assigned to any unit. While my main focus is being able to easily assign this power to infantry, it could also be used to create a scenario as seen in the classic film "The Beast," about a lone Soviet-era tank crew surrounded by the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5fwL45LmLA . Having this power available could lead to creating scenarios as from this film. Thanks in advance to anyone who can come up with the above so that I can drop it in a unit's Init line to see what happens. :D
  17. I LOVE this mod!!! I can barely breathe when in real life when the effects have kicked in by 25% to my virtual self. BRILLIANT mod. Totally overhauls how Arma 3 feels, and in an extremely effective way. THANK YOU! :bounce3:
  18. Kyle_K_ski

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Hello Gunter, I sent a link to your post to TPW's thread. Thank you and kju for the classnames for IF's buildings. :) Does this list also include other light sources, such as street lights? The TPW mod could affect their function too (I hope!). Here's an update on my "progress" with the bugs that I've been experiencing with the mod... First, my version of Iron Front: Gold game is the most up to date version of the game. I verified it on the game's main screen. To make sure of this, I even went to Deep Silver's website and downloaded and tried all of their listed patches, but after starting them up, none of them would actually install, generating a statement that said: Well, obviously that's not true, so I just assumed that the patching program "knew" that Steam was already maximally updated, and thus ceased installation of the patches. Second, I was finally able to get rid of the rapidly moving gray and orange "ovals/spheres." Their removal happened after I noticed that after I launched the mod with A3MPL, the Arma 3 main menu would appear. I clicked on Parameters, and discovered that Arma 3 was adding extra references to other mods in the game's directory that I had DEactivated in A3MPL, and also added extra coding! I deleted the repeated files/extra coding, and the weird ovals were gone. To which I have to ask: how is it that BI can't release a solid mod launcher? After this successful discovery, I then (once again) deleted all of the IF mod files, and reinstalled again, this time after verifying that the Iron Front: Gold game had "reacquired" the invalid file. It stated that said file is "736 bytes" in size. I stumbled upon a Steam Library page that can show you such information, and Steam declared that it had successfully reacquired the invalid file. I then installed the mod, following your tutorial exactly. Launch parameters are exactly as you stated. When the game starts, however, the Arma 3 era grenades will still suddenly drop straight down to the ground shortly after the player releases the weapon. I then quit the game and checked the cache integrity again. Once more, the accursed "one invalid file" statement was made. How is this even possible after Steam tells me that it "had" successfully reacquired the offending file...? I have a lot of work left to do tonight, and I'm planning on writing Deep Silver again tomorrow. All of my drivers are up to date, as is my OS. Could my Kaspersky Internet Security program be removing it in error...? :confused: Is it possible for someone out there to do a Search of the Iron Front: Gold game files, looking for a file that's 736 bytes in size, and then upload it for me to download? I'm hopeful that there's only one file of that size in the game, that would be easy to find, and if I could acquire it from another source, that whatever Steam's issues are, I could provide a valid version of that file myself instead of having to rely on Steam's ever-failing efforts...? :confused:
  19. TPW, Well, Gunter came through again. :) That guy has always impressed me over the years, and really, I shouldn't be surprised by his generosity and helpfulness after all of this time. Here's a link to the post that he made that has the classnames for Iron Front's buildings. If you'd be so kind as to see how much of your lighting magic you could work on them, on behalf of all of us that love those islands, I'm completely confident that the community would be extremely grateful for it. :) The link: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170687-Iron-Front-as-mod-in-Arma-3&p=2929326&viewfull=1#post2929326 Yours!
  20. From tpw: Your MOST welcome. It's the least that I can do in return for everything you've done for us. :bounce3: I'm bummed that it must be one of my more recently installed mods that have derailed the digital tracers. :( Everything's that's been added is an island, except for that one Editor enhancement that allows people to install color filters (like the "blue ambiance" filter of Namalsk) into their game. Hmm... I spent a LOT of time trying to hunt down classnames lists for both Iron Front and Namalsk. I had zero luck with finding ones for Iron Front, so I made a post hoping that Gunter can come through for us. Namalsk, it seems, is a complete wash, as I understand it, due to the fact that most of the structures placed on said island were custom-made (ported). The only thing I could find classnames for was for music and sound effects for the Nightstalkers mod. I'm wondering if there's a workaround for this? Many of the structures come with AI garrison locations, could your lights be assigned to spawn at the AI sentry locations inside these buildings, and, if so, which file would I have to look up that would have them for me to pass along to you...? From tpw: Yeah! If you could work this out, I am completely confident that this generous option would be a sweet boon for the community, of that I have no doubts. Thanks for considering it, and also for contemplating the damaged electrical infrastructure ideas that I sent your way. I was actually thinking about developing my 3D mesh skills by making a "high tech" mask for Arma 3, something that looks similar to the ones we see in the new Call of Duty Blackops III commercial. Being able to specify it in a config would be sweet. If I acquire those Iron Front building classnames, I'll pass them along to you ASAP. :D
  21. Kyle_K_ski

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Hmm... Forgot to mention some other bugs that I saw even before the complete reinstallation that I recently did. I saw them when testing out the AI's behavior for Buzztron (more on that test below...). There are rapidly moving shadow bugs all around the soldiers that I'm near. I see them on both sides even if I'm playing a civilian. They look like medium-gray ovals, and they have a very rapid, almost rodent like behavior as they "scurry" around the AI. Once in a while, one of these ovals briefly appears as an orange-colored oval. I'm running the ASR AI mod, and I'm wondering if the Iron Front maps are revealing the sight calculations for the AI. Don't know, just a guess. I only see these scurrying shadows when using the Iron Front conversion mod. When the Arma 3 era soldiers get close to the ground, a very pale blue, almost-white "glow" appears beneath the body parts that are closest to the map's surface. It's the same color that one sees at the base of some of the trees. When I spawn on a Poland map, lengths of the wooden fences are already down on the ground. What's REALLY weird is that if a Mk2 grenade explodes close enough to these broken sections, they'll try to "stand upright," behaving almost as if the grenades' explosions are "healing" the fences. I've poured many hours into trying to figure out what the issues are with my always weird installation of Iron Front. Is it possible to make an educated guess as to which files aren't working properly for me (grenade physics, for example), and upload them for me to download and try in my setup? I'm not asking for the "whole" game (which I already have, well, except for that 1 invalid file that Steam can't ever reacquire), just the likely culprit(s) that could be contributing to what I'm experiencing. Thus far, my worst bugs are all related to how grenades behave (Arma 3 era ones suddenly drop straight down if thrown above the horizon line, Iron Front frags "heal" fences, etc.). I can live with the pale blue glow and even the moving shadow dots, but the grenade issue is extremely frustrating. Has anyone else tried playing with "modern" units on IF's maps, and have something similar to what I'm experiencing occur...? Buzztron - I loaded up a Polish map, placed modern/Arma 3 era units on the map, gave both sets one Move waypoint of "Seek and Destroy," and the forces went at each other admirably, using cover frequently. That said, when one side reached the end of its waypoint, they took up concealed positions behind cover, and just stayed there, even though there were enemy units inside of a house less than 100 m. away. Neither set of AI proceeded any further, even the enemy AI were trying their best to shoot through their structures' walls, to no avail. I ran the mission three times, each with nearly the same result as the other prior runs. Again, I was using the ASR AI mod. I love it. Gunter - I've scoured the internet trying to find a list of all of the classnames for the buildings available in IF. After a brief conversation at his thread, TPW, the creator of the astounding TPW mod pack, sounds like he's willing to write randomized house+streetlight lighting code for the IF buildings if he could get access to their classnames. If you could supply me with a link to them, I'll be extremely happy to send them on to TPW. It would be awesome to play nighttime missions on these terrific terrains, and see the glow of lights to greatly add to the ambiance of the game, and also to increase the "creep out" factor of sneaking around/through lit structures.
  22. Kyle_K_ski

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Hello Gunter, I completely reinstalled Iron Front: Gold Edition, redownloaded every file, and followed your tutorial to the exact letter. Mod loading order is correct. The modern Arma 3-era grenades still won't behave properly. :( Anything thrown above the horizon line drops immediately straight down. This bug, by the way, extends to EVERY map I load in the Editor. If I startup Arma 3 without the Iron Front material, the grenades perform perfectly fine. That said, the equipment on the WWII era soldiers in the Virtual Arsenal are now no longer "all crazy" looking with bizarrely stretched out meshes. That's one improvement I'm happy to get. I've had a couple of email exchanges with Deep Silver. They sent me an .exe to scan my system with. Their advice was to update my graphics and audio drivers, which I did, and to unplug all unnecessary hardware. I updated my drivers, and there really wasn't anything to unplug. Steam still thinks there's an invalid file that needs to be reacquired. Heck if I know what it is, or how it's possible my graphics/audio drivers could prevent it from being reacquired by Steam, nor how having unnecessary hardware plugged in, such as printer, could halt Steam from doing what it's supposed to do... I noticed that the TPW mod's "lit building interiors/street lights" feature doesn't work on the Iron Front maps. Does that hold true to everyone, or another symptom of my bugged game...? Is it possible to that if I just retained every game-file dealing with the islands, and deleted everything else, that I'd be able to use the IF maps "bug free," or...? I'm wondering too, if the grenade error is still around because there is ONE directory I'm not using as recommended in your tutorial: @LIB_DLC_1_lite. I'm not using this mod because with the Gold version of the game, the following directory was created when I converted it over to Arma 3's engine: @LIB_DLC_1. Your tutorial doesn't mention this file, so I assumed that it would be okay for me to use it instead of the "lite" version, which is much smaller in size. Am I correct in this, or...? If I'm wrong, and the "lite" version must be in the startup parameters, what should its loadup sequence be...? Higher (before) in structure than @LIB_DLC_1, or lower (after) in structure?
  23. From redarmy: Brilliant! :bounce3: Yeah, that would be great to see. Seeing fire come up from burn barrels would also be VERY nice, such as the ones that are on the rightfully classic Namalsk island. The floor_light that comes with Namalsk is far too large in both diameter and length for the burn barrels. If possible, have the script detect whether or not there are any civilian/military units nearby enough to make having these fires lit be "believable." It would be strange to infiltrate through a body of water, to land on a beach, only to find a lit campfire with no one nearby. If there aren't any units maintaining a presence within 15 m. of a fire, it shouldn't be lit at all. Also, it would be great if we had a config option of declaring whether or not the light sources were in the process of failing due to damage. Some lights would frequently sputter off and on, with some systems showing being damaged in different ways, so that some lights would have random lengths of time of being lit and then unlit. Perhaps all damaged buildings should be automatically assigned a "damaged" state for the type of light it emits? Buildings that had "candles" lit in them, once damaged enough for air to flow in, would find their candles flickering badly from the resulting gusts. Also, I'm confident that it would be highly immersive to have electrical systems in a failing state as well, so that sparks would shoot out from outlets, fixtures, and shower down from nearby power lines. If it's at all possible to "widen the net" of buildings that the lighting system "captures" to put to use, it would be greatly appreciated. There are a LOT of great maps out there that seem currently unaffected by the awesome lighting system that this mod brings. Again, I bring up the terrific Namalsk and Iron Front maps as examples, but there are also older buildings (ported Arma 1 and Arma 2 structures) that don't emit light at night. It would be FABULOUS to have them operational in-game. By the way, the digital tracers haven't worked for me for the past couple of days. Have no clue as to why they're not working now. :( Keep working your magic, and thanks again for your labor! ---------- Post added at 22:05 ---------- Previous post was at 21:13 ---------- Argh! I knew I was forgetting something, and now I remember what it was I forgot! :) Is it possible to have the features of the tactical glasses combined with other equipment the player is wearing? I really would like to have my avatar to be able to keep wearing his khaki-green face mask+goggles, but in order for me to have the GUI work, I have to take said facial gear off.
  24. TPW, Finally, oh FINALLY, I have your mod working as intended in-game! THANK YOU again, oh genius one! :bounce3: It might be obvious to some, and not so obvious to others (me), but the reason why I wasn't seeing any of the digital tracers via the tactical goggles was due to the fact that I had the "T" key assigned to my Inventory. The "Ctrl" key is bound to going Prone. I figured, wrongly, that since I was pressing a unique key-combination (Ctrl+Alt+T), that my presses should activate the digital tracers. It wasn't till I reassigned the Inventory binding to a different key that the combination finally began to work. It might be proactively helpful to detail this in the Read Me. I've noticed that at night, TPW lights for buildings and streetlights don't work in the maps converted over from Iron Front: Gold Edition. :( Is there any way that this could be enabled in an upgrade? The only concern that I think would be common for a lot of players is that the lighting scheme should be skewed for the technology level that was most prevalent during WWII. The electric-blue glow, that strongly conveys the sense of a TV set being active, would not have been commonplace back then. Also, it's probably likely that the orange-hued interior lights would've been fueled more by flickering kerosene lamps or candles than by a steady electric orange glow. Maybe we could configure these maps for a WWII (default setting) or a more modern era to skew the lighting sources more one way than another? In any event, those converted Iron Front maps dearly need your handiwork to add mood to the nights. If needed, one can learn a lot more about the IF conversion to Arma 3 here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170687-Iron-Front-as-mod-in-Arma-3 Thank you again for all that you do! :)
  25. Kyle_K_ski

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Gunter, I checked the Steam Support listing on Iron Front. It appears that this validation issue is common enough that they've devoted a section to it, found here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?appid=91330 I've already sent an email to Deep Silver in the hope that it'll finally lead to a remedy. Thanks for your assistance. I'll update as things unfold...