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  1. Kakarotto

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm familiar with his work, and I'm definitely a fan. I didn't realize he was a core member of your team, now that I do I am very happy. :) Edit: Just saw the animations in the following post, they're awesome, and that PKP firing sound is perfect. I'm more than satisfied now!
  2. Kakarotto

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I've been having a great time with this mod, I really love the variety. I hope you guys win the MANW contest. Speaking of which, I feel like I should ask (although I'm sure I don't need to) just in case considering how much is at stake: did you guys re-submit your work correctly in the official MANW drop box (since RHS: Escalation was on the missing entry list)? The cutoff is by the end of today IIRC. And I'm just curious, did you resubmit the original version or an updated version with some of the improvements/additions you've been working on since the first release, as the deadline extension allowed for and encouraged? I think doing so could potentially really make the difference in terms of judging and securing the win. Even if not I think you guys may still be the frontrunners anyways, or at least among the top few for sure. Best of luck. :) Also I hope weapon/reload animations get as much love as you seem to be giving weapon sounds in the sound overhaul you're working on. Really just any proper reload animation for the AK-74M would make infantry combat even more immersive.
  3. Amazing map, great work so far, I love the realism and density. I'm really glad to see people working on quality Ukraine-themed content. Yeah. I think the best way around that for now is to use as much Arma 3 vegetation as possible, as it seems to render a lot better at all distances.
  4. Kakarotto

    What would you like to see worked on next in ArmA 3?

    Although it isn't on the poll, I think an improvement of medium and long distance terrain-related rendering is one of the most important things that needs to be worked on. The current situation, where it's easier to spot "hidden" enemies that are 600 meters away (if you have a telescopic sight) than those that are hiding 50 meters away, has a considerable and negative effect on gameplay. Also the action menu needs a total overhaul.
  5. Thank you for your responses Maruk, this is really nice to see. :) I definitely understand your points about the limitations in what you guys can do concerning major performance optimization and CPU / GPU utilization. But is the RV engine really handling everything (loading, processing, rendering, etc) the way that it should, and as well as it should, for a modern (2013) game on modern PCs? When you guys created the first iteration of this engine in the late 1990s, PC technology was quite different, yet so much of how the engine functions is anchored in those origins. Would you agree that if you were to have developed a similar engine in today's tech climate, it would draw upon CPU/GPU/RAM resources differently and in a more modern fashion, leading to better utilization and multithreaded performance as in many other recent game engines? Aren't some aspects of this seasoned engine's resource use a bit outdated? Current performance is not where it should be, especially in terms of pushing the scale of missions to the level and beyond of the past games. Now as someone who has been playing OFP/Arma since 2001 and has great love for the RV engine's versatility, I certainly wouldn't propose you abandon or totally re-create the engine. Yet at the same time, as the years pass, it increasingly feels like the engine is being held back by its archaic limitations. So despite the great difficulty, if it's technically possible, I think it needs an overhaul and some parts may need to be re-written. This will allows the series to achieve new great heights. Otherwise it will be very difficult for all of us to deal with the same traditional issues in Arma 4 in 2018, especially since IIRC there isn't projected to be any major increase in CPU power. In regards to the original subject, I think there was a Dev post before about Nvidia reps wanting to work with you guys to see where they could increase performance, and I hope you take them up on their offer and let them take a look. That said, I still love Arma 3, and Altis is a masterpiece! ;)
  6. Kakarotto

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    I feel like several of the larger towns/cities in Altis lack features that make them distinct from other towns/cities. This is in part because of the limited number of unique buildings in game. In Chernarus it is quite easy to tell what city you are in/near just with a glance due to the unique layout and presence of certain buildings, and while part of it surely is that we just need to get used to this new map, I think Altis may be somewhat lacking in this regard.
  7. Kakarotto

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    Altis is absolutely amazing, but there's always potential improvements. These are the things that I would like to see: - More forests that can conceal troop movements. - More of the office buildings and hospital should be enterable. Many people want big enclosed interiors to have firefights in. - More unique (preferably large) buildings with interiors. As has been suggested, a town hall/government building and police stations would be great (and benefit mission makers). Maybe a couple apartment buildings or hotels. Urban should be a larger part of Arma. - Farming areas with crops - I like that the terrain is mostly flat with subtle elevation changes, it looks more realistic. But maybe a few more well-placed hills would add more variety, although it should definitely not be too hilly like Stratis is. I would like to see some of the roads be on hills with steep drop-offs on the sides, so you can't just drive off the side of the road if you get ambushed. - The desert sand area should be larger - Some of the road texture transitions (where two types of roads intersect) look strange and too pronounced, like where dirt roads appear partially on top of the nicely paved roads when the two meet. - Perhaps most importantly, it needs better distant terrain textures, as seen in this thread.
  8. Nice work massi, much appreciated. I really like these modern-day weapons packs, and you have something in there for everyone. I have been enjoying playing with this. :) However I wanted to point out (sorry if this has already been raised) that a few of the "Russian Spetsnaz" guns in this pack are named incorrectly and not actually Russian variants, and are not in use by the Russian military / security services. The icons for the guns are correct, but the actual gun models in-game do not match them. For example, your "AKM" model is actually a Yugoslav/Serbian Zastava M70B1, your "AKMS" is actually an M70AB2, and your "SVD" is actually an M76 (mostly).
  9. Kakarotto

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Just wanted to voice my support for this thread. The lack of detail in distant terrain is IMO one of the most critical issues affecting Arma and has a major effect on gameplay, as besides looking bad, it's often easier to spot enemies far away than when they are close. Something needs to be done, and I hope BIS recognizes the issue's importance for so many of us. And having modern visuals is important to attract new players as well. NordKindchen, your detailed post explaining and demonstrating solutions is awesome and your dedication is outstanding. I'm really excited to see that BIS devs are now showing interest in addressing the issue and could potentially take ideas from NordKindchen's proposals. I really hope we can get an official solution patched in, and it would be great if they could accept his assistance if necessary.
  10. Kakarotto

    What are the reloading animations like?

    Okay cool, I wasn't hoping for something over the top, I just wanted to make sure that they change the magazine with reloading this time.
  11. How elaborate are the reloading animations in Armed Assault? Does it show the changing of the magazines or is it like how it was in OFP?
  12. Kakarotto

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Like 8 pages back you guys were talking about replacing the Mi-24 with the Mi-28, then dismissed the idea because you all were somehow under the impression the Mi-28 had only one seat as apposed to two seats like the Mi-24. This is incorrect, the Mi-28 has two seats, a pilot and a weapons operator. No idea where you guys got the one seat idea from.
  13. Kakarotto


    I stumbled apon this thread using the search feature, anything new to report? I'm REALLY looking forward to this addon!
  14. Kakarotto

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Hey I have a few questions, but I feel kind of bad for asking them as they may have been brought up and addressed earlier in this thread, but there's just so many pages to shift through so I thought I would ask here and let you guys yell at me because I figure at least one person will be kind enough to help me out . I downloaded and installed FFUR 2006, and started playing through the original Cold War Crisis campaign. FFUR seems to cause a lot of problems with it, several times events wouldn't happen when they were supposed to, no matter what. Like in the mission where you fight along side the resistance and in the very beginning you are in the forest and have to hold your fire until a group on a hill destroys the tank, they never fire on the tank. I tried many, many things, and left the game running while waiting in the forest for hours and nothing had happened. And if I killed a resistance anti-armor guy and took his RPG-7, the tank would start coming and the leader would be like "Oh god, the tank is coming, we have to fall back, mission failed". I had to use the end mission cheat to get past it. Another time is in a mission after that one where you start out and you have to man a machine gun while the Soviets are landing at the beach. I played through the mission and did everything correctly and completed it saying it was a success, but then it went to a cutscene with the U.S. Commander dude saying I am a disgrace and have failed and am being relieved of duty, then it kicks me to the title screen. Even using the end mission cheat in this mission gives this same result. Those two problems are just the ones I remember, there were others ranging from minor to other issues that stopped the missions from playing out. Anyone else have any problems like this? I was also wondering what relative time frame the patch was being released in. I know asking "When will it be released" is lame, but I'm not looking for anything close to a specific date. Are we looking at a possible release this month, or next month, or even later? And lastly I was looking at Benus's sights he was making, and I was wondering if these were going to be included in the new patch. If anyone is willing to answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
  15. Kakarotto

    New release date worldwide: Spring 2006?

    If you guys were to read my post, I feel it would answer a lot of your questions and perhaps provoke new ones. It just seemed like nobody read it , so if you do read it, tell me if you agree, disagree, or think I'm a jackass .