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    Parralax free sights

    Couldn't you just have the "fake crosshair" appear or vanish depending on whether or not you're looking through the sights? The problem is of course that there's no crosshair/dot when you look through them manually but they will at least always point in the right direction when you look through them.
  2. You openly displayed ignorance at the situation, something you still do. Â I didn't call you stupid, so why not come down from code red there, Captain. Â The name is not at issue here. Â If you read my post (it's a good read!, you would have elevated yourself from that weak, fallacious position. Â I'll spare you the coddling of reiterating myself but I'll leave you with a little tip. Â In order to not sound ignorant, you actually have to learn new things. I know it's about saying what the true sequel is but you know BI had their chance with ArmA LONG before Cm decided to make a OFP. If they would have made a decent product we wouldn't be having this discussion. ArmA is a crappy second rate game and BI have only themselves to blame. The crown was theirs to wear. Crying foul now is like an NFL moving their team to another city and renaming it and the previous city decides to make a new team with the same name (Browns fans will love that one lol) and the team that moved on starts crying THEY are the real deal. I'm sorry I feel no sympathy for Bohemia. ArmA 1 is the moneymaker for ArmA 2. 2's the game we should be looking out for, BIS have not messed their chance up at all.
  3. Lately I've been seeing many people on forums and such that thought that OFP2 was made by the same people as 1 due to this false advertising. Pisses me right off. I'm with you too, BIS. (god dammit that sounds corny)
  4. They actually do die when you "push" them.
  5. JeRK

    Collector edition ?

    I'm here to represent the small shirt loving underweight opposition! Keep the small shirts! :P
  6. JeRK

    Mercs and Civilians

    Best OPERATORs in ArmA, lol. Great work, downloading.
  7. As a PvP player, I say the "clunky" movement is completely overrated. PvP works really well in ArmA but people have just bashed it into their heads that it doesn't.
  8. Oh man, the new weapon on back thing is incredible! I played for 2 hours straight using different rifles for different situations. Cool.
  9. JeRK

    water operation

    There will be AAV's so the answer is most likely yes.
  10. A little request for the next version, could you guys remove the chat messages when you do things like bandaging or resting weapons? It clutters things up.
  11. JeRK

    Floating Zone

    Not really. It's extremely useful when you play with crosshairs disabled as you can look through your sights without blocking any view by moving the gun down in a low ready position.
  12. JeRK

    Sniper loadout

    An SMG is actually too small and weak for ArmA's scale. If you can carry a launcher on your back a second rifle instead shouldn't be hard at all.
  13. That is not a graphical issue, merely the rafters sticking out which is not visible at that angle. Rafters sticking out of the character?! Â Anyone else just pictured a guy on a raft sticking out of a soldier's stomach?
  14. Just a little nit-pick: non-A.C.E things don't appear on the editor unit list which stops you from using other mods with it. For instance, you can't add in weapons or units from other mods (though infantry with backpacks on would look stupid if you'd add an ACE one :P) but interestingly groups do appear in the editor. Other than that this mod is down right incredible. I love pretty much every single little bit about it. (Except the addons thing of course.)