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  1. Thanks for the reply xon2, just needed a sanity check that this wasn't just me!
  2. Firstly: this has got to be one of the all-time-great mods for the Arma series and I've been playing since OFP days so a huge thank you Mad_Cheese. Sometimes I really can't believe how far the games come due to the efforts of community members like you. I honestly couldn't play the game without C2 now. That said, I've only just returned to the game after a hiatus of a good few months, updated all my mods and I'm now getting the following error thrown every time I try to move units using both HUD and Map mode: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055616536/screenshots/ I disabled everything but CBA and C2, then tried re-downloading both the Steam and Armaholic hosted versions but I'm still getting the same issue. Didn't know if it might be a problem with my Arma install as Steam went wibble and decided it wasn't installed, resulting in a fresh install a couple of weeks back. Seems unusual no one else has reported anything similar. Didn't know if it could be a CBA issue as I know that got an update a few days back and there are apparently issues? Any help greatly appreciated and thanks again for an awesome mod!
  3. joeanorak

    Drongo's Command Enhancement

    Drongo, Fantastic to see this released and I can't wait to give it a whirl when I get back from holiday (why is it always the case the stuff your itching to test comes out when you're nowhere near your computer)?! Also delighted to see that you got Grumpy Old Mans spotting and Reporting code in there, should make SITREPs that little bit more involved.
  4. Drongo, Company level is what I've been looking at. I could use less groups but don't really like having infantry grouped with vehicles so I can maintain some finesse in controlling them. Unfortunately I can't offer any scripting know-how as my knowledge is extremely limited. If you are looking at High Command related stuff you might also be interested in Domz High Command Extensions and some of the stuff James McKenzie-Smith did. There was also a fantastic demo for expanded High Command function but I can't for the life of me find where I got the mission and unfortunately none of the scripts are signed. I'm 99.9% sure it was Mr_Centipede's work, who put together the Hybrid Commanding System. The mission folder was [bAF]_HC_Pltn_Template.Chernarus, I don't think it was widely released but I could provide a copy. All are for ARMA 2 and bought different things to the table, I think I even mashed together elements of High Command Extensions and Mr Centipedes stuff at one point. Unfortunately they were all command menu based which wasn't very ergonomic, but some of the functionality via your dialogue would be awesome. I'm sure at the very least there is some inspiration there and hopefully something which saves you considerable work in building from scratch! By contact reports I did mean a unit basically reporting when they first get fired at. In the British Army this would be a simple 'Contact. Wait Out' over the radio net. I know there are a number of scripts that do fire detection, mostly for suppression purposes (bCombat being the most prominent). I would assume the difficulty is getting units to only report the initial shots rather than spamming messages with every bullet, and getting things to reset between different fire fights. Cheers
  5. Hi Drongo, First of all, thanks for the toolkit, its a fantastic addon. I've really enjoyed playing around with some of the possibilities it brings over the last few nights. It adds some functionality that wasn't brilliantly executed in the BIS High Command system and has been missing since the CoC system in the good old days. I appreciate it looks like you're taking a well deserved break, but thought I'd mention something in the hope that you continue to develop the command system at some point in the future: The squad selection panel seems to lag quite badly for me (single player), especially with a larger number of units. In the scenario I've been putting together recently I had 6 x infantry groups, 6 x IFV's, 4 x MBT's, a command group (player) and 4 x mortars. This gave a total of roughly 16 groups on the panel. It would appear the list refreshes automatically after every action undertaken (possibly when the group status changes i.e. a casualty, as well)? The menu is quite laggy, especially as the mission progresses and activity increases, and got almost unplayable. The use of the BIS Set Callsign Group modifier seems to make the issue even worse (and appends the custom callsigns with 'B' on the command display panel for some reason). I've run the mission with no other addons or scripts with no discernible improvement. Is this something others have experienced? Is there an upper limit that was envisaged for the number of groups? I wondered if it would be possible to refresh the unit selection panel less often, perhaps at times intervals, or only when the refresh button is hit to try and resolve this? The reporting functionality you have bought in, is absolutely fantastic and something I've wanted for ages. Whilst my units report casualties and sightings I don't believe they give 'contact' reports however? Sometimes the first time I know a unit is in a contact is when casualties occur. Within the scope of the project would contact reports be possible i.e. units report as soon as they are getting shot at? Finally I've also been using Grumpy Old Man's Fire Support System of late. He's done some very impressive work in terms of unit reporting enemy sightings by type number and location for instance: "Enemy in Platoon strength with vehicle in the treeline". First time I saw them I couldn't believe they were dynamically scripted! I thought it might be something worth looking at to enhance what is an already awesome feature. Thanks once again for the Toolkit (and for the Artillery system...by FAR the best out there at the moment). Cheers.
  6. joeanorak

    EOD Mod

    Just to echo what a few of the previous posts have said, I'm having real trouble getting the mod to function as advertised. I've synced both the ambient modules to the player and have spent a significant amount of time driving / walking around Takistan and have not yet encountered a single IED or SIED. I have been able to spawn them using the area modules but IED's always appear as pressure plates or RCIED's minus the trigger man (i'm not sure which; i've equipped the unit with a Thor 3 ECM pack and it doesn't detonate but I'm get to get so much as a beep out of my ECM). In the case of area SIED's a man is created but seems to remain static irrespective of what BLUFOR units are present or what they do. Any ideas? Has something changed in ACE since v2.22 that has caused this? I'm running CO with BAF and Merc's with the latest patch, ACE V and CBA V and no other mods. Ok problem solved but I really have no idea how. I was initially trying to get the modules working on Takistan with no joy. I then loaded up an old test mission on Utes which I had created under a previous version of EOD. I cross referenced with the Takistan mission to check that they were both set up exactly the same (they were). The SIED area module on the Utes mission was working but not on Takistan. I was still getting no luck with the ambient modules or the IED area on either map. I opened up a clean mission in Takistan, merged in the old Utes mission and not only did the SIED area script remain functioning but I also got a working IED area module and my ECM is now happily beeping away. I haven't explored much yet so can't confirm that the ambient modules are working. As I said, no idea at all how this worked but it did!
  7. joeanorak

    IED Module

    Shay, Was directed here from the MCC thread by yourself for some guidance on getting the IED's working outside of MCC itself. I seem to be having the same problems as Clock. I've set it up as per the instructions above but at the moment there doesn't appear to be any explosion when the IED is triggered. Although the trigger fires at the correct distance and targetting the correct side the spawned object just disappears. Everything else appears to be working including the IED detonating on a failed attempt to defuse, it just seems to be the proximity trigger that is deleting the object but not creating the necessary bang! I'd really appreciate any further advice as i'm really keen to get this functionality into a mission i'm working on. Cheers
  8. Just found this and I have to say its pretty awe inspiring in scope and have hugely enjoyed playing around with it for the last few days. I particularly like the IED module and the way they are defused and jammed (or not!) and wondered if it was possible to use the scripts stand-alone by running them in the init of an object placed in the editor? I placed an IED in MCC and exported the details to clipboard and got the following which is obviously relating to the IED; ["trap_single", [[2897.09,1001.79,-385.194] , ["BAF_ied_v2"] select 0, ["medium"] select 0, 0, 5 , 1, 0, 3, WEST, ["ied_1"] select 0]] call CBA_fnc_globalEvent; I've opened up IED.SQF to look at how the variables are defined and tried to get it to work with my rather weak scripting abilities but havn't had any joy. Is it possible to run the scripts as i've alluded to, and if so any pointers as to how to achieve this would be greatfully recieved! Cheers
  9. dwringer, Have now chucked on some OPFOR to test and it works like a charm, many thanks.
  10. dwringer, Thanks for the update, the scripts looking really good. I dived into a little bit of testing and i'm sadly still noticing the same problems, unfortunately i'm unable to offer any technical nous as to where problems may lie in the script but I thought i'd offer my observations in case they help with any development. FYI I set up the Player (BLUFOR), another BLUFOR rifleman, one cache, a group of four civillians and a trigger to detect BLUFOR present, all on the runway of Utes. When rebel.sqf is triggered the civilians move to the cache but do not arm or change sides. One thing which did seem odd was that on reaching the cache the group seemed to have problems getting into formation again with one or more members always apparently getting stuck and 'stuttering'. I tried with different objects as cache's, locations and sizes of civillian group and the result was similar each time. Cant see how your script would cause that though but my loose inference was that the waypoint had not 'completed' and thus it wasn't progressing on to the next stage and creating the East group. Apologies in advance if its just me being an idiot and missing something really obvious. I hope you continue to develop this, it really does bring a lot to the party for mission making. Cheers
  11. dwringer, I've been looking for something like your script for for quite some time to add a little flavour to COIN type missions. I've copied the script and init line from your post as per but unfortunately I can't seen to get it to work. The civilian is running to the weapons cache ok but is neither being armed or switching sides. Unfortunately its beyond my extremely meagre scripting abilities to work out what the problem is so would be very greatful for any advice.
  12. joeanorak

    SAM / Nordin addons

    Nordin, Firstly I'd just like to say that since OFP I've tried many, many support scripts and this is by far the best I've used. It strikes a lovely balance between fun and realism given that it doesn't involve simple map clicking to designate a target. However I was wondering if the following was tweak-able in the scripts? On ordering a gun run aircraft are identifying and engaging targets other than those within the immediate target area of the grid I'm giving. For example an A-10 will strafe the desired compound but will also engage enemy in compounds about 3-500m away (not good as there are also civilians in these other compounds)! I'm making the assumption that the aircraft is engaging the troops and not a spawned target? Are there any values I can change to ensure aircraft only engage targets within the immediate area of the given grid? I also have a couple of suggestions for your consideration; 1) Would it be possible to have aircraft already 'on station' and / or aircraft on the ground? These aircraft could be deleted when they are down to x value of fuel to simulate them RTB. I love the fact the aircraft are stationed on an airbase and take off and return but i'm currently working on a scenario in Zargabad which is meant to be entirely under insurgent control. The fact i'm using the air base to call in support is a bit of an immersion killer! 2) Is it feasible to include the ability to set the approach direction for aircraft? 3) With regards to the initial question about aircraft engaging away from their designated target area could aircraft engage a spawned and named, invisible infantry target rather than infantry themselves? As far as I'm aware fast moving aircraft generally engage identified features on the ground given the difficulty in identifying troops from the air. Once the aircraft had identified the target in-game, it could spawn a marker where it's going to engage allowing the player to confirm and adjust the target before the plane / heli goes weapons hot. This would also alow the player to queue up gun runs against areas where no enemy are present (ie empty vehicles, building etc). Thanks again for a great support pack.
  13. Has anyone considered some models of 'Terps? I was thinking along the lines that any interaction with CIVPOP would require you interpreter to be alive. Initial preference would be for a British version; Desert DPM, Osprey and Mk6 helmet with no cover. An ICOM scanner would be awesome as well for some scripting.
  14. Cheers Solus will give it a try this evening. I set up a test using two standard Marines (not grouped together) with ACE2 and SLX running and inflicted an abdominal wound at approx 100m. I tried five combinations; no Module, Module and no sync, module sync to player, module sync to subject (the AI being shot) and module sync to subject and player. Unfortunately I found the results were identicle over all combinations with the subject entering an agony / unconcious state permanently (in each case accelerated time to x4 and left running for 10 minutes). Judging by this I don't think that AI are affected by 'bleeding out' or can transition to death from a wounded state unless injured again. Similarly across all cases both SLX and ACE 2 First Aid features returned the subject to a fully functioning state (ie they could stand and move as normal). As much as i'd love to find a solution to this i'm aware someone complained about this thread a few days ago and said it was in the wrong place so I really shouldn't continue it any further! Thanks again for the suggestion though Solus.
  15. Thanks for replying so quickly William. After I wrote my last post I realised that a lot of what I was talking about was in practise already implemented. It also occured to me that what PlannedAssault does is deal with a particular type of Combined Operation; a deliberate attack or deliberate defence. Interestingly looking at the diagrams on the PlannedAssault site they are very close in some cases to real world planning tools used by the military for organising and synchronising units and effects at Platoon / Coy Grp level. Would it still be possible to add in a direct fire, fire support behaviour especially on the offensive? The old saying that you 'find 'em, fix 'em and strike 'em' is pretty much the foundation of all military tactics. There are some wonderful AI mods out there now (I personnaly use a combination of ZEUS AI, GL4 and ACE2) that I've found give me highly realistic engagement ranges with weapons like the M240 and pretty decent suppression within the boundaries of the game engine. Could planning (and the editor) create the following activity for a three man MG team for instance. H-15 = Board transport move to FUP H-10 = Arrive at FUP Dismount, move to Fire Support position (FSP, identified in planning phase for good LoS to objective) H-5 = In FSP, go firm, hold fire, identify targets. H hr = Fire on targets H+5 = If targets eliminated and breakthrough achieved move to objective or continue fire support. H+15 = Reorg on objective With the some of the information sharing that exists in several Mods / Scripts and the ability of Planned Assault to analyse terrain I would imagine something like this would be possible? If nothing else i'm finding this a very interesting subject to discuss, and not one I really anticipated having about ARMA 2!