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    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    I enjoy flying in ARMA titles more than anything else in the game, and alot of us Rotary junkies have clung to ARMA since it came out as the last truely solid rotary title was JANES combat simulations "Longbow 2" which was what 15+ years ago? Dont get me wrong DCS Black Shark was an amazing sim, but I'm not into flying just one craft (much less russian only) ArmA also has something no other heli "sim" has out there, true role playability. Only in ArmA can you fly a Blackhawk, well with at least a decent flight model, and transport troops across a large piece of terrain, use NOE flight, insert to specified landing areas via MAP markers (i really wish they would make those a little more convienent to see in multiplayer so it isnt such a pain to go in and out of map to search for the landing zone while in flgiht) and much more.... same with using the Cobra to support friendly forces while suppressing an enemy position ArmA is the most fun I've had out of the military hands down, and a lot of it is done right, but please, make the 3rd time the charm! nail the helicopter flight models down a little more, I'm not expecting Flight Sim quality, but please make them a little more realistic, some of the things I watch people do with helicopters in multiplayer games just makes me sick. Thanks Blake ps. Im beyond words of expression excited for ArmA 3!!!!!! God bless you BIS!!!! ps ps...... I appreciate your recommendation in my other thread SniperWolf, but I'm not looking to play Take ON Helicopters, I play Arma for the immersion, working online with real players who want to attack objectives on the ground, need resources moved to support their mission ect........I'll be buying Arma 3 regardless of if the flight model is the same as #2, ill just be really bummed if there isnt further improvement (as Arma2 was still an improvement over 1, so I hope 3 continues this trend!)
  2. Ok, heres my issue, ive google searched like crazy and have not been able to find the exact answer I need.... I want to put a certain unit in the copilot seat, and then another unit in the crewchief seat........what are the "this moveIn" commands for those positions in a HELICOPTER........ Thank you
  3. IFlyAHeliChopter

    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

    hmmmmm.......any new word on the Kiowa? there really havent been any good helicopters released for ARMA im pretty disappointed...
  4. IFlyAHeliChopter

    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

    BUMP! Any news on progress etc? Sorry to pester, but this mod is my only reason for living
  5. Hello everyone........ I have used the X52 Pro Flight Sticks for the 15 months i was in iraq, now that Im home ib ought the Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals, Now heres my problem...... I cant get the game to detect the Pedals, they installed, I tried different drivers, the programing software. WHen i set the RUdder Pedals from Axis setting to Bands, and configure the bands to be X and C for the rudders, I try to use the rudders and its like WHAM over rudder......when i use the twist rudders on my Cyclic , it is a gradual rudder, allowing for very accurate manuevers, with these new Rudder Pedals, I cant control the application at all.................. Can anyone PLEASE help me! I really want to start using the controls seperately (Rudder, Cyclic, Collective) ty Mac
  6. IFlyAHeliChopter

    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

    Well, my every day for the last 15 months has been Kiowas and Sniper Rifles, I can say that I am THE MOST stoked person on this forum (and probably person playing Arm:A too! Afterall, I offered cash to someone who would make this damn bird like 4 months ago! Anyways, Im damn proud to see your taking your time and hitting all the small details! Nothing irks me more than seeing unrealistic looking birds put into games! UGH! Especially when the game developers do it! Come on, its sad when Player Modelers put more work and research into their projects than game makers! ANYHOW Keep up the awesome work, if you need any specific pictures/shots of the Kiowa just let me know, id be MORE than happy to contribute to making this mod look and perform properly! Infact, Im going to be back in the United States in about 15 days, if you need a beta tester at all , PLEASe give me a PM , I would love to fly this baby and help tune it for the ArmA community Mac
  7. IFlyAHeliChopter

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Those Kiowa Pics are pretty bad, Alot of them are just Bell Jet Rangers , and then alot of them are the old National Guard Kiowas, the Kiowa Warrior is very distinct, it has the MMS (Mast Mounted Sight) and also the very low profile landing skids give it away (you can also notice that most of the old Nasty Girl Kiowa's have only 2 rotor blades, not the Kiowa Warrior standard 4 I will try to bring some pictures up here with me next time i get online and ill send you some very good pics of a kiowa warrior or if you are in a time crunch, google works too :P
  8. IFlyAHeliChopter

    ArmA Addon request thread

    hey yall... I downloaded the tools and what not, and realized that its way over my head and there is no way i have the time to figure it out right now. Is there anyone out there who would make or port a quality OH-58 with mutiple weapon loadouts (ala MAPFACTs Ah64 and the old BAS Kiowa???) I would GLADLY "donate" for such an addon! My room mates and I are all sick of flying the damn OH6 !!! ARGH!!! If your not 160th, dont get attached to that bird, and even if you are, you still have a slim chance of ever flying it! SO GET SOMETHING MORE TANGIBLE IN GAME! you know, like the best damn rotary winged craft in the US arsenal ............the Kiowa Warrior! Anyhow, anyone who would be willing to either port a OH-58 from OFP with similiar loadout capabilities as the old BAS Kiowa, or make a new one, please PM me or email me at Eclipseghost@hotmail.com. Ty!
  9. IFlyAHeliChopter

    ArmA Addon request thread

    I am downloading the tools now, and although ive had nothing but time, my time here is almost over, which means shit has gone into nonstop fun mode, so i doubt i would be able to get a OH-58 model made before someone else does, but im definetly going to work on it anyways since its my favorite platform. Anyways. If anyone has a good readme on porting old OFP models to ARMA, please let me know where to find it. Also on how to add different textures (like the different weapon load outs displayed on the old BAS Kiowa compared to the 2 rocket pods on the default BI model.) Thanks again for the feedback, sorry about starting an ew threat, I only get 30 minutes of internet time and its SLOW as hell, so i dont have time to do alot of researching like if i was back home.
  10. IFlyAHeliChopter

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Ive been in Iraq now for 14 months. (Next time you see a recruiter, stab him...) anyways. All myself and my room mates have to keep us sane is the end of the day ArmA flight time. I love MARCO for making the AH64 and CH47 conversion (well the Chinook is pretty much cosmetic since its flight model is more fubar than half the things ive experienced the last year) ANYWAYs.... Oh yeah, and RHS, Thanks for the HIND, that was a must! Cant believe they left that out, Bad Bohemia! ANYWAYS........ PLEASE, someone PLEASE make a decent OH-58 conversion! I miss my Kiowa SOOOOO much, yes the OH6 is fun to fly, but it doesnt make my flight time feel AT ALL realistic, No one uses those things! Come on! If there is ONE single bird out there that deserves the recognition, its the Kiowa! What an awesome bird! ANYHOW! I would PAY someone to make a good conversion to ArmA of the K-Dub, since Bohemia has obviously abandoned us......It was really sad, when I bought ArmA and made all my Platoon buy it too, I kept telling them "Just wait, they are going to add more aircraft! they did this with the first game to.......and low and behold, its been how long since Euro release and still nothing really noteworthy released, and still no source code given to the modding community...what a damn shame
  11. IFlyAHeliChopter

    Authentic sound & weapon Mod

    Hey! I installed the sounds, pretty good! DAMN appreciated the Grenade pin pop AND the flaps, it was SO annoying not having ANY sound for those actions!! ANYWAYS...... Where can i get the Config file with all the changes that you had listed for Realism!?!?!? I WANT THAT BAD!!!! PLZ GIVE IT UP! Im stuck here in Iraq with nothing to do on my very little down time but play ArmA and i want your config file, so GIVE IT UP!
  12. IFlyAHeliChopter

    Authentic sound & weapon Mod

    i just realized he brought back v 1.52 , i downloaded version 1.54 or w/e the 1.08 Comp. version is, does that mod include the Weapon/Vehicle changes etc??? Well my times up on this damn computer, ill be back :P
  13. IFlyAHeliChopter

    Authentic sound & weapon Mod

    hey, my room mate downloaded this mod and brought it back to me, i installed it right as well as the short cuts, however when i go to launch it, i get a CTD before Arm:A even boots up.... I really liked the idea of all the changes you made to the vehicles and weapons, thats mostly the main thing i want, no offense to your sound mod :P
  14. IFlyAHeliChopter

    Mapfact releases: AH-64A and CH-47D v1.08

    Hey Marco... I am just wondering, i know ive seen alot of people mention it, and ive been flying this Mod since you released it (Granted it has some flight model issues, but its fun to hear that 30MM rip shit up ! The AH64's in your mod are just a TAD too sluggish, especially the rolling action, it also seems to lack alot of power (IE, when you are in a mild dive or hard bank, it just doesnt respond with full collective pulled, cylic to the wall) I think you need to set the (im not sure if your not able to play with it yet, maybe that is the issue) flight responsiveness in the AH64 to SLIGHTLY higher, it is QUITE the nimble aircraft in real life... ALSO ....while the Chinook is a damn power house....your model is EXTREMELY too sensitive, any speeds below 100kts and that thing will barrel roll like a F16.... If you could fix those two major issues with your Addon, i would proudly stamp it as the currently highest quality addon ive seen for ARM:A so far.... I love what youve done with it , and god knows its good to have the Apache and Chinook back in my life :P OH........one last request, since youve been using models from OFP.........do you think you guys could put a OH58D Kiowa Warrior in the works? (OD Green and Flat Black? Please god dont go Im Super Secret Squirrel SF black, just flat army black like! ) Me and all my K-Dub buddies are crying ourselves to sleep waiting for SOMEONE to show some Kiowa love!!! PS!!!! I just wanted to drop a HUGE compliment really quick!! Your mod is one of the VERY VERY few i have ever seen that when you make a Black model, you didnt go straight stupid black (IE the UH Medivac bird and the recent 160th Mod.......those birds look WAAAAY too black, the color setting you are using on your AH64's looks DAMN good!