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  1. hailstorm

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Like Beagle said, the vapor cone appears when there is high humidity in the air... and is NOT dependant on the sound barrier, it can happen as long as the aircraft is travelling fast enough to create the air pressure difference around itself to make it happen (higher humidity = slower speed required) it can be done above or below the sound barrier, even jets on landing approach though cloud can create them, so no, it has nothing to do with it. the sound barrier is just that - sound. I don't know who first reported it as being linked to breaking the sound barrier, but it was never the case and is just about as true as most hollywood myths about aircraft/guns/any military aspect.
  2. I could swear that's how the laser-guided artillery shells work already, the person firing the shell has no confirmation of any designation made by a player at the target area, as long as it's fired in the general area of the designated target it automatically locks on and homes in. So the ability is there, but wether it's something that can be applied to air-dropped munitions is a question only the devs can answer. I'm currently using an X-55, care to share how you got the thumbstick working? I've been wracking my brains trying to get it to work so I don't have to keep switching to the mouse!
  3. hailstorm

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    More or less, yes. wIthout going into too much technically, it should be somewhat reasonable to assume in-game someone should be able to lock onto at least passive-detected air targets with heatseekers. In my mind that gives the heatseekers a better gameplay role as a 'stealthy' short-range attack weapon, as opposed to just another aa missile that has to be locked like any other one. eg. a pilot might try to 'sneak up' on a target, but the opponent could get the jump on them and counter with a long-range radar missile shot. moments and tactics like that making battles a little more fluid in nature
  4. hailstorm

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I'm not sure if i'm missing something obvious, but are the BIM-9 (and similar IR-guided) missiles only able to lock onto air targets if active radar is switched on? IRL a jet pilot is able to lock onto targets and launch them without radar guidance (though it can be used to assist in telling the missle where to point it's seeker head initially),
  5. hailstorm

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I put this one up in the bugtracker as well: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124536 Yeah, Atm it's more <1 degree...
  6. hailstorm

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    lex__1, the guys who made the jet in the video you linked ARE the same ones who are making this DLC, That's why the jet in the DLC is called the "Black Wasp II" and follows the same design philosophy (Stealth F/A-18E), in one of their developement videos they conceded that as much as they wanted to add a lot of features to the jet (and DLC) they had to limit themselves to only the most worthwhile changes, so while we get advanced sensors, component failures and swappable loadouts as official changes, a lot didn't make the cut :( Feedback: The ILS for the Carrier is incorrectly set. Aside from the ILS runway and the Carrier's Physical stip being misaligned (which was already mentioned here) the Glideslope is VERY low - almost flat. it means that there is a high risk of crashing into the back of the ship while attempting to follow it: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124536 Normal glideslope angle is 3 degrees (though in some cases can be up to 5 degrees)
  7. Been a long time since I posted here, probably since the last forum update lol. Auss, Mattaust, and everyone else who worked on this map since the beginning, I want to say thanks. I've been following this project for a long time - ever since the initial work back in ArmA. I don't doubt for a second it's been a long road for you guys, and I you guys truely deserve a lot of praise for just the sheer amount of work you all have put into it. What you all did with this map is a serious achievement, and I don't think you should let anyone convince you otherwise. It's clear that there has been so much work put into this, as well as lots of hidden effort that was lost when re-porting the map over the different engines and hard drive crashes etc. that you all had to overcome that this was more than just a simple map project. I'm not sure just how much I can tell you I respect your work, but i will say this; one of the major reasons i bought ArmA 3 in the first place was because of your plans to release this map for it. At some point i wanted to build an epic campaign set on it, but for now i'm just happy to burn around the coast in an RAAF Superhornet. so even for just letting me do that, thank you!
  8. hailstorm

    BluFor needs proper AA

    Well, there's the Patriot system: a humvee-based system of this type would probably be the SLAMRAAM launcher (but cancelled) (there's also the NASAMS system used to guard the WH) (it's in VBS2!) problem is all of these systems need to set up and use a separate ground vehicle for guidance. then there's This. which from the description sounds like it can attack tanks as well as keep the skies clear (something the tunguska does quite well), pity it's also cancelled...
  9. hailstorm

    fix the parachuting

    While they're at it, they can fix the fact that the parachute is a solid object and will hold the occupant off the ground if the canopy hits the ground first. what makes it worse that on landing it can make the parachutist stuck in a infinite loop - the folding animation goes downwards and backwards, and if the parachutist is off the ground for whatever reason (like the parachute lifting the guy off the ground while folding) it will re-deploy and start the whole process over again. It's been in the bugtracker for months. (though extra votes might get a bit of attention!) @JAG201509; the problem with the animation is that the game treats the parachute as a "vehicle" with all the included physics and inertia, so that jump on the ground you're seeing is just the standard 'dismount' animation that happens whenever you get out of a vehicle. off topic: btw JAG, don't assume you're the only person with a 'PH299' on these forums. ;) and just an FYI, craft like the Apache and Tiger have armored/high-placed cockpits and collapsing landing gear to cushion the impact of a crash to make them survivable; the way attack helicopters are usually flown mean the time needed to react and fire a ejection seat is usually not there, but the low altitude means it also won't be falling at terminal velocity either - meaning an emphasis on internal survivability is better than one of external survivability.
  10. hailstorm

    Tanks with TROPHY?!

    Just keep in mind that when ArmA1 first released it brought a harrier that couldn't hover, and it couldn't designate it's own lazer-guided bombs even though one of it's hard points had a lazer designator bolted to it. ArmA2 brought an F-35 that can't attack ground without external help. It's sad, but just because it's modeled, don't assume it'll be functional.
  11. hailstorm

    F-35 again

    If you're talking about this screenshot, that's the X-35B VTOL version - you can still see the four-piece lift fan doors behind the cockpit, and even then those are of the prototype model - the production model has a single main door with a single hinge. My bet is it's the same model from Arma2. Hopefully this time around they at least make it able to attack ground without needing someone else with a lazer designator.
  12. hailstorm

    UAV & other unmanned vehicle

    I want a UAV that doesn't require a live, vulnerable crew inside it in order to fly like an unmanned drone. Is that too much to ask?
  13. hailstorm

    Plane and Helicopter handling

    Was (and still is) VERY possible with a Kamov and Vikhr missiles. Those things have a huge range and can also successfully attack air - the damn helicopter has basically NO counter except an infantry with a stinger with the luck to somehow get underneath it. After all this time I still think balance-wise it's completely broken. Air physics are OK in 2 overall, what I'd like to see is a separation in the config values of thrust and max power - so a prop plane can have a high thrust value but overall a low max speed and a jet to have lower acceleration but higher top speed. (real life example - having the C-130 be able to fly out of the grass airfields on cherno but the jets not being able to) I'd also like to be able to do a constant turn at full thrust without having the speed bleed all the way to stall - it shouldn't happen at max thrust, at least. with real air physics airspeed will only drop to a point where there is enough excess thrust from the engines to compensate for the increased drag created by the turn. The speed is different for most aircraft but it's usually a speed slightly higher than stall speed. It would also be nice to get rid of the silly harrier version of autohover and have the F-35 version as the minimum standard across all vtol craft (assuming the harrier is even IN 3)
  14. hailstorm

    Coffeecat's Single Player Missions

    Coffeecat I reported the same issue in my first post. after dePBO'ing the mission I found the only thing that fixed the LHD vanishing was by moving the ship and everything on it closer to the edge of the map (where you have it positioned now is well outside the map boundary)
  15. hailstorm

    Coffeecat's Single Player Missions

    Yeah, it's tricky at first, but it's straightforward once you know how; -Fly straight and level (the higher up the better), and start throttling back about 2 k's away from the ship. - Dump full flap and gear, and keep decelerating. - At about 200 KMH, switch on autohover, keep decelerating. nose up slightly if you want to slow down quickly. - Then it's a matter of tilting the harrier in the direction you want to go, aim straight at the area in front of the UH-1y's. Using autohover on the ground with very small amounts of thrust also lets you rotate the aircraft around it's axis as well for easy taxiing.