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  1. Being unfamiliar with how islands are made, could you detail where this would be changeable? Many thanks.
  2. www.jestservers.com We're playing with 60+ guys in Co-Op on one of their German servers with ACE/ACRE, etc. and the lowest it dipped was 8FPS at one point - no desync as of yet apart from when everyone was joining in. It's really very reasonable pricing for what it is as well and the Customer Support's second to none.
  3. Harlow-16AA-

    Signature Signing issues

    You're absolutely right. Works fine in the root keys folder.
  4. Harlow-16AA-

    Signature Signing issues

    I'm not sure what was going wrongly, but I downloaded "ArmA2 Addonsigner" and it seems to be signing the mods correctly now.
  5. Hey all, I'm running into a few issues trying to sign mods with the version 2 signature tool. Essentially we're trying to implement signature checking on our servers for the mods we use and a few additional "allowed" ones. Some of these did not have version 2 signatures yet, so we resigned them. I read that version 2 signatures should be approx 500 bytes in size (and version 1's in comparions approx 200 bytes in size). The .bisign files I end up with are about 300 bytes in size though. When placing the .bikey keys on the server (in the "Expansions/keys" folder of our ArmA2+OA dedicated server) and activating signature checking 2, we end up getting an error saying that those mods are not signed by a key supported by the server. I've signed mods previously before the DSSignFile update and they worked correctly. I have the latest BIS Tools, so have the most recent version of DSSignFile. The DSCreatekey file however is still the older version. Was there an update to this file? Any ideas of what else may be going wrongly here? Thanks in advance.
  6. After much hype and anticipation the Joint Operation with VOLCBAT sadly failed to get off the ground due to technical problems. In the wake of what was to be Operation MARQUIS, the 16AA are now preparing to deploy to Lingor Island on a new 3 month Operation: ORYX. In the short period following the termination of Operation MARQUIS, the 16AA was tasked with a last-minute deployment to the Takistani theatre as part of a NATO led surge to regain control of key areas of Takistan’s Central Province. 1Plt 16AA + 1Flt rotary assets were tasked as Coy QRF operating from FOB HUTSON to continue efforts to re-establish NATO control over the SAGRAM-ZAVARAK-KARACHINAR area of Takistan’s Central Province. gbR2FFTVif0 Operation ORYX MESSAGE FROM LT.COL. CHIPPERFIELD "Gentlemen, the citizens of Lingor are the victims of ethnic tensions that threaten to destabilise their entire island. Political leaders on all sides have made provocative moves and educated poor judgement and care for the civilian poopulation. The Brigade is being sent to guard the civilian populace against violence from the separatist militias. We will act alongside the Republican Army and their police forces, to help them curb increasing levels of violence. The political dimensions of operating in a former British Overseas Territory should not be overlooked - whilst we will be deploying at the direct request of the Lingorian Government of President Douglas there will be some who will view our activities through a different lens. I expect all Officers and Men of the Brigage to act with the uptmost dignity, respect and neutrality at all times - we cannot afford to be seen to take sides in this ongoing conflict. Ethnic divides can not be erased by military conquest; every soldier should therefore realise that we are being deployed to accommodate for peaceful talks between the parties. To this end, the most violent extremists must be stopped dead in their tracks. I encourage all Officers and NCO’s to familiarise themselves with the details of the island: Its ethnicities and cultures, its tropical terrain and the difficulties that the Republican Army have had, and the lessons they've learned and to standby to receive further ISTARS data and Intelligence as it becomes available."
  7. Harlow-16AA-

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Hi again, Just wanted to see if you or anyone in this thread would be able to advise on how to get your BAF gun sounds working for the P:UKF Weapons as well? I know CSM did a sound replacement for them, but since I'm using JSRS (as it's awesome!) I'd like to use the same for those guns, too. Any help/advise would be appreciated.
  8. Harlow-16AA-

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Heya mate, Anyway you could add support for the BAF sounds to work with the UK:F Weapons?
  9. The past few weeks has seen an incredible increase in new members joining the ranks of our 16AA. This has brought with it an increase in midweek activity and training as well. While we now have the numbers for a 3rd Section and more, we will be moving to that goal slowly, ensuring we still have a great turnout for our Sunday Operations and for the midweek Training Sessions. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ We also recently held a JNCO Course for those wishing to move into the roles of Section 2IC and later Section Leader. The four week course teaches a handful of members the ins and outs of leading a Section; from form-up at base to extraction after a tough battle. The Trainees are then tested in a final two hour exercise. It's a very handson, informative and enjoyable course and I'm pleased to say some of Trainees have already been promoted to Section 2ICs. Over the past 6 weeks the 16AA has been engaged in Operation MYRIAD, already touched on in a previous post. This Operation has been a huge a success with our members, but is now coming to a close. The final tasks in this Operation will see the 16AA effect the death or capture of Muhammed Ali Al-Rahman Al-Syriani @ MAARAS, an Insurgent leader that has been behind most of the events faced in Operation MYRIAD. __________________________________________________ d7wHJ0V6w_M __zIajz6cXF_4 __________________________________________________ With the final mission due 03JUL2011, the 16AA will be moving into a week of preparation for what is bound to be an exciting and unique Operation. A Joint Operation on an MSO-Takistan mission with VOLCBAT. If you want to be part of the 16AA and experience a MilSim unit at it's best, with Training Exercises that have a purpose and Operations with detailed background and planning, join us at www.16AA.net
  10. Operation MYRIAD is well underway now. Our first mission saw us tasked to extract two civilians trapped in a USAID Compound that was rapidly being surrounded after the UN Helicopter that was supposed to get them out was shot down just metres from the compound. A swift landing and move-off from the Landing Zone preceeded a hurried but careful movement through back alleys and buildings to reach the compound. Constant reports from the Apache flying orbits over kept us appraised of the swarming enemy and the sound of a heavy fire fight underlined the sense of impending disaster. Rules of Engagement were strict however. We were in a city of nearly half a million people and in a country where weapons are a part of daily life; meaning not everyone that was armed posed a threat. When we reached the compound it was clear that the situation was worse than had been anticipated. The UN Soldiers posted there were barely holding the compound and one of the civilians, AP Reporter John Hamilton, had already been killed by a grenade. Our Objective was to safely extract the civilians so we did not linger and left the UN Guards as they scrambled to their vehicles to retreat. Due to the nature of the city and the rapidly advancing and encircling enemies, we decided to return to the Landing Zone, which our top-cover had been keeping a watchful eye over. We quickly and fluidly moved a long sidestreets and through back gardens, Section rolling over Section until we reached the Landing Zone. The loitering Chinook arrived almost simultaniously with our arrival at the Landing Zone and the Platoon and both civilians (one T4) extracted safely back to base. Events have steadily been advancing since and Defense Intelligence has been increasing it's knowledge on the area and the main players of the region. Our focus now is on locating the where abouts of Muhammed Ali-Al Rahman Al Syriani AKA MAARAS and dissambling his network before it can build momentum. If this sounds like the type of Operation you would enjoy being part of, join us at www.16AA.net
  11. Thanks to a fantastic increase of applications lately, our AAC Squadronhas reached it's current Operating Capacity. We aren't shutting down recruitment for the AAC Squadron, but in order to keep the balance of Infantry versus Pilots, if you are hoping to join this aspect of our unit you will need run with our Air Assault Infantry until a slot opens, at which point you'll then be transferred across. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Our Air Assault Infantry Platoon is still steadily growing, with a good amount of interest over the past few weeks. A recent Joint Operation with =UKTF= saw the Platoon engage in a PvP-Roleplay scenario whereby a handful of =UKTF= members took up the role of Insurgents hiding within a city. The Patrol quickly turned deadly when an RPG team opened fire, fatally wounding one of ours. The situation intensified after that with the Patrol on edge and on guard. A well placed hit on a low flying helicopter ment the Patrol had to scramble to secure the wreckage, in the process eliminating two Insurgents and identifying the location of a third, which was later also killed. The loss of two Soldiers from the Platoon, as well as the Helicopter crew was hard to swallow however and the recovery of their bodies only dampened that slightly. We look forward to future events with =UKTF=, though for now we are committed to our a new campaign; Operation MYRIAD, which is set to kick off on Sunday! If you think we sound like the type of unit you would like to be involved with, head on over to www.16aa.net!
  12. Harlow-16AA-

    Multi-Session Operations v3.4 is released!

    It was 3 hours I believe. Enders knows more :) Will point him this way.
  13. Harlow-16AA-

    Multi-Session Operations v3.4 is released!

    It's still running right now, but has gotten a bit laggy, though we reckon that's on account of unchecked Terrorist Cells (been a busy couple of days this week :)) that we haven't killed. There are now 600 units, 300+ of which are terrorist cells. We did however decrease the speed in which the terrorist cells grew to a third of what it was - probably contributing to longer play time.
  14. Harlow-16AA-

    Multi-Session Operations v3.4 is released!

    You could always place the construction module on a truck or a container to be flow out to the FOB. Then you can place your things even easier.
  15. Harlow-16AA-

    Multi-Session Operations v3.3 is released!

    Saw this as well the other day. Would need to see with SCAJolly and Enders if they've seen it in the new version (haven't gotten a chance to hop on yet).