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  1. Thanks but I wait for Kju to respond because I need to update my A3Sync repository.
  2. Hi Kju, can we use only 2015-01-01 patch, if have 2014-10-18 version, or need to install full version?
  3. Try this startup parameters You can try Fred41 custom memory allocator as well.
  4. I think that you don't have problem to get 30FPS with your system...and try Fred41 custom memory allocator :)
  5. Play A3 with that speed and if you not satisfied how game run try little more to OC that CPU.
  6. Patch is online... download is here http://gameupdates.org/
  7. Horus

    ArmA 2 Fix-up petition!

    Signed and if we can get non-steam version of that final patch as well :756:
  8. Did you have latest bios version for your GPU?
  9. Check these links Срећно :)
  10. This guy know what is talking about https://twitter.com/luigi_auriemma/status/496582013579956224 :rolleyes:
  11. Thanks for reply :) ... and I think BIS maybe need to find alternative for steam MP because did you see what Luigi found https://twitter.com/luigi_auriemma/status/496582013579956224 :p
  12. No I just edit host file. @Poweruser Is there any chance in the future to PowerServer support ArmA 1 and/or A2:CO?
  13. Thank you Poweruser! You've done a great job. In-game browser works like a charm :) Can you add support for ArmA 2 OA/CO in PowerServer :pc:
  14. Try to play without Razer synapse and see if that make any difference.
  15. Can you make ACE and non-ACE version pls? Thanks for this port :pc:
  16. Horus

    Game spy end - what will we do?

    Not is not the end of the world but with this approach, as in arma 1, will again divide the MP community into two groups
  17. Horus

    Game spy end - what will we do?

    There are still old clans who run servers and can use "connect directly via IP" and don't want to have/install Steam. This is very insulting and rude if this is official BIS statement :386:
  18. This is true, but without big loyal gamers basis, without which BIS (not BISim) would disappeared after only one published game. Read my signature :bounce3:
  19. Did you have latest drivers for Intel HD and AMD? Or try some modded driver.
  20. What is your laptop spec and which OS do you use?
  21. Sorry I don't see that you have same problem when you start game through steam, too :icon_neutral: . Did you try to force game to run on dedicated card?