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  1. HGuderian

    Group Link 3

    Great work. Thanks a lot! How to initialize automatically without this beast without puttin' in a unit's init field "GL3_Group = group this" sintax?
  2. Great mod...oops, great new game! Thanks a lot for this christmas gift. One thing: does might be possible to make it compatible with TrueInGameUI addon (wich is lesser invasive than standard Arma UI)? Cause the extended rucksack ui override and overwrite the equipmentUI provided by TrueMod. @Halkrath: define the "don't overrideBis Spound" option in Dta\ACE\ace_clientside_config.hpp, or simply remove the ace_sound_enviroment.pbo file.
  3. HGuderian

    happy new year community

    BUON ANNO to everyone of the community and THANKS for those tons of beautiful addons! Greetings
  4. HGuderian

    ArmA feedback thread - based on Beta Patch 1.15

    Hi! How did you disable Windows Search? Thanks --- NeverMind...stupid question
  5. Hi...see under ACE Forum Public Discussion...it's there. EDIT @helping hand: I've read somewhere here or in Armaholic Forum's that this glitch issue is related with -world=empty parameter...after I've deleted it I've not more melted long faces.
  6. HGuderian

    FDF Mod 1.0 for ArmA

    Big thanks for your addons...and Merry Christmas! Pogada it's very beautifull. Regards
  7. HGuderian

    Island Daraisolas by L-J-F

    This island looks very good...thanks L-J-F! The 0.95v increased a lot the FPS. Only a suggestion: it seems that palms and oriental houses don't fit really well with the lovely european landscape of the isle. ThanKs for your work!
  8. HGuderian

    PROPER Plants

    Thanks Q...another great addon. How to copy the view geometry from p3d to p3d (for personal inclusion of Durg's fix)? ---------------------------------------------------------- RE @Q: thanks for clarification...Best Regards
  9. Hi Maza...very good work allthough (in my opinion) I think they would look even better only with the classic eastern ammo pouches without vest. Greetings
  10. HGuderian

    PROPER SgtAceIslandSetting

    No..simply put this new addon into an addon folder (e.g. @Proper).
  11. Very good...it seems solvin' many probs. I'll expect your release....Thanks Would be nice if u first release it in "one pbo" and then in the other way.
  12. HGuderian

    SLX MOD public release

    @Kroky...plz check your pm. Cheers
  13. HGuderian

    Vilas' addons

    @Vilas How can I use your weapon packs with CSM sounds? Thanks for your hard good work regards