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  1. My question was ignored. Can you reload static weapons like in Arma 2 ace?
  2. Is it possible to reload static weapons like in arma 2 yet?
  3. Why does basically every server have a ping of 180 to me? is everyone that plays this game an east coaster or European? I can only play on like three servers because apparently 180 is too high of a ping.
  4. Holy crap like 50 pages in one day. Anyways i did not mean to be attacked, but it is true that i can destroy a T90 with a M240, and i was wondering if something as DUMB as that wouldnt happen in OA.
  5. I just have one question: Will i still be able to blow up a tank with a pistol, or will the game actually have a realistic penetration system like MoW?
  6. guynumber7

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    16. im probably the only person in my entire school that knows the frontal armor and main gun of a King tiger, as well as the warhead size of An SSN-19 Shipwreck SSM. played janes fleet command when i was 10. ive had an intrest in the military all my life.
  7. guynumber7

    Your favourite vehicle in ARMA 2

    Well it is a bit hard to aim.
  8. guynumber7

    Your favourite vehicle in ARMA 2

    Mi-24P for me here. Why would you even bother to use the V? this thing has 4 AT missiles, hundreds of 80mm rockets, a 30mm cannon, AND 2 bombs!!!! Although I love the T-90 and it's Refleks missile. Too bad m1a2s alway own you before you can follow the shot up with a SABOT. ---------- Post added at 09:25 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:21 AM ---------- If you remember in the 2006 Lebanon conflict, the hamas guys used advanced AT missiles, including the kornet, Metis M and konkours. Quite a few merkava 4s, with comparable armor To the M1, were totally lost. The US is lucky that the afghanis and the iraqiis don't have heavy ATGMs
  9. guynumber7

    Is the AMR really an AMR?

    thats because there is no penetration model. its hitpoints.
  10. guynumber7

    Your favourite vehicle in ARMA 2

    Yeah thats more like it. The M1A2 has around 900 ish frontal armor, but dosent have that much in the side or rear. PG-7V's wouldnt do enough damge, but VL's and VR's, if 2 or more were fired into the rear or side armor, could cause ome REAL damage. However, VR's arent very common in Iraq, as they are new warheads no longer exported. I would assume moste of the insurgents in iraq use PG-7V's, and maybe the occasional VL.
  11. I have 3Gb of DDR2 ram, a 55nm GTX 260 and the same processer as you except overclocked to 2.4 ghz. and i get similer problems. I have to run on low settings and i still get horrible FPS. However, it sometimes runs pretty good, but other times it slows down. it is odd, and this processer is capeable of more than just low settings. its not thst bad....just needs optomization.
  12. guynumber7

    Lagg Solution

    Look im having trouble running this game too. My rig aint the greatest but i shouldnt have to run it on low to get any fps what so ever. i have a gtx 260 and a e6400 @ 2.4 ghz, and it should do better than that. and 3gb of ddr2 775 ram. the guy above me only runs with no problems cause he has a 6000$ rig, and not everyone does. ill get an i7 and ddr3 soon enough but this is still crap and needs to be optomized.
  13. guynumber7

    The demo's menu music

    What track is this, and where is it in the full game? I like this song better than the full games one, along with the helicopter fly over. never mind...it is the track harvest red. but i still dont see it int he full game anymore.
  14. Thats the way it should be. The missie's are treated as rounds, and they should act like such in game. They shouldnt be a seperate weapon, they should be a type of ammo. Of course, BIA dosent get it. And the whole hitpoints system is retarted. I hope ACE fixes all this stuff.
  15. im a huge fan of mow and need to buy it...too bad not many people know about it.