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  1. Just a thought on the textures with nudity - they're pretty corny and don't add anything to the mod. Maybe consider removing them?
  2. gabe_ruckus

    Taking the scroll menu to the chopping block

    I'm not phobic to change, but the current system is more flexible than a radial menu, and you can use the "addaction" command to make almost anything happen with player interaction and some scripting.
  3. gabe_ruckus

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    There is too much recoil, and it's too simplistic to compare 6.5 to 5.56 or 7.62 without taking another moment to look at the recoil of common weapons in those calibers. The AK and SKS series are in a 7.62*39, and I have a MUCH easier time controlling the recoil with those rifles than I did with the M4/AR-15 series rifles. And those aren't bad, either. Hell, Piers Morgan can keep one on target, apparently. Whether it's due to the Russian ammo being lower grain or due to heavier weapons (Wood stock on the SKS especially was pretty heavy), I don't know, but they all handle like they were designed to fire a large amount of bullets accurately quickly (Designed to fire with low recoil if you hold it right). I imagine the fictional guns in the game would be as easy to control for a trained user.
  4. gabe_ruckus

    JUMP please!!

    At no point in any army obstacles did I perform anything that would have a "jump" key analogue in a video game. We high-stepped frequently, which the "v" key does wonderfully. I would like to see Thief-Dark Project style mantling of obstacles, but only with a buddy assist, as it's very hard to clear anything higher than yourself when you're all loaded down with weapon, ammo, body armor, aid bag, the SAW ammo, grenades, map, chow, compass, water, and lots more I won't list - you get the idea.
  5. gabe_ruckus

    How good is the AI...?

    This AI is great, big improvement. I've been shot point blank by AI coming around a corner at high ready in CQB before I knew what happened. They're brutal and aggressive, and a proper challenge at range. I've gone in and edited my profile cfg values to max their skill and set their dispersion to .35, and that still might be too high. They do a good job of pinning you down and flanking or bringing up grenade launchers to flush you out.
  6. Can you guys please make a commercial game so I can pay you for your work? Seriously, though, your mod is crazy good, really looking forward to the new features in 1.64 -Gabe
  7. gabe_ruckus

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Just a suggestion, because I do a lot of piloting too, and sometimes the mod features impact the fun - maybe there could be a module you could link to player aircraft that puts tab-targeting back in, or a limited radar? I fly a lot of DCS A-10, so I know it's not particularly realistic, but the actual steps in the A-10 to target and fire a weapon can't be in ACE either, so it's probably just as realistic as the current ACE setup anyway. Also, I really dig the CCRP setup for the A-10, I remember playing OFP and Arma and stuff like that just not being possible. Problem is, my joystick or 360 paddle can't be used to release the bomb, I have to reach down for the mouse, which is tough if I'm playing from the couch. Could we get a CCIP option? I know this probably seems kind of demanding, but I want you guys to know that I really enjoy the mod, and love playing it and appreciate how long it's taken to get this far, just thought I'd throw out a couple of things that impact its enjoyment in small areas. Thanks! -Gabe
  8. gabe_ruckus

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    I was supposed to be asleep an hour ago. That M60 though, whoah, that M60. For when you need to waste the entire enemy squad at one time. This with ACE and some AI mods is something special, like a whole new game.
  9. I liked Apocalypse Now, and really enjoyed Spec Ops: The Line. It ruined military man-shoots for me, in a good way, if that makes sense. Don't read reviews or plot summaries, if you think you might like it risk the forty bucks. You could do a lot worse for that much.
  10. gabe_ruckus

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Yeah Booce, I got that, that's why the combined CCRP/CCIP sight doesn't work with a joystick. The Gunsight is CCIP only, and it works with the joystick. What I'm asking is if it's possible to make CCRP and CCIP two separate options, either in Clippi, or two different firing modes selected with "F." The current sight receives the fire command and a bunch of scripts decide what to do. If the CCIP acted like the gun sight, in that its only function what showing the impact point, then it seems like it would work with my Xbox paddle. I've used stuff like PPjoy and other emulators for a joystick, but they suck, they're a pain to use, and using the triggers as a mouse click causes problems because they're technically an axis.
  11. gabe_ruckus

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Just a thought, but if the pipper for the A-10 sight works with a joystick, could you change the CCIP/CCRP modes to a toggle or set in Clippi? I use an Xbox controller for aircraft and it's tough to reach down with my steering hand to release a bomb. If it was just a CCIP sight like the gun sight, would it still function with the joystick?
  12. Something didn't transfer correctly. I've got all the setup files, and the file sizes all look good, but if somebody who's successfully installed from the BI store could post checksums, that would be great, and save me from re-downloading the whole thing.
  13. gabe_ruckus

    Graphics options

    The only one that really kills FPS is the motion blur. The other effects add a lot to the atmosphere without killing frame rates. I use the noblur mod in Arma2 - my laptop seems to really choke on the blur effects.
  14. Yep, I'm using the GB mirror, 528kb/sec. Internet access in the 'States sucks in most places, so that's the high end for my download speed anyway. Three hours left, and of course the only other games I've been playing are DayZ and Diablo3. I might try one of those "books."
  15. Most excitingly, it's going to be the core for combined arms simulation, eventually even including ground units. They're working on a JTAC controller from what I remember, and the ground units are almost absurdly detailed for a flight sim.