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  1. As far as I know the UH-1H is not in use anymore. It is onky used by the National Guard. And they use a olive drab camo. National Guard soldiers on exercise
  2. @MehMan: M60: PilotView: 5322 faces 0.0 LOD: 2950 faces M60D: PilotView: 3798 faces 0.0 LOD: 1499 faces -> Low poly cos for use on vehicles (LVTR/C-7 and UH-1N) M60E3 (both) PilotView: 4902 faces 0.0 LOD: missing at the moment -> The M60E3 (long barrel) will available as a high poly (3000 faces 0.0 LOD) and low poly (1.500 faces 0.0 LOD) variant. The low poly variant is for a use as vehicle mounted weapon.
  3. After I ' ve showed a page before a first impression of my M60 I was able to finish the textures (and to 80% of the LODs) today. The magazine pouche of the E3 versions will be replaced with LBT pouches
  4. FischKopp

    Cold War Operations Release 01

    Thx ... upps there is a error in the readme ... I was in hurry yesterday and mad a fast copy and paste work by using Kenjins readme ... and missed to replace the RHS tag ... Sorry
  5. After a long time finally ... Download: Pack 01
  6. FischKopp

    USMC 1.4. goes ArmA

    As promised the M923 pack (beta) will be released. Meanwhile I proceeded with other stuff. I modeled a M60 cos I need it for the next vehicle that is planned by me. The textures are not perfect, but I'm satisfied so far with it. I need the M60 for this tracked vehicle: the LVTP7. The command version of it need a M60 machine gun for the vehicle commander. Moreover other addons will need it too (M151, UH-1N) I will also work on the mid/ late 80s version: the AAVP7A1 with the Cadilac turret.
  7. My first weapon (beside the M2 and Mk. 19 MOD3) It is not the best but satisfying in my eyes. I will implement also a M60E3.
  8. FischKopp

    USMC 1.4. goes ArmA

    ... if nothing goes wrong I will release at the end of the next week the following addons (beta): M923 Truck pack (MERDC european winter camo) --> Variants (for US Marine Corps and US Army): M923 M923 (closed) M923 (M2-HMG) M925 (ammo) M925 (fuel) M925 (repair) M925 (S280) S280 Shelter S280 Shelter (interior) S280 Shelter (ruin) M923A1 Truck pack (CARC woodland camo) --> Variants: Same as above Mk. 19 MOD3 pack --> Variants: Mk. 19 MOD3 (high tripod) M2-HMG pack --> Variants: M2-HMG (low tripod) M2-HMG (high tripod)
  9. FischKopp

    USMC 1.4. goes ArmA

    More pictures. ... internal beta-testing ...
  10. Good objection SPhoenix! I already added sandbags to the model on your advice. Thx!
  11. Mk. 19 MOD3 on tripod
  12. FischKopp

    Grenada (OUF)

    Thats a good point Miles Tag. @OUF Team: My mod will cover this area and a campaign/ map of Grenada is planned. Why not joining up with me (USMC mod) and the Project '85 team.
  13. FischKopp

    USMC 1.4. goes ArmA

    Nothing special but an progress. The M2 HMG.
  14. No progress. I reorganized me. Instead to disperse my manpower I've created a "To Do List". LHA is ranking now, really on the bottom. Next vehicle will be the LVTP7 and AAV7A1 in diffrent variants (C and R), but without EAAK armour. No modern version is planned.
  15. A M923 5t truck in MERDC european winter camo The Pack will also contain the M923A1 in CARC camo.