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  1. @ GalcomT: I have seen your new videos on youtube - great work! I love the animations you realised in your models. Sad to see that you had to "close" your homepage! :( I always loved to take a short look on the process of your work! Anyway - I hope you will keep up the great work you do. Thanks so far! greetings, Absalom
  2. awesome work Frankyman! hut ab! :cool: really looking forward to the next addon of this team!
  3. .... what can I say....thanks to the BWMod-team for all their work! :inlove:
  4. Absalom

    Operation unknown wip

    sounds great!
  5. it´s good to hear that you two guys get this sorted! hope you will find somehow an arrangement to get your work published. I´m sure a lot of people would appreciate different versions of the CH-53. looking forward to a new official release! ;)
  6. wow :D impressive! and thanks for your work Brainbug! :ok: hmm, just a small remark - on the pics your choppers look a little bit like "hot from the press" or brand-new. just a little bit "dirt" would look more realistic, especially for example if you use the oliv version on a map like Afghanistan with lots of dust. but as I said - great work so far! ;)
  7. Absalom

    Operation unknown wip

    @ Brainbug: nice to see, that you keep on working on a german version. Im always happy to see some screenshots, even if its still WIP. ;)
  8. Absalom

    Operation unknown wip

    @ Itzhak, great work so far! hope you keep up the good work, especially on the ch-53! is there any chance to see something like this: would be awesome to see also a german version of the ch-53. ...anyway, thanks for your work! ;) p.s. hmm, I never understood how to quote properly - here is the quoted post with pics: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1577915&postcount=347
  9. Absalom


    What can I say? Great work so far - as always!
  10. Absalom


    Good to see that there will be at least some BW vehicles in this mod! ATM, Im working on my first addon - the Bundeswehr-KraKa! The predecessor of the famous Wiesel. For those who have no idea what Im talking about should take a look here. It was used by the german Fallschirmjäger in the 70s & 80s. I hope Im able to get it working - started with all this "modding-stuff" only four weeks ago and Im still facing "basic-problems" in O2! So it can take a while until it is finished - but if i manage it to get it working AND if you like it, it could be a good addition for the Bundeswehr fraction.
  11. Absalom


    hi, great work so far! Which Bundeswehr vehicles will realised for this mod? Leo - anything else?
  12. Absalom

    Can not open P3D file

    seems sa i have solved the problem so far - found a way to convert the files and to open it. is there a way to see which file is binarized and which one isn´t?
  13. Absalom

    Can not open P3D file

    thanks mate, for the quick response.  I see - and there´s no way to "un-binarize" such files? I aware of the rights problem, don´t be afraid!  As I said it´s all just for privat learning. addition:  (checked out your page, Gnat) you are the one that made the V-22 Osprey beta 1? nice one, checked it out - nice and cool addon!
  14. Absalom

    Can not open P3D file

    hi there, don´t want to open a new topic, that´s why I post my question here. I´m completly new to all this modding stuff and started with it only few days ago. So please excuse if I have to ask a lot to "get the point" and maybe ask sometimes really stupid questions. As I said, I fooled around with O2PE and *.p3d´s. I used UnPBO1.5 and the "Kegetys-tool" cpbo v2.03 to extract the *.pbo files. I took release addons for ArmA and OFP and "unPBOed" them. (of course ONLY for private use and to learn a bit about addon-making  ) So far so good. With most of the addons I have no problems to open the *.p3d file in O2. But sometimes, when I try to open a certain *.p3d file I get the following message: Maybe, [APS]Gnat gave the right answer but I didn´t get it - what exactly means "binarized p3d"? and why are some addons (OFP or ArmA) binarized and some aren´t?? Sorry, Im a Newbie and a NooB! Â
  15. Absalom

    BWMod Discussion Thread

    look what I have found on utube! Wiesel goes ArmA! OPF Wiesel MK to ArmA I have to admit, that in the first video the model of the MK looks really crappy but I think in the second one, he really has made some progress! as you can see here: OPF Wiesel to ArmA2 as it is said in the end "the tracks are not workng right" and we havent seen the ToW or the MK shooting (so I think the animation is not working) - but I think the different models of the Wiesel look quite nice. okay, my quality standards are not that high (because my PC is really crap and ArmA looks like a better OFP on my computer) and I would love to see the Wiesel in the ArmA world, so I´m very happy that I found this video but its sad to see that this video was posted more than one year ago and nothing happend since then. p.s. @ bwmod team - I know you dont have enough modders, so the last sentence was not a reproach! Â