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  1. F-5E Upgrade/conversion of old model - still lots to do. Around 2400 polys at the moment.
  2. Footmunch

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    I guess so - I haven't been keeping up on the 'signing' process. As an incentive for reskins, here's a psp file for the main skin: http://www.footmunch.org.uk/f16/skin.rar Here's a jpg of an example repaint: Also, the template for the tail 'decal' texture: http://www.footmunch.org.uk/f16/tail_template.rar Hope this helps.
  3. Footmunch

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    Sorry I've been away for a while. To anyone wanting to use the F-16 in a mod, I consent. To anyone wanting to upgrade and re-release, I consent. I would however like to make one request - if the addon is re-released please change the class names to avoid conflicts with any further version that I may release.
  4. Footmunch

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    just hitting sort faces once i got it down to 9 sections... The section count has been reduced (down to 9 IIRC) in the new models I'm working on using the sort faces thing. I hadn't done it in the original because I had no idea it had such an effect on performance. There are some points that are _definitely_ on top of each other, and that is by design (canopy, tail decals, etc). So the merge points thing is not recommended. I'll check out the AA tracking issue. Is there a Tunguska or SAM-9 in ArmA yet?
  5. Footmunch

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    OK: 1) Performance/Speed : I'll try upping the top speed and the weight a little - this should increase the thrust to weight ratio and help out with the AI landing. I'll look into afterburner scripts. 2) Cockpit 'rear'/ over the shoulder: This is being fixed right now. 3) Size/scale : The model's sized to the same scale as the BIS A-10, but I think the pilot could be moved a little in the resolution lods to make him sit a bit higher. 4) Weapon locking : I can't reproduce the problems with the hand-held AA systems (ie I can lock up the F-16 with the Strela). Also, the CAP version will not lock onto ground targets - this is as designed. 5) Weapon errors : My mistake on the rocket numbers - I'll fix it immediately. 6) Nav lights : Yep, they'll be moved. 7) Self-shading on GBU version : Will be fixed. 8) Engine sounds : These are being worked on. I'll filter the very high frequencies where necessary. 9) Other versions/models : Once I expose the roundel and tailcode selections, international (Norway, Belgium, Spain, etc) versions should be doable. I can't commit to specific F-16I/D/A models at the moment - sorry. However, total reskins should also be easier now that the whole model is mapped to a single texture: RACS and IAF paint jobs are being considered.
  6. Footmunch

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    Is that looking backwards in the cockpit? I'll fix it in the next version. AIM-9's on wingtips - It's an engine limitation. I can model them in and let them be non-firing, but it feels a bit 'broken' when in game. The better resolution is multi-weapon scripting, but that won't be ready for a few weeks.
  7. Beta release: http://www.footmunch.org.uk/f16/rkta_F16.rar (4.5 MB) (Thanks to eddyD and Blue_Flight for testing and texture work) Included in the PBO are three versions (listed under BLUFOR->Air): CAP - Combat Air Patrol - 6 (BIS) AIM-9 Sidewinders CAS - Close Air Support - 4 AGM-65 Mavericks and rockets GBU - Precision Strike - 4 (BIS) GBU's - skin by eddyD All are marked as USAF - in the next release I will make the roundels and tail decals user-changeable to allow for international versions. Also, this next version should have an opening canopy, air brakes, extended damage textures, nozzle animation and some other bits and bobs. Any and all comments welcome...
  8. Footmunch

    Jet Fighters

    Really quite soon, I'd say
  9. Footmunch

    Jet Fighters

    looking nice... what is progress with this addon ? I'm aiming for a beta release within the next few weeks.
  10. Hawk 200 Colour scheme based on RAAF Hawk. Still a lot to do...
  11. Footmunch

    Textures path problem

    I've got '_co' DXT1 paa files appearing in the UV Editor and Background texture, but there seems to be a problem with '_ca' DXT5 paa files. Is it just me?
  12. Footmunch

    Helicopter vs Jet Reskins

    Classname is AH1W - there's a full list here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Vehicles
  13. Footmunch

    uh-60 without seats.....

    You could make a new cargo anim...
  14. Sounds like an issue with either the landcontact LOD or geometry LOD. You could check out the old BISBus example model...