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  1. Hi firewill Still nice plane hope you can fix your skin.psd file , so that the skinners make better skins , its not easy find the ventral fins , or the tail in a good postion , i did make this skin http://cloud-2.steamusercontent.com/ugc/26232776107552096/059533B47A00A47715CD3DF15B16D70B9945043C/ (313 kB) it was not easy , ones you find the parts , then is easy , but i see many good skinners have some problems for make a perfect skin , like a thunderbirds skin or other airshow skin . Pls pls fix it so that we can make a skins war under the skinners just kidding :D cya eddyD
  2. wohooo Darkside looking good bro nice update on that texture
  3. @Darksidesix , everyone start some where in texturing . :-)
  4. Nice plane im try make a Aggressor skin. [/img] The problem is i cant find all parts for retexture the skin. The way if you can make a other layer in the psd file like this one , that i use from my model of arma2 . Much easy for the reskiners . cya eddyD
  5. i already did make on my model the dutch skin , remember this a F-16C topic ;)
  6. nice update firewill , glad that you put the texture template with it , so i can test my skins again from arma2 :) , think have over 100 skins from my model f-16 from arma2 , keep up the good work cya eddyD
  7. you do a great job on the f-16 , dont worry about what a other said , it is your model and you do what you want with it , keep up the good work cya eddyD
  8. very nice F-16C keep up the good work , cant wait to test it out :D
  9. Hi everyone Im back and working agian on the f-16 remodeling with new main and nose gear , new canopy and canopy door , is still a wip model , no release date yet . http://i1048.photobucket.com/albums/s367/eddyd70/arma2OA2013-03-0313-38-55-42_zps6a1c66e3.png (1155 kB) http://i1048.photobucket.com/albums/s367/eddyd70/arma2OA2013-02-2713-31-20-37_zps365c6cb7.png (860 kB) http://i1048.photobucket.com/albums/s367/eddyd70/arma2OA2013-02-2713-23-42-83_zps7724d6c5.png (995 kB) cya eddyD
  10. What you talking about down hill soon , when i was 40 ,than i start living my life and is still great :) Your models are stills good buddy , oh how is with the F-16 , still any update on that ? cya eddyD
  11. Nice retex Myke I want seen they on the ammocarts :)
  12. eddyd

    F-14D Super Tomcat

    F-14 looks very good buddy ,keep up the good work . And take your time do not rush it . We want a very good plane for us topgun school ,that we can do a dogfight with mig-28 :) cya eddyD
  13. eddyd

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Nice f/a-18 Meatball Can we do make our own custom texture's ? I like the texture's ,but i want make a jolly rogers skins or some more navy skins . Do you have a template psd file for releasd or you want make your own skins for next update ? cya eddyD
  14. Very nice model ,rock About time for a new f-16 model ,footmunch f-16 was a good testing model for us . Hope that textures looks good too? cya eddyd