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  1. Ok, in short, I've managed to take the getpitch code by General Barron and apply it to the formula provided by Rocket (getpitch here and range of projectile here respectively), and managed to get a working CCIP system. This is the system I have so far (pardon the confusing syntax, I spent most of the day experimenting) <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> _su17 = _this select 0 _dragsetting = 9 _dirtest = 0 _rotate = compile loadfile "frotate.sqf"; _su17 animate ["gunsight",0.08] ;;_su17 animate ["gunsight_yaw",0] #gunloop ~0.01 ;;pitch calculation _yaw = getdir _su17; _vdir = vectordir _su17 _vdir = [_vdir, _yaw] call _rotate ?((_vdir select 1) != 0): _pitch = atan ((_vdir select 2) / (_vdir select 1)) _jetspeed = speed _su17 * 0.2777 ;;this is our base formula! we know this is accurate! ;;_gunlead = (125 * (cos 45)) / 9.81 * ((125 * (sin 45)) + sqrt (((125 * (sin 45))^2) + (2*9.81*100))) ;;grav setting is 9 for heavy bombs, 8 for light bombs, 450 for light rockets, 500 for heavy rockets ?(_jetspeed < 1 or (getpos _su17 select 2) <= 1): goto "gunloop" ?(_su17 animationphase "gs_switch" == 0): _dragsetting = 9 ?(_su17 animationphase "gs_switch" == 0.25): _dragsetting = 7 ?(_su17 animationphase "gs_switch" == 0.5): _dragsetting = 450 ?(_su17 animationphase "gs_switch" == 0.75): _dragsetting = 500 _gunlead = (_jetspeed * (cos _pitch)) / _dragsetting * ((_jetspeed * (sin _pitch)) + sqrt (((_jetspeed * (sin _pitch))^2) + (2* _dragsetting *(getpos _su17 select 2)))) _gunlead = round _gunlead ;;max HUD gunlead value is 105 to 1200 ?(_gunlead > 1200): _gunlead = 1200 ?(_gunlead <= 105): _gunlead = 105 _pipanim = (0.92 / 1180) * _gunlead ?(_pipanim > 1): _pipanim = 1 _su17 animate ["gunsight",_pipanim] goto "gunloop" The problem is while I can get some reasonable accuracy in pitch, the issue is taking into account banking and yaw, and moving the CCIP sight as required for these variables. For example, in straight and level flight, no yaw or bank present, only pitch applies (as above). But in a slight bank with some yaw applied, strict pitch calculation doesn't work accurately enough. So, what I need to do is to figure out how to: 1. Implement yaw and bank factors into the calculation; 2. and make all three calculations apply to two dimensions. Any help is appreciated.
  2. AH-64D Apache Longbow Public Release v1.42 for ArmA3 UPDATE: Source files are available below! This is our AH-64D originally made for ArmA2, ported to ArmA3 with various bug fixes. This is considered a WIP addon. What it has: Same features as ArmA2 version, minus the campaigns and missions. There is only one demo mission included as a familiarization mission. Bugs: Numerous. - Gun tracking does not work in multiclient aircraft. - AFM is far from perfect. - PhysX still causes some severe wonky issues. - Targeting scripting and various MPD pages have issues in ArmA3 due to scripting demands. - Too lazy to document all known issues at this time, etc. Currently, the aircraft is mostly playable in single player and in multiplayer, so it is functional at a minimum. Most of the major bugs have been quashed at this time. Future Plans: I have many future plans for the aircraft at this time, however that is all dependent upon my free time and ability to work on them. A much more vast and comprehensive campaign is planned; I am unwilling to expand on the full details of the campaign at this time, as I cannot make any guarantees that it will be done in a reasonable amount of time. DOWNLOADS AH-64D v1.43 for ArmA3 (dropbox) AH-64D v1.43 Source files (dropbox) Discord channel available here.
  3. A long time ago, I used to make addons. A lot of them! In fact, it's been almost 15 years since I first started modding for Operation Flashpoint; about half my lifetime. I've learned a lot from this great community, met some very interesting people, and have done things that I never would have thought possible way back in 2002. But things are different; things have changed, and with it, so have I. In 2002, when we first got O2, it was incredible the opportunity that tool presented to us. Unless you had the big money for Maya or 3D Studio, you didn't have many options for making 3D models. Blender was only just starting to become a free piece of software and wasn't widely known, while other options like Milkshape were considerably clunky and difficult to work with. Today, not only do we have more advanced free tools that rival commercial offerings, but also widespread knowledge regarding content creation. It's an incredibly different world in what we can do with software today, not to mention how much more straightforward it is to learn compared to 15 years ago. Sometimes I wish I were 15 years younger so I could start again, knowing what we have out there now! Alas, time and technology marches on, and life has passed me by. I've determined that I no longer have the desire to create content for the ArmA community. It's time for me to move on and let go. But before I do that, I thought I'd showcase a few things that I've made over the years, released open source for you, the community, to check out! None of these addons are complete and some are not even working; a number are just empty meshes. The intent behind them is just to tell a tale, a story of how far we've come over the years. Much as an artist builds their skills over time, so do we. Our first projects are almost always cringe-worthy, and no matter how hard we tried, they never turned out the way we imagine them to be. That feeling never leaves you -- it's there whether it's your first or your most recent. My first showcase is of a number of fixed wing aircraft I've made over the years. My first was an A-10 and it was quite shoddy; sadly, I no longer have any pictures or files from it, so I can't share it here. The next time I seriously tackled fixed was with an F/A-18A, after I and Nodunit had already made the AH-64D for Flashpoint. That eventually evolved into the F/A-18E/F, released right at the tail-end of the FP days: In those days, we had limitations like only one bone per selection (!) and a max named selection count of 128! It was the dark ages of modding in the FP community! Still, we managed to do things like a (at the time) working cockpit: As well as customizable loadouts: ArmA1 cleared a lot of those limitations -- we got multiple animations per selection, a huge boost in named selection limits, much more flexible proxies, and a suite of new scripting capabilities. I forward ported the Super Hornet, though at the time it was poorly received. Still, I kept going, and rolled into an Su-17M4 as my next dedicated project. I'm skipping over other minor projects like a MiG-29, F-22, and some others I played with but never really finished for Flashpoint. The Su-17M4 was an ambitious project; I had intended to create a whole 30 mission campaign around the aircraft, using my own map and units. This was foolhardy and I ended up getting bogged down with everything, since I had to create all the assets by myself. I ended up being unable to finish it before ArmA2 was released, so it ended up in a very alpha state for ArmA1. As ArmA2 changed a lot of the scripting elements, it didn't port very easily and so never took off. Some of the assets I made for this project were a basic MiG-23 and an An-12. For ArmA2, I tried to move into an F-16C and while the model went together pretty well, the rest didn't really follow. Still, it served a purpose: much of the systems and scripting made for the F-16 were rebuilt for use on the AH-64D. The missile guidance scripting has its origins as a JDAM/GPS script from the F-16, while the IHADSS was built from a JHMCS script! From that point forward, I and Nodunit dedicated ourselves to the AH-64D and associated content. I never accomplished what I wanted to with fixed wing mods, but there's no doubt I learned much from all the attempts. For now, I have the F-16, Su-17, and MiG-23 working in ArmA3, though not with all the current features (they were ported to ArmA3 before we got a lot of the Jets DLC upgrades). F-16 Su-17 MiG-23 The F-16 and the Su-17 have customizable weapon loads, though there is no structured menu available for either. The MiG-23 operates like any other pre-Jets aircraft and has a fixed load of 4xR-60 and 2xR-23. The F-16 has the old, original JDAM scripting I made for it many years ago, plus some other very basic stuff. The Su-17 was actually ported with intent of exploring what CreateSimpleObject could do in terms of loadouts, but I ended up doing some other things with it like CCIP and gunsight parallax experiments. As for the other stuff I have, I've clustered them into a single package that is mostly just models; don't expect any of these to work in ArmA3, though a little config work can get them in game. Franze's Jets I'll update this again in a few days detailing the history I have with helicopters!
  4. Hey folks, As you've noticed, things on the "official" side of the house have been incredibly slow, if not nonexistent; I could give a dozen excuses as to why that's been, but in the grand scheme of things it would be a hollow gesture. I want to personally apologize for our failure to keep this up to date and properly integrate it with ArmA3. We gave it a fair shot but after building it for ArmA2, we were really burned out and couldn't put the right effort needed to make it work as it should in ArmA3. A lot of changes in regards to how the scripting engine handles things as well as inherent limitations with the engine itself meant that we really needed a lot more time to work out functionality, but neither me nor Nodunit really had the time and ability to do so. It's been a grand adventure and we're grateful for the support from the ArmA3 community, but this year will mark 5 years since we released the AH-64D for ArmA2, on top of the 8th year since we started the project. It's time to move on and pass the torch to the next generation -- and the Apache is open source for those who wish to do so! I will not be doing any regular updates anymore, but I welcome the community to tinker with the mod as they desire. Feel free to send me a PM if you have a question or need help with something! As for me, it's been 15 years of modding for the FP/ArmA community. I still have some of those first models I made, so very long ago, when my imagination outstripped my capabilities; it's amazing to look at how much has changed in the decade and a half since then. Those early days were quite rough and sometimes I wonder why I stuck with it, but I look back at what we achieved at the pinnacle of all of it and can say it was definitely worth it! Alas, nothing lasts forever and it's time for me to move on. I would like to release more of my source files (though probably not the more embarrassing ones!) but I already have a thread for that, so will update that one when I have the inclination to do so. In closing, to all aspiring would-be modders: you will try, you will stumble, you will fail, but eventually, you will succeed. The only limitations are the ones you place on yourself; don't let others dictate to you what you can or can't do. Good luck!
  5. Those equipped with CMWS have that capability, but the version represented here only has the equipment for detecting and countering radar guided missiles. The mechanics need to be tweaked for ArmA3 because it was tested with ArmA2's Tunguska, which had hyper velocity missiles.
  6. AH-64D Apache Longbow Public Release v1 for ArmA2 UPDATED! See below for v1.4 After more than 3 years, we are finally ready to make the first release of our AH-64D to ArmA2! This addon represents a full circle for us: I had first started on an Apache Longbow for Operation Flashpoint 10 years ago; Nodunit and I made our first combined upgraded release 8 years ago. Now we've finally been able to come back and do what we could only dream of several years ago. While it is far from complete, we made a promise to the ArmA2 community that when ArmA3 was close to going gold, we would release - a little less than 2 weeks from now, ArmA3 will go gold, so here we are. Watch this topic for future updates and bug fixes over the next few weeks! Features: Fully dynamic arming - select individual rocket zones and rails! Interactive cockpit - look at a part in the cockpit and interact with it! Damage system - Systems fail, weapons are destroyed, and displays malfunction! Pilot can control the gun and PNVS turret - compatible with TrackIR and freelook! AH-64D Block II variant represented, with and without Longbow radar 5 mission training campaign 10 mission full campaign 4 single missions 5 multiplayer missions ... and more! REFERENCE MANUAL: Online Manual CHANGELOG V1.4 - - Modified model and texture. - Added skin selection to arming menu. - Fixed some glitches with ASE, TSD, and FCR displays. v1.32 - - Modified data transfer mechanics. - Fixed bug with PNVS and FLIR lenses on the model. - Fixed multiplayer bugs with scripting not initializing. - Added CPG control options when AI is piloting. - Modified model UV coordinates. - Fixed bug with multiplayer missile avoidance. v1.31 - - Modified gun tracking in HMD and AUTO modes to remove bank error. - Modified IHADSS scripting to work faster on per frame handler. - Modified weapon damage so that if using a linked weapon and one pylon is damaged, only ordnance is lost on that pylon. - New laser designation system for CPG. - New experimental mouse input for click actions: when the Head Tracking On action is used, the mouse will move the 'X' click action point. - Gun burst no longer forced time restriction. Gun now has overheat tracking and overuse can result in gun jamming. - Gunner heads down symbology in place. - Added DTV monochrome effect. - Modified gun control: gun control exclusively the realm of the CPG in multiplayer. - Fixed issue with MPD buttons not working with CEM off. v1.3 - - Modified shadow LOD. - Modified pilot LOD. - Modified missile guidance. - Modified missions to account for new damage scripting. - Modified campaign missions "Pin Drop" and "Hallowed Ground" to include radio commands for ordering Dusk Knight to stop, continue, or fly to an area. Dusk Knight will also wait until the player takes off to continue his way route. - Modified pilot and gunner LODs to have weapons and rotor components. - Fixed crew placement in crew fire LOD placement that resulted in their being unhittable except in certain places. Still requires a weapon capable of penetrating armor to prevent 'makarov' crew kills. - Fixed vulnerability in underside of cockpit area. - Opening doors will now allow crew to be shot. - Fixed pilot able to use SAL missiles without a gunner. v1.2 - - Changed weapon and ammo class inheritance. - Modified missile guidance scripting. - Fixed cockpit glass invulnerability. - Fixed CPG-Pilot multiplayer issue with gun/pylons. - Fixed shadow issues. - Fixed skin selection areas. - Fixed TADS stow for CPG. v1.1 - - Engine startup now has sounds and UFD/WCA page feedback for state of components. - APU and engines will burn fuel in complex startups. - IHADSS must be turned on (IHADSS toggle action) after battery turned on. - Added IHADSS toggle capability to click action on IHADSS storage box. - UFD, MPDs, and IHADSS in off state until battery, APU, or engines are on. - Added rotor RPM audio message when exceeding 110% and an altitude above 5m while ENG page active. - Modified UFD messages to be uniform in color and size; removed some messages. - Replaced main rotor sounds with Robert Hammer samples. - Improved shadow LOD. - M230 burst behavior changed - waiting 1 second or more in the middle of a burst resets burst limit. - Fixed FCR page components errors with TSD. - Fixed gunner unable to turn on FCR in single player. - Fixed Pilot-CPG damage effects - now passed between crew members. - Fixed click helper not appearing after resuming from a saved game. - Fixed CPG TSD map not hiding. Known issues - - Player will report 'out of fuel' radio message with CEM on. Reason: to keep player from being able to take off without going through startup procedure, fuel is set to 0 until startup procedure has been followed. Cannot disable the default radio 'out of fuel' message. - IHADSS toggle sometimes takes several activations/presses to initialize. - Betty audio messages will play when dead or out of aircraft. - Audio issues with engine loop sound. - Sometimes engine startup procedure is skipped. DOWNLOAD LINKS Master Link (v1.4, 105MB RAR) ArmAholic mirror (v1.32) ArmA2Base.de mirror (v1.1) ArmA3 Topic
  7. You can turn it off (I think) by doing this: 2 cuttext ["", "PLAIN",0.01]; To turn back on: 2 cutrsc ["fza_ah64_click_helper", "PLAIN",0.01]; Alternatively, you can turn head tracking on and move your mouse to the corner of the screen, which will push the cursor out of view.
  8. Create a folder for your mods -- we'll call this one @FZA. Make a folder within it called addons, place the .pbo files in there. Bring up the ArmA3 launcher, click the mods tab, press the button that says Local Mods, navigate to your mod folder and select it. Should be good to go from there.
  9. Only way to find out then is disable the mods one by one and see if any of them have conflicts.
  10. Are you using 32bit or 64bit executables?
  11. In the controls folder, look for scripting\calls\call_click_this.sqf There's a comment titled "text helper" -- all the click helper entries are there.
  12. I'm not sure what to say because the arming system is fairly complicated, so if you can tell me step-by-step what you're doing, I can probably tell you what's going on. Also, I have a key for the stock version available here. The custom version all depends on who packs it with what key. Because Eden broke a few things with it, the only way to start off flying without it shutting down is to use the switch fza_ah64_cem = false which turns off the complex startup procedure. #2 is an engine limitation. Default aircraft are the same way.
  13. Aircraft Operation Under "Arming Dialog" there are instructions for how it works -- are you clicking the dashes with the desired ordnance? Also, in multiplayer, only the gunner can load weapons.
  14. I've been looking through my files and while the AH-64A's external model is workable, the internal cockpits are a mess of missing files and textures. So as much as I'd like to, I don't think we can forward port the A without some serious difficulty at this time.
  15. I could look into that but there would be a lot of functions missing. The UVs on the A were different and the cockpits were never completed (no click functionality or any of that). We could open source the model but I'd need to bring that up with Nodunit first.
  16. We had the VUIT mast, but the other parts and pieces like CMWS and TEDAC weren't finished. I don't think we'll be getting to those variants anytime soon, nor will we be getting back to the 64A.
  17. That depends on whether or not we can get support for individual M299 rail selection and rocket zone selection. The new simple objects are promising otherwise, but they do have a few glitches (they vanish if you fly out of bounds on the map, for example). We've done some testing with them on some testbeds, but haven't invested a ton of time into it.
  18. Actually, the original concept was done back in the FP days by a dude named "Hawk" if I remember correctly. He made a modification of the BI Ka-50 from Resistance to have multiple loadouts controlled via the action menu. I took this concept and applied it to my own AH-64D as I had been looking for a way to make a 16x HELLFIRE loadout that would still work with ATAS at the time. That spawned the original AH-64 pack that me and Nodunit did in 2005. This was later applied to other aircraft, including an F/A-18A/B/C/D addon I worked on, which became the F/A-18E/F for FP and later ArmA. The Su-17 expanded on this to include some concepts involving guiding munitions and munition scripting. Finally, the AH-64D from 2013 solidified the concept in ArmA2. Other developments included ACES for FP which was very similar to what we have now, but I don't remember the movers and shakers from that one; not to mention other systems that were developed for ArmA2 which used proxies a bit more efficiently. Little bit of mod making history for everyone. :)
  19. For those who need the key for the baseline version, I've uploaded it separately here.
  20. That error does not exist in my version. Make sure you're using the latest version. Sorry, but no. If someone wants to add XEH support to the open version, that can be done.
  21. FWIW, the PNVS camera was designed to work with head tracking hardware, or alternatively with the numpad look keys. I'd need to look into what's been changed recently because in the past, the mouse wasn't linked to the PNVS turret. A modification of the scripting to reduce/adjust the sensitivity would probably be easy enough. ETA: This is what it looks like with TrackIR:
  22. UPDATE! 1.1 released! See below for download links. It is with great pride (and exaustion! ) that I announce the release of our latest project, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet: This is one of the most complex projects we've done to date. Features - Advanced weapon system - Load AMRAAMs, Mk84s, AGM-65s, and more! - Fully functional cockpit - see your equipped weapons on MFD, your aircraft status, and more! - Classic randomized damage system based on AH-64A/D - Take damage and feel the consequences As with our last releases, you can find an online manual here. Like the last ones, it's big! 56k beware. Where to get it? Well first - Required addons JAM3, MAS Helipilots 1.2 Update: F/A-18E/F version 1.1 adds key based afterburners and GBU-12 + GBU-16 magazines for Mk82 and Mk83 launchers. And the F/A-18E/F can be had here: F/A-18E/F Super Hornet 1.1 (Be sure to read the readme.) It comes with 7 missions - 5 singleplayer, and 2 multiplayer. F/A-18E/F Squadrons 1: VFA-2 and VFA-27: F/A-18E/F Squads v1 (Be sure to read the readme.) Includes 1 basic mission, "Bombing Run". Credits Franze (modeling, texturing, config, scripts) Hellfire (texturing, testing) Nodunit (testing) Additional Credits - Missile warning and jamming modified from BAS and Diesel's scripts - Map script modified from DKMM Mi-28 - Various scripting concepts and scripts modified from Col. Klink's scripts - Afterburner and proximity missile scripts modified from Footmunch's Su-27 - Sounds taken from Jane's F-18 - RockofSL - corrected a very annoying bug with the cannon not firing from the right point Testers Shadow Serclaes Gedis wolfbite Panzergrenadier3 RicoADF Special Thanks To the addon makers who came before us and broke so many bounds and limitations. Here's to you, guys & gals! Mirrors: Mirror (1.01) from OFP.Info : DOWNLOAD F/A-18E/F 1.0 (fixed) from (FTP#1) [8,33 MB] Mirror (1.1) from ofpc.de F/A-18E/F Super Hornet 1.1 Mirror (Squads v1) from ofpc.de F/A-18E/F Squads
  23. Folks, I've been getting bandwidth warnings from my webhost; apparently, the previous version (1.42) somehow got an incredible number of hits from 8 March to 17 March. I have no idea as to the what, why, and how for this, but I've decided that the file downloads need to be moved somewhere else for now. For lack of a better option, I've set up a drop box account and moved the most recent files there. AH-64D v1.43 (dropbox) AH-64D v1.43 Source (dropbox)
  24. During troubleshooting, I opened up all the model files and saved them again with the latest O2, just in case there was some old error lingering around. That may have corrected a few small bugs.
  25. So far, I can't find any major issues it it, however it may not work perfectly if loading from saves or in multiplayer; as it seems to function OK in single player, I'll put it out into the wild for now. v1.43 The baseline development files have been updated; same link as in the first post.