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  1. Small application for converting WAV sound files to OGG and LIP formats which are used in ARMA series. - "One form" application - Conversion into OGG and LIP formats Download link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/csla-mod-for-arma-3/downloads/ogglip-converter Installation: Extract all files into any directory. For example: "C:\OggLipConverter" Help: Use key shortcut F1 in the running application.
  2. Hello folks! As we already confirmed here ... ... we are ready to work on CSLA A3 modification. And here we started our Work In Progress thread where we would like to inform our fans and followers (together with the rest of the comunity of course), how we are advancing. Feel free to post here your suggestions or any constructive feedback.
  3. Hey folks, here is a link to the video from the MP testing of actual Homeland and related assets. We don't want to say that there is nothing new to show as we are currently fixing and improving a lot of small thing which are not visible at a first sight, but they are making our whole Mod unique. So stay tuned for upcoming news and we really thank to each which is keeping us supported by any way 😉
  4. Hey folks 🙂 few actual pics from WIP. Complete package of screens can be seen on our Facebook fan page or Discord channel
  5. Hey folks 🙂 Another month, another update of WIP. Do you recognize something new? 😉 And as always, complete package of screens can be seen on our Facebook fan page or Discord channel
  6. And from vehicles ... ta-da ... the legendary beast was born. Yes, currently in WIP in both versions
  7. Hey folks. Next batch of screens from Homeland locations. We know that maybe there is not visible any huge difference for the first sight, but we are now polishing and upgrading a lot of small pins over the whole map. To see more, follow us on Discord channel channel or Facebook fan page
  8. Another month, another set of WIP screens 😉
  9. Hi folks ... here ... a small set of screens from actual progress Space for cargo Turret for gunner and commander Driver Completely new set of 5t trucks in various versions As the BLUFOR has already their own radar, from now also OPFOR will not have "blind eyes" And as a last ... do you know what stands for "Svazarm"? Svaz pro spolupráci s armádou - translated like "Union for Cooperation with the Army"
  10. As @AZCoder mentioned, we are taking a lot of care and attention to all details and whole performance (FPS in large town, accessibility of objects/gardens, ...) of whole map which means that is still in WIP (but not deep).
  11. Hi guys, here is another small batch of screens from actual Homeland To see more, you can follow the Discord chat here https://discord.gg/Py8Pfjs or just look on our Facebook profile here https://www.facebook.com/cslastudio/
  12. Hi folks, after a little bit longer period ... few screens from April WIP More screens can be seen on our FB: https://www.facebook.com/cslastudio/
  13. Hi General Yudenich, we will not to answer to these trolling questions, but no worry, any important info about the upcoming release will be released in sufficient advance not only here.
  14. Hey folks ... here are few screens from Homeland November update. You can see some new buildings and improvements on others. To see a complete gallery, please follow us on our Facebook
  15. And for the rest ... here are the actual screens
  16. @.kju I see now .. .those pics were linked from our FB profile and now it tells something like "URL link timed out" :) Unfortunately, from the remaining code I can not find the direct screen. Anyway, all the screens are still available: https://www.facebook.com/pg/cslastudio/photos/ Thanks for the interesting link for lightning GUI ... passed to the right people ;)
  17. @Contrarian yes, there will be an CUCV with M50 on the deck @wsxcgy Many thanks for this reference. It can be helpful.
  18. A small comparison of assault rifles and their accessories of two major factions
  19. Today another set of screens with few details on main three factions
  20. Yet another update ... few new screens with interesting details on actual Homeland
  21. Thanks for your comment slovakianlynx, but consider two things. The first, Homeland is still in development phase therefore some "things" are still not finished or they are there as a placeholders. Second, A3 is not a train simulator - "our" trains and their environemnt are there to improve the overal atmosphere and look of country.