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  1. I would put Chernarus/Takistan somewhere at the caspian sea. Here https://maps.google.com/maps?q=45.920587,48.050766&num=1&t=h&z=6 or here https://maps.google.com/maps?q=40.317232,49.558468&num=1&t=h&z=8 Geographically this are the only places with a coastline from southwest to northeast. Political Georgia and Cechnya is very close and would make sense as well. For positioning the maps into the area this map will surely help: http://imgur.com/xQB4hdZ Edit: For ArmA 3 the position of Altis and Stratis shouldnt be difficult :) Edit2: As BiggerDave already found out, the Bis Wiki gives valuable informations: Arma0: Malden: Malden is the southernmost island of the group. Malden was a stop off point for seafarers and Russian fishermen. The nearest major NATO base is Estonia Topography of Malden is based on the Greek island of Lefkas in the Ionian sea. Interesting i think is that most of the city names are based on french language Nogova: Nogova is located not far from the Malden islands, due west. Kolgujev: Name of island is based on real island in the Barents Sea. However, the topographic map belongs to Tenerife island. Desert Island: Topography of Desert Island is based on the Greek island of Meganisi in the Ionian sea, off the southeast coast of Lefkas/Malden. Everon: Everon is the easternmost island in the Malden group AND Everon's landscape is based on the Croatian island of Krk (but i would not put it there, still valuable information is "easternmost island of the Malden group" Politically i would put the island somewhere in the baltic sea or barents sea. I would prefer the barents sea as there we can have no close costlines (and still could be pretty close to estonia in terms of closest nato base). Maybe here or even a little bit more east. Arma1: Rahmadi: is an island located off the southwest coast of Sahrani Porto: Unfortunatly nothing, but i also cant remember this map?!? Sahrani: The "real world" coordinates of Sahrani are: 39° 57' 0" N / 40° 1' 12" W, placing it in the North Atlantic Ocean Southern Sahrani and United Sahrani: Same Position like Sahrani Arma2: Chernarus: ...castle ruins... which were built at the turn of the 11th and 12th century ... attacked from the sea and by northern neighbours. ... fter the fall of Kozlov's Principate at the beginning of the 13th century ... -> Mongolian Invasion? Jakub Čert burned in the castle's main tower after he refused to surrender to Ataman Simurg -> Ottoman Empire? Takistan: History has similar dates for big changes like Chernarus. Utes: Nothing Important Zargabad: Nothing Important Here it still makes the most sense to place it in the caspian seas as already proposed using this layout Arma3: Couldn't find any articles, still: Altis and Stratis
  2. De_little_Bubi

    Reality Check

    The gear management for example: http://83clan.com/armaGear/index.html
  3. De_little_Bubi

    Tanks tanks tanks...PROBLEMS!

    This is how tanks changed during 12 years development of arma and a story time difference of 50 years (OFP:CWC 1985 -> A3 2035): http://83clan.com/armaMbt/index.html it's only concidering crews and their interfaces - not the damage model nor driving physics.
  4. De_little_Bubi

    A2 vehicles a solution or A3 lack of content?

    you can be airdropped by helicopter but you cant jump out midair if you are a pilot or co-pilot.
  5. De_little_Bubi

    [Request] Walkable Interior of Vehicles

    Look at their blog post from June 2011: http://www.bistudio.com/english/company/developers-blog/230-experimental-betas-interpolating-the-future They do know what interpolation is, they use it, and as almost everything requested here: its by far not as easy as you would imagine. Interpolation between now and a future point in time can only be done by assuming the future movement (a carrier accelerating by the same as like 10 seconds ago for example), but as the vehicles are also player controlled no reliable assumption can be done! (for ai you could precalculate the future decision and even this is not 100% reliable unless the future decision is synced) so even when interpolation can smooth out the lag a little bit, a player controlled vehicle can always "beam" itself suddenly to the left as the player controlling the vehicle turned it to the left and the interpolation continued moving it forward.
  6. De_little_Bubi

    Unit initscript for flashlight

    Got it! First i thought it will work out with http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableGunLights but nope. tried it with aware: nope. Making a waypoint with behaviour "combat" is the way to go! ( + the init scripts from you guys for getting the flashlight initially) thanks guys!
  7. Anybody know what i have to put as init script to make a unit own a flashlight and give the ai the ability to use it? (+ removing NV but i guess thats like in a2)
  8. guys guys guys - why the heck to you complain that a shop system which was clearly overloaded while shopping is having problems?
  9. De_little_Bubi

    ArmA 3 terrain Size in to the Future

    usually physic systems are generating problems when it comes about super big and heavy objects (like a ship) rather then solving them.
  10. De_little_Bubi

    How hard will this game be?

    Go in the mission editor - place weapon boxes and unarmed vehicles and have fun blowing stuff up etc until you got the controls - then play the missions/multiplayer :)
  11. De_little_Bubi

    Altis and Stratis

    a lot of highways have "extra large" strips whith easy to remove middle section just for the possibility to transform them into landing strips. (More infos: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_strip - look even greece has them :D ) So saying that it is unrealistic to land on a street is just wrong. It would be much more unrealistic to have 2 big airports on a small island like altis. Also i think that there will be a secundary landing strip somewhere - as it was always the case since ArmA1. Just some small flat "gras" area - if not already you can imagine by yourself that they put som split or similar to stabilize the ground.
  12. De_little_Bubi

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    Like this one: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?119218-Latest-quot-ARMA-3-quot-Press-Coverage-NO-discussion-here! ?
  13. De_little_Bubi

    Putting Stratis into perspective on size.

    I don't think you can compare with Everon and Malden. This website shows all of the old maps: http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=jdw13579&logNo=140177513329 The old ArmA CWA Maps seem to have 13kmx13km ( 169km² ) with half of it water. The reason why you can't directly compare their landmass is that they are much less populated then the newer maps. Huge areas are just countryside / empty fields without anything. Btw.: Why is the BIS WIki not containing all these maps inside the wiki entries of the maps? There are only pictures of specific spots on the island but no real map.
  14. De_little_Bubi

    Which version will you be buying?

    its pretty visible that the majority dont cares about the digital goods and the majority is splitted into the guys who dont want/can not give bis their cash and the guys who can :D
  15. De_little_Bubi

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    can you provide a link? reddits structure is confusing