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  1. Yes I drove a 4wd down the beach and ran into some beach chairs and the 4wd bounced about 2 meters into the air and the chair only slightly moved so Physics is quite a bit off, too bouncy which I noticed in the early showcases as well, no change. I found the performance amazing for me considering I have a GTX460 GPU although I did upgrade recently to 16GB RAM, SSD and 3770K all up a very worthwhile upgrade. Running Ultra/high on everything except AA is at 4x, view distance 4000 and flying, driving or running I get very smooth gameplay, impressive. So far AI seems tougher although I did notice some predictable patterns like the firing patter of AI when I am running away, every 2 seconds he would shoot so I knew exactly when to change direction and never got hit once in a 20 second run and I got away, that predictability needs to be randomised somewhat I think. Overall I am impressed but hate seeing some of the original bugs still in the game for over a decade, not sure they will ever get fixed. Personally I hope they don't rush this to market and fix sounds, AI and Physics and it wouldn't hurt to plan on fixing the vehicle death models to make it more natural either. I hate seeing the shell of a crashed chopper just black and rolling around like it is made of paper, also look at smoke at some point. Will get into Multiplayer tonight I hope.
  2. Dogtags

    Head Bob...how many use?

    I turn it off and prefer to sit in my chair shaking my head to the speed of the run, so much more realistic and nothing to do with the migraines I constantly experience.
  3. Going on BIS's history ARMA3 will probably be another update to the current engine, maybe improve lighting and shadows among other things like water/rivers. BIS has never aimed the game at the 3d shooter market and hopefully never will but I do look forward to a much improved ARMA engine in future.
  4. Dogtags

    AI and grass, fixed?

    LOL ok thanks yes I see, bit unfair so off for everyone is a good thing.
  5. Dogtags

    AI and grass, fixed?

    Why a difference for the worse? I thought if both sides had tall grass then both found it equally has hard to see other players? so whether it is off, short or normal it should be the same for both sides?
  6. Dogtags

    AI and grass, fixed?

    Hmmm interesting.... On the weekend I was online playing Warfare. I was lying on the ground amongst tall grass on the flat area at the top of a rise, outside view I could just see the otherside of the rise. There was an AI controlled soldier and an AI controlled APC. The soldier never saw me and the APC rolled up the hill 10 metres from me focused on some of the guys way behind me that were on my side. It drove past me and didn't even blink. This is by no means decisive, could have been that the view from the vehicle was restricted to directly in front. However it is encouraging that the AI MUST actually see you and don't just automatically detect you. As for grass yeah it is a bit dodgy especially when some online servers allow you to turn it off. I think it should always be on regardless. Makes a huge difference when PVP.
  7. Dogtags

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    First off my thoughts on oa are, too expensive for an addon, same price as arma2. Secondly it is obvious that the british forces were being developed in parallel to oa and yet a decision was ,are to make them an expensive dlc. Most dlc I have seen is between 3 and 7 dollars. I also agree that there has to be an addon manager built within arma, I hate trying to manage addon so I gave up and now just occasionally play vanilla. Bis really need to start looking at usability issue and that includes dlc.
  8. LOL thanks and please, I wonder if BIS included voiceovers for this. "Changing magazines! Please watch my back" "Thanks for the serious wound" "Please target the enemy man to the West, thank you" "Wounded! fix me please" "Please make me a cup of tea, thanks"
  9. Dogtags

    ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead - DEMO!

    Probably because it is a cut down map like the ARMA2 demo was. From most other accounts I read, in the real full game people are getting below average performance and nothing like 51fps. 19-35 seems to be common.
  10. Guys don't be too hard on the reviewers they have heaps of games to review and because of this some farm out reviews to junior inexperienced staff and some just can't sit for hours until a game 'clicks'. Also many reviewers are not used to complex 'shooter' simulations, they see so many cod like games and expect most to be like that. They do get a lot right as well, dragon age got great reviews everywhere and I think everyone that played it has to agree. Anyway when have reviews ever been kind to ofp, arma and arma2? And it does not matter because after 10 yrs only the ofp/arma fans will keep coming back.
  11. Dogtags

    Bohemia Interactive's future ARMA 3!

    The problem for me and many others and I mean MANY others is that it is a pain to constantly add scripts, mods, addons etc to be able to play. Many people love ARMA as I do but (I am over 40 BTW) I don't have the time or by the time I get home from working all day I can't be bothered to muck around setting things up, all I want to do is click load and play online or solo. The addons just get out of hand. I wanted to play some new SP mission so I went to the forums and found one that sounded great but to run it I had to download another dozen addons! Anyway I play ARMA2 often but only online or SP missions that require no addons, I have to live with the shortcomings. It is a real shame that BIS can't integrate some of these scripts into the core ARMA2 AI code. Anyway ARMA3 needs to be a whole new engine or a massive upgrade to the current one. As mentioned lighting, AI, popping textures are the main issues, for me anyway.
  12. The original poster does have a point all be it not a new one. This has been brought up before. The rest of you guys plonk yourself somewhere on the map in the middle will do then run all the way to one corner, at least 30 mins holding the key down then report back. The thing is this does happen, chopper shot down on way to insertion point but you survive. No pickup coming so do you just suicide? yeah that is real. No you decide to hoof it there. I think an auto run key does not detract from the game or the realism but makes the long hauls doable more often and it is a simple request after all, 5 minute coding probably. They have this same thing in WWII Online for that same reason.
  13. I don't use i7 but had monumental problems until I switched to Win 7 then it all came amazingly good except for some stutter in forests. Recently purchased more RAM taking me to 6GB and created a 3GB RAMDISK and placed 2.8GB of pbo files on the RAMDISK and I now get smoothe (mostly) with everything High to Very High and AA on Normal at 1680x1050 with a 4870 GFX card. I really want 8+GB of RAM to get the most from RAMDISK but that will happen when I get my new PC in 12 months.
  14. Dogtags

    Bis attention: 1.05 list of problems!

    Yes I also noticed that getting your squad to stick to you know is nearly impossible. Also once they get into danger stance where they cover each other and move a few metres at a time, I can no longer get them out. I set the to safe and they still cover each other and take their sweet time returning to me where before they just used to bold straight to me. I must say I think the squad control is kind of broken AGAIN. :eek:
  15. Dogtags

    What happened to 3D Editor?

    Well first I heard of it. had a look and it looks good, more progressed that the BI version, at least useable. Still wish BI would finish theirs though.