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  1. Salute all, Please could anyone give me the command(s) in editor mode to switch off vehicle engines. Vehicles like trucks jeeps heli's and so on. I used to think it was ... vehicle engineOff... in the activation part...but unfortunatly, it did not work. Thankyou.
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    Use any pbo tools here
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    Vilas' addons

    helmet looks nice darkish.
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    Vilas' addons

    nice, very nice. dl'ed it already. weldone.
  5. It is a great tool, I use it and still use it. Helped me out alot.
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    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Open the Biki Scripting Commands List and search for moveInCargo and emptyPositions. Now try to make your trigger yourself. ahhh, I catch your drift Bobor SK. That can very well work esspecially if aided with condition. I will try them out, also a couple of ideas i have in mind. Great help guys. If i though do get stuck in a rough situation on this issue, I will write on it. Thankyou.
  7. Salute, I have come to a stop about player not driving or flying in the driver's seat. In SP mode, this works, but in MP mode, the choice of a player driving any vehicle is still shown when player is in cargo. What can I do not to allow any player drive any vehicle when inside it? I just want player to seat in cargo only and no choice of player choosing "sit in driver's seat". Thanks.
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    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    lol, true satexas69, that was what I did exactly or a hintc for it to pause. Thanks alot satexas69 for your help. Thumbs up.
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    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Thankyou Bobor SK, Was just about to write it too . this code you just edited was the right one to work. Although another question came up concerning this matter. Since this will be a multi player mission, and say a guest comes into your server and he does not know that if he enters the Driver's seat, he will eject while the AI is doing the driving already with him inside, that could be a disaster for that player esspecially if the distance to objective is far  . What other command can I add appart from "EJECT" so that it will still put the player/guest inside the car still in cargo and not eject him. I have checked in wiki already for a command close to this, but none. If no answers to this, no problem at all. Thankyou Bobor SK and satexas69 once more.
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    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Yes, I made it repeatively and true, your question to understanding my last post is exactly what I meant. Troubling issue this is.
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    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Alright, I tried it and it works great, though it works only when you try to enter the driver's at first. I will explain to make it clearer; My situation is a bit different. The AI drives the car to my position, then I enter the car into cargo whilst the AI driver is still in drivers seat. You will still be able to choose "enter drivers seat" starting of from cargo. If I getout whilst in driver's seat after replacing AI driver from cargo, and try to getin back to driver's seat, only then will the trigger trigger. Any ideas?
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    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Thanks alot satexas69, greatful for you help with my issue. cheers.
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    RHS Hind v1.0 for ArmA

    Russki monsters. Nice work guys. Your hard work cannot go without an applaud.
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    Rellikki's stuff

    I really enjoy playing with your units on coop. Very sweet textures too. Nice work indeed, very.
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    help with a needed script

    Thankyou Shuko, I followed all you did and it still was not working. I later looked at the error it gave and it wrote down "error line1". Was wondering what in goodness it meant. The problem came from "Chris' OFP Script Editor". As you open OFP script editor and choose new page SQF files; It will first add this in the new page... It created the problem for the script not too work. I deleted it and all went fine. At least something new I learnt today always delete the top if using this editor programme. Thanks Shuko, a great help.
  16. One of my missions is in progress and it came up with a funny need to add syntax for the mission to be enjoyed. I had it to work but it took me 5 triggers to set. I was wondering if any one can help me with a shorter method on the issue I will explain now. E.g - I have got 6 units in all in my group called "charlie". After finishing the first objective, I lost 3 men and left with 3 in all. Now I am to go to complete the second objective by boat transport and I need 6 men in all to complete the mission. So I put 5 more units next to the boat and 5 triggers next to them. Once I reach the boat with my 3 men left, the trigger I put now add 3 more units from the five to make 6. This was my command in each of the 5 triggers; trigger 1: cond: {alive _x} count units charlie == 1; act: [z1,z2,z3,z4,z5] join player; trigger 2: cond: {alive _x} count units charlie == 2; act: [z1,z2,z3,z4] join player; trigger 3: cond: {alive _x} count units charlie == 3; act: [z1,z2,z3] join player; trigger 4: cond: {alive _x} count units charlie == 4; act: [z1,z2] join player; trigger 5: cond: {alive _x} count units charlie == 6; act: [z1] join player; It works fine, but like I said, could someone help me with a shorter way to do this, via using a single syntax for 1 or 2 triggers or a script. Thanks.
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    help with a needed script

    Salute Shuko, Thankyou for the script, I tried it as you wrote in "SQF", though for some reason it did not work.
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    Jonny´s Marines

    Nice work indeed. Do keep it up
  19. DecimusAquila

    Cras that burn forever

    very nice script indeed and I will also add to Drew77's quote;
  20. Nice script Zonekiller.
  21. DecimusAquila

    Modern Nogova Army by Plasman

    A good work Plasman on your skins really both Auzy, UN and Nova. Not a easy work and nice to play with. I believe the last texture you made is fictional? I have some favorite artist here in arma whose work are just great which you are a part in the list. The one thing though i have not found yet is American troops desert style. Ebud's desert troops are sweet too but are special forces only. I usually use them mostly in missions imagining them as non special forces U.S troops. Any plans on U.S desert troops or is there one out that I have missed some where?
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    every civ,enemy or friendly in list to flee

    Shuko, you are my savior Thankyou. It worked great for both options. Now I have finished the mission with your help.
  23. At present I am making a mission, getting to the end, I now got stucked with this issue and my mission making stopped there. I wanted all East units (who are in great numbers) in a trigger to flee after a specific unit is killed so I used this syntax: Condition in trigger: GetDammage enemyunit1 >=0.1 Activate in trigger: {_x allowfleeing 1} forEach enemylist but it will not work. After looking at it carefully, I noticed that another syntax is needed to make the trigger understand that all enemy(EAST) in the trigger has to run after enemyunit1 is killed. I donot know how to do this. Can someone help me? Maybe even the syntax I used in both fields are wrong, unsure of myself. I also checked search for allow fleeing or fleeing units and how to make units flee but could not see anything close to this except group units which I already know how to do. Thankyou in advance.
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    Some questions on syntax

    With eventhandler you attach a piece of code to a specific object that will be run when the specified event happens. The example code adds "fired" event to the unit, so the code is run every time that unit fires his weapon. In the code part it first checks if the fired weapon is AK74 and the code isnt executed before. myvar_akFired is used to make the script ran only once. Lets use your example. "one" is a variable that is used to hold the information about the status of the first objective. If its completed its true, otherwise false. publicvariable comes into play when you need to tell other client (players) that you just completed the first objective. The publicvariable command is used to broadcast a variable to everyone, because variables are local by default and they aren't automatically synced. Someone smarter can comment on the switch, I only know you can use it to break patrols (move <-> cycle waypoints), so that it goes straight to the waypoint after cycle when the trigger is activated. Thankyou Shuko, I do now catch the drift of event handlers and glad that you explained this to me. The same goes with "publicVariable". I am begining to have an idea on what it is used for after your answer. Thanks once again Shuko.
  25. I have read what it is about on the questions I ask but yet I find it difficult to fully understand their uses. In wiki, It explains them with examples but I noticed these syntax can be used on other occations as seen in other missions. I have only started playing ARMA a month now and learning fast. I hope to be great at scripting in some months to come, but now I need all the help I can get from the veterans of ARMA/OFP. <span style='color:blue'>1. what really is an Event handler? (this syntax is used quite alot esspecially with scripts). Wiki explains this but in terms to those who already have an idea of scripting. I know that there are certain commands used only with event handlers like fire and so on stated in wiki. One code I saw was; <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">this addEventHandler ["fired",{if (_this select 2 == "ak74" && !myvar_akFired) then {myvar_akFired=true; _this exec "echo.sqs"}}]; This code got me crazy thinking forcing me to have a 100gram vodka even after reading the sqs file. </span> <span style='color:red'>2. Some missions or objectives end with this code; <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">"0"objstatus"DONE";one=true;publicVariable"one" via trigger Now what bugs me is the publicVariable"one". Now "one" a text word written on the trigger and NOT the name of the trigger. I have also seen another code with this same syntax but used in a different manner; <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">alert=true;publicVariable"alert" Can someone explain this syntax "publicVariable" clearer and its uses?</span> <span style='color:green'>3. My last question; when you make a trigger, "TYPE" box were we have end1,end2,end3,...we also have switch. Well, due to the name it is understandable but Is switch made for... [if ""condition"" is triggered then switch ""activate"" to trigger?]</span> These questions may be noodish but what can I say, I am not clear with them.