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    Use any pbo tools here
  2. DecimusAquila

    Vilas' addons

    helmet looks nice darkish.
  3. DecimusAquila

    Vilas' addons

    nice, very nice. dl'ed it already. weldone.
  4. It is a great tool, I use it and still use it. Helped me out alot.
  5. DecimusAquila

    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Open the Biki Scripting Commands List and search for moveInCargo and emptyPositions. Now try to make your trigger yourself. ahhh, I catch your drift Bobor SK. That can very well work esspecially if aided with condition. I will try them out, also a couple of ideas i have in mind. Great help guys. If i though do get stuck in a rough situation on this issue, I will write on it. Thankyou.
  6. DecimusAquila

    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    lol, true satexas69, that was what I did exactly or a hintc for it to pause. Thanks alot satexas69 for your help. Thumbs up.
  7. DecimusAquila

    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Thankyou Bobor SK, Was just about to write it too . this code you just edited was the right one to work. Although another question came up concerning this matter. Since this will be a multi player mission, and say a guest comes into your server and he does not know that if he enters the Driver's seat, he will eject while the AI is doing the driving already with him inside, that could be a disaster for that player esspecially if the distance to objective is far  . What other command can I add appart from "EJECT" so that it will still put the player/guest inside the car still in cargo and not eject him. I have checked in wiki already for a command close to this, but none. If no answers to this, no problem at all. Thankyou Bobor SK and satexas69 once more.
  8. DecimusAquila

    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Yes, I made it repeatively and true, your question to understanding my last post is exactly what I meant. Troubling issue this is.
  9. DecimusAquila

    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Alright, I tried it and it works great, though it works only when you try to enter the driver's at first. I will explain to make it clearer; My situation is a bit different. The AI drives the car to my position, then I enter the car into cargo whilst the AI driver is still in drivers seat. You will still be able to choose "enter drivers seat" starting of from cargo. If I getout whilst in driver's seat after replacing AI driver from cargo, and try to getin back to driver's seat, only then will the trigger trigger. Any ideas?
  10. DecimusAquila

    Problem with not allowing player to drive

    Thanks alot satexas69, greatful for you help with my issue. cheers.
  11. Salute, I have come to a stop about player not driving or flying in the driver's seat. In SP mode, this works, but in MP mode, the choice of a player driving any vehicle is still shown when player is in cargo. What can I do not to allow any player drive any vehicle when inside it? I just want player to seat in cargo only and no choice of player choosing "sit in driver's seat". Thanks.
  12. DecimusAquila

    RHS Hind v1.0 for ArmA

    Russki monsters. Nice work guys. Your hard work cannot go without an applaud.
  13. DecimusAquila

    Rellikki's stuff

    I really enjoy playing with your units on coop. Very sweet textures too. Nice work indeed, very.
  14. DecimusAquila

    help with a needed script

    Thankyou Shuko, I followed all you did and it still was not working. I later looked at the error it gave and it wrote down "error line1". Was wondering what in goodness it meant. The problem came from "Chris' OFP Script Editor". As you open OFP script editor and choose new page SQF files; It will first add this in the new page... It created the problem for the script not too work. I deleted it and all went fine. At least something new I learnt today always delete the top if using this editor programme. Thanks Shuko, a great help.
  15. DecimusAquila

    help with a needed script

    Salute Shuko, Thankyou for the script, I tried it as you wrote in "SQF", though for some reason it did not work.