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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I would like to talk about the Driving AI. Something that happens to all of them (Quad, Car, Truck, Tank): they sometimes don't seem to recognize an obstacle like the corner of a house, a huge tree sandbags and stuff like that...and get stuck. they can't run over the obstacle, they either try to go forward (even if they don't move a bit) or they back up...and just ram it again and again and again... But most of the times, vehicles navigate pretty good now...except for the tanks. In all previous ArmA titles if you set them on careless they would follow roads nicely...in ArmA3 it makes no difference if you set them on stealth, danger, careless...all the tank drivers drive like they are in a real hurry and drunk as hell.
  2. Dr.Pulp

    GFX Settings -> strange FPS

    That was it...with vsync disabled you can tweak your settings nice and smooth now and it won't get stuck on 30FPS. Thx a lot. Strange anyways that it gets stuck to 30 FPS in the first place with vsync on.
  3. Hi Folx, i recently got a new GFX Card (GTX760) and tried to find out the sweetspot in GFX settings. Ingame i set everything to low or off and tried to raise settings to see what works, and what not. Then i found something strange: i got some settings up to ultra with 60 FPS....then i set Object detail to ultra and got 30fps. that was strange...pretty big hit i thought...reverting to low to keep on fiddeling....BUT...the FPS stayed at 30 FPS. The only thing that worked was using the low preset again...60 FPS. This time i startet with object detail...working my way throug the settings. After a lot of ultra settings something put my FPS to 42...i reverted and no problem going up to 60 FPS again. but once i hit a setting that will get me to 30 FPS...its basically game over with changing settings...they won't do shit to my FPS. i got to use some preset again to get out of that 30FPS jail. I am using the DEV version. Anybody else got this? I rember in Arma 2 BI introduced the -FLUSH function to force a reload of the GFX. Did they put some Bug back in? Maybe somebody else noticed it...or even better if its not me...BI can have a look at this issue.
  4. Dr.Pulp

    Discussion on mission filename format

    The filename format is pretty good. But i don't understand why you would like spaces instead of an underscore? it is mostly way easier to handle files with underscores on a linux server.
  5. Dr.Pulp

    Can anyone help me

    with TrackIR it is very hard to shot with the KA50, because the reticle is on the HUD which moves with your view :(
  6. Hi Folx! One thing that is really stupid is the multiplayer mission selection screen. you get a tiny little window where you can select the missions...but the window is so small, that you cant read much, and need to scroll a lot. for example we got like 10 different domination missions on our server, but i can't see the difference at the selection screen. they all start like "co30_ACE2_domination..." and the window ends. i got plenty of space on my screen left...but the windows only covers 1/4 of my screen. anybody knows a trick to fix it?
  7. I really like the behaviour of the AI with GL4 mod...but they can't hit stuff anymore. we use ACE2 on our server ad everything runs fine. when i start the server with ACE2 and GL4, the AI shooting is horrible. sometimes an AI MG gunner sneaks up to you...start shooting in full auto mode from 5m away...and you will be able to turn around....switch weapons...reload...talk to your mates...grab a new beer from the freezer and then kill the AI. something seem to be wrong here.
  8. Hi Everybody! I updated my Linux Server update Script, to be compatible with the latest changes of the ACE2 Mod and i also changed the place where you can find it. You can get the latest version here: Linux dedicated Server Update Script Hope you like it.
  9. Dr.Pulp

    updating ACE2 on a dedi server

    if you still got the error, run: bash -x ace_update.sh that will tell you exactly where your mistake is ;-) sure :) keys, mpmissions, userconfig files, all are gonna go where they belong! ;-)
  10. for linux, i have done that...for windows...i have no idea ;-)
  11. the mod is pretty cool...but i don't understand why you set playermarkers on by default?!
  12. Dr.Pulp

    TrackIR roll function for "lean"

    You can try my profile (TrackIR 5): http://home.htp-tel.de/agerber/arma2.rar i got zoom and roll enabled with a nice deadzone so it won't kick in accidently.
  13. no problem mate. I like to help and i love linux :)
  14. how did you upload the mod? it seems like you got a damaged or corrupted file: @ace\addons\acex_bink_us_acu.pbo