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    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Turns out it was ACE causing the issue. Maybe broken with the preview
  2. dayglow

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Strange Issue I'm having. Every time I try to load a save it ends the mission.
  3. dayglow

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    That would be if it. Forgot I even had it on.
  4. dayglow

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Playing on. The Chernarus map. I had a vehicle and was driving it when I got a message about smoke. Stopped my vehicle as it was through the woods. Found the camp and some sweet supplies, but now I'm burdened to the max. Went back to where I left my cart and is disappeared. Didn't lose any loot, but know I'm in the middle of nowhere burdened with no car. Did I do something wrong to cause it to disappear?
  5. dayglow


    Like the mission, lots of fun. Would be nice if you can choose the time scale at the start. Also, how do you tell the difference between bandits and survivors?
  6. dayglow

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    We should have realistic expectations. DX12 won't magically make Arma multithreaded to the max. Hopefully it will help a bit with performance and get past the cpu draw call limitations involving a lot of objects on screen (high view distance, objects, effects, etc on screen) A 10% or so gain would be nice though.
  7. dayglow

    Absurd lack of Steam Workshop's moderation

    Are the missions crappy because they are French, or did you actually try them? From what I remember those missions are some of the first on the Workshop and campaigns may not have worked back then. I don't see anything abnormal with their ratings. Again they have been up forever so they have been treated over a long time and have a 1 in 3 ratio of rating vs download. Also how did you come to the conclusion that the maker doesn't care about the game or his missions? Agreed that the market could combine them into a campaign now.
  8. Nope. I run an i7 4820@4.6ghz and r9 290x in crossfire and increasing view distance loads the cpu, not gpu. I run x3 1080P screens so really a 3K setup and with the graphic options I can run at 133% render with no drop in performance because my GPUs are waiting for the CPU. The 3 graphic options that limit fps for me is terrain detail, object detail and view distance. Everything else can be cranked up with no effect onfps. Those 3 options increase draw calls and are bound by the CPU.
  9. DL'd the Dev Branch to see what changes in AI are coming and now all my Workshop senario missions I've downloaded are listed twice. Uninstalled the Dev Branch and it goes back to a single listing. How do you stop this? I searched and haven't found anything.
  10. Stream must keep a cache somewhere, because even when I told Steam to delete the mod and I resubscribed it would instantly install with the same errors. I had to delete the folder, then unsubscribe, then subscribe to get it to do a fresh dl. Hopefully this time without the errors.
  11. I have The Unit, Vehicle, and Weapons pack all DL'd through the workshop. Still get that error.
  12. DL'd the Steam Workshop verson and I'm getting this error on launch of Arma 3: I've tried redownloading the addon, but I keep getting this error Also if I save and reload a mission, I get errors saying a bunch of CUP content has been deleted and needed for the mission and I can't reload it. ​
  13. dayglow

    Oculus support

    Hopefully BI will find more performance in the future. ED gave me hope as they were able to really boost fps in DCS and it was also a very single threaded cpu heavy sim as well.
  14. One thing I would like to be separated out is ROF selection. A single key to switch between single, burst, and auto, and another key for the launcher would be great
  15. For those of us who play SP and command AI we still need the F keys and number keys to command so removing the weapon selection from the scroll wheel doesn't work
  16. You also have to pay attention to your own sound levels in the settings. You can really mess up the sound environment with them
  17. I think a lot of confusion is that the AI doesn't distinguish between hearing, guessing, and seeing. It may hear something and call out a contact, or guess a location. I suggested a long time ago to have the AI say I hear something to the left, I think there's someone ahead. also remember that the AI can't see like us. It determines if there is a line of sight to a target, even if only a few pixels are visible and then it determines if it can see you. Foliage and obstacles mean nothing if pixels are visible. It's a fine balance to make AI sight believable vs blind. i feel that the AI is actually amazing when you think about it. No scripts, cover points, etc in the map design. You don't tell the AI what is cover, it decides for itself. Create a new map, drop AI in and they will navigate and use obstacles to its advantage. That is no small feat. Most shooters you have to give AI pathing, tell it where cover is, etc.
  18. I find this mission is hit or miss. You have to kill all the defenders in the camp you are assaulting to continue the mission. Often times a single guy will retreat up the valley to the SE and it causes the mission to stall. The squad leader gives the all clear, but since there is a single guy somewhere in the hills away from the camp it won't stall. I find to advance it I have to go alone into the valley and flush him out.
  19. I'm pretty sure early versions had a userconfig folder
  20. The latest versions don't have a userconfig folder
  21. dayglow

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    So just realized that I've never really played a mission where I would have to refuel a car so stupid question, how exactly do you do It? If you pull up to a gas station is it an option?
  22. dayglow

    [SP/MP] ClashPoint

    Looks great, will give it a try
  23. I don't think that changing your video card will make a huge difference over a year in overall cost compared to running your servers
  24. dayglow

    scope removal feature.

    It makes sense for gameplay. The current way is not realistic, being able to just pick up the scope maybe unrealistic, but makes sense from a gameplay standpoint.
  25. dayglow

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I figured as much, I've downloaded the dropbox version.