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  1. Hey guys, you are doing great work with the mod. I got a question since you removed the radar from some of the choppers. Why does some aircrafts still have it? Like the cobras, the su-25 and the a10. Some have thermal imaging yes, but no radar. And ground radar is only fitted on the f-35, the apache and ka-52 afaik.
  2. Cmon guys. You should also tell them to use if (isserver) then {bomb...}; So they dont get 10 IEDs when they try the mission in MP.
  3. I have a UAV problem on dedicated server. Ive fixed it so the server attaches the player, the uav and terminal when a player press an action. Trouble is that 1. When using it the UAV only have 1 visible waypoint. 2. When it is dark the UAV automaticly turns on NVG goggles. Ive tryed to remove them but i can't. And when you leave the terminal when its dark, the screen is all bright from its FLIR. You can only make it go away with using NVGs. But it will still be there when you take them off.
  4. Crazyfox

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    Naoyuki I apologize for my comment about the vopour if you are using the default script. Just waiting for the cockpit now :)
  5. Yes. Tested and works on dedicated. Script is local to the client.
  6. Crazyfox

    The ultimate sim fan?

    Nice but the game is not that fun in the long run.
  7. Crazyfox

    Silent Hunter 5 announced!

    Sinking a battleship with high realism in SH4 was pretty nice. Spot convoy. Save. Sail in front of convoy and wait a half day at 60m depth. Go up when destroyers have passed. Save. Periscope up. Save. Calculate fireing solution. Save. Then fire 4 torpedos. One always miss or is a dud. Back full and turn 180 degrees. Save. Calculate fireing solution in a milliesec. Fire the 4 aft torpedos. Superdive to max depth and shut off engine. I you were lucky and scored 6 hits on diffrent places on it's broadside, then maybe the ship flipped and sunk. :D
  8. A "get out" waypoint works. or you can use commands like these in a trigger: unassignVehicle AIname1; unassignVehicle AIname2; and so on.. or {unassignVehicle x} forEach crew yourchoppername; http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/unassignVehicle or AIname1 action ["eject", yourchoppername]; if you'r impatient. ;)
  9. Crazyfox

    Dragon Rising has been released

    This game= Fail I lol'd when i saw the first cgi movies. I lol'd when i saw the artwork pics some thought were screenshots. I lol'd at all the DR fanboys flaming arma. I lol'd at all the disappointments they constantly were getting on the game. Then there was no demo. The game sucked and there never will be any dedicated servers for this game even if it say there is on the box. The developers have bailed as soon as they got the money. Now i feel sorry for everyone who bought the game. Except for that sir.polaris guy who has devoted his life to become a community god. I still lol at him.
  10. Crazyfox

    Computer Industry making money, not BI

    Not to disappoint but that's two totally diffrent industries. The main difference is the number of subcontractors. In the gaming industry you got what. The game developer, publisher, Cd printer, maybe a consultant and seller. To make a computer part you need to have a big R&D department. A whole lot of companies doing diffrent small parts, who also buy raw materials from others. Several assembly companies, who then sells it to a computer company, who also needs a store to sell it from. Just bcos something is expensive doesnt mean someone is making a lot of money. But sure the two benefit from each other. Thats why you sometimes get a game with a gfx card. Or see that Intel logo when starting certrain games. And Im sure BI makes themselfs a deal if they can.
  11. Ok updated again. Make sure you use this version. If there are no bugs or requests I think this one is finished.
  12. Crazyfox

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    @RedRage Yeah well the vanilla planes in the game dont have any vapor at all. But i still think its too much. Look on the vapor again in the game when doing full turns with the su33, it makes far more vapor than in your pics. I just want it a little less, and maybe dependent on the speed. See the f16 mod, I like the vapor in that one.
  13. But of course russia will be opfor. It's gonna be rambo 3 all the way. Mi28 and hopefully another su plane. Independent will be like northen allience or something like that. But i wouldnt be disappointed with India as opfor. They have a lot of russian made units as well.
  14. Crazyfox

    Carrier landing

    Here's a start for the jets anyway. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=89472
  15. Crazyfox

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    Very nice! If you want my opinion: A bit too much vapor sometimes for me though. As in the other arma planes i can't get in any big angle of attack. If its possible it would be nice if the burners started when giving max thrust when using a throttle.