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  1. Casimir

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    Im just wanting it to be cleared up. At no point did i say it was illegal, but ive seen so many mods disapear due to textures and models taken from other games that for a project like this which really interests me would be a real dissapointment.
  2. Casimir

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    It sounds like an amazing cross over between Fallout and Oblivion, I like the sound of it mate but i think you need to clear up the issue around that building from Oblivion. Can you legally use that or is it just a very similar looking model?
  3. Casimir

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Great new Gnat. Will be testing these out as soon as i can
  4. Casimir

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    Wow Its reminding me more and more of Elder Scrolls : Oblivion Keep it up it looks great.
  5. Casimir

    RPG City Life (Open Beta)

    City Life Newsletter now available! Issue 1 Im looking for article donations and story ideas for the next issue! *Coming Soon* - Stories From The City Life Server - Free Advertising For City Life Businesses and Clans!
  6. Casimir

    Island Daraisolas by L-J-F

    great maps and really good with autumn plants
  7. Casimir

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Some new shots. See The Rest Addons Used: -Daraisolas -Proper Plants - Textures By Przemek_kondor -Modul Sky
  8. Casimir


    sounds very interesting and origional. i hope to see this project turn good. any information on progress or are you still in the planning stages? regards cas.
  9. Casimir

    Project RACS

    looking good guys.. keep up the work
  10. Casimir

    USMC CH-46 WIP

    Think about it this guy is a member of the ACE team is he not? That probably means hes working on o few things at a time and this project has just been shelved for a while as he continues work for ACE? Whatever. Its probbaly best to leave the thread alone until he posts.
  11. Casimir


    Can you guys just not give Colonel well a break!? constatnly the same stuff tiem and time again. If you dont like it then forget it. theres no need to make the same points over and over again with only screenshots as evidence. This is a W.I.P. he could be using these as a base modle... he hasnt released them... so even if they are another persons models he can credit them on release. So guys... just give it a break.
  12. Casimir

    Hippie Funland

    Looks great Loki, what the approx size of the Island?
  13. Casimir

    alternative history  WWII 1952

    Sounds an interesting propsal, i like the sound of it, however im not so keen on you sleeping wiht my sister
  14. nice, will they be enterable/destroyable? could lead to some interesting missions.
  15. Casimir

    Armed Assault videos

    Arma - Lost? (the coldplay song, not the T.V. serise) random video i knocked up in about 1/2 an hour.. (yes it kinda shows :P) http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=I_LDH1DGraA watch it if ya like
  16. Casimir

    alien scorpion work in progress

    sounds interesting, however am i the only one who thinks that it just looks like 3 jets flying in a wedge formation in the video?
  17. Casimir


    Hey There. My Name Is Jamie (Gamer Name Is Casimir) I enjoy playing the fine RPG games that have been developed for Armed Assault. Â Sahraniville, Life, City Life ETC. Â However i find that while playing with them there are so many people acting irrationaly or independantly. I hope to group together players who enjoy the realistic side of the RPG games and hope to improve games and cut down on team killing, cop abuse ETC. If your interested hit me up with a PM. *Edit* Site is done, this is a very early beta and i hope to change it but here it is : http://www.freewebs.com/arma-life/index.htm Regards Cas.
  18. Casimir

    DM Uncovered HMMWV

    Great news downloading it now
  19. Casimir

    Razani, North Waziristan Map

    very nice, stunning scenery.
  20. Casimir

    USEC C130 Hercules

    Nice Work Rocket, Im just downloading it now an ill give it a teat. Should be good from what im seeing
  21. Casimir

    Project T-800

    Sweeet! A handheld minigun :P
  22. Casimir

    Project RACS

    sweeet! i suppose your rigth about the Sabre it is abit old, i do tend to forget when ArmA is set, but i do think the A4 would fit in well with any naval air force you may have?
  23. Casimir

    GoodMorning Sahrani with as guest Spooner

    nice show, can i just say i got the feeling you didnt fully understand spooners scripts or was that simply wording of natural speech that gave that impression? anyho great show and i look forward to the next one and hearing abit more from loki.
  24. Casimir

    Project RACS

    Seconding that on the F4. However i get the impression that Project RACS is moving away from US equipment and going for the more european equipment. which ever way it goes it will be great im sure :P
  25. Casimir

    Project RACS

    Hey there Seeing as the SLA got a Mig 15 dont you think it would make sence that the RACS might end up getting a North American F86 Sabre? I Personaly feel that it would be well suited as the main fighter for the RACS seeing as its resonably in-expensive as is the mig 15 and is well matched in a fight with the Mig 15. Just thought the Sabre was a cool jet. Keep up the smashing work guys. Its great to finaly have a 3rd force worth fighting.