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  1. ComadeR

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    I love you BI
  2. CSM2OA is replacing A2+OA? or just OA?
  3. ComadeR

    Why camo faces are hidden?

    bad link to me
  4. ComadeR

    Want camo face?

    So how about OA hidden faces, is there new?
  5. ComadeR

    PvP teams

    I think leageus like ECL can bring back PvP games. Just remember old good ofp days, how many pvp games was in ofp mp.
  6. guys, how ti use arty in aas? x-ray corr. is fine, but there is something wrong with yankee corr. for example I see my Y corr in map 008 and arty table shows yankee 4420. what I do wrong?
  7. OFP,arma, arma2= no background texture, freedom. if it's background texture , that would be 1 step of BI down.
  8. I think where will be really new faces, in gamestar.de video, simple soldiers(not campaign hereos) with new faces...
  9. gj Alex. P.S +1 BI, -1 crying babies :)
  10. hey what is @CSM2_P85? I found it using Yoma.
  11. can I use csm2 with TRSM? just write in target line: @CMS2;@TRSM or need to delete some addons?
  12. I load after. lastest http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9049
  13. few meters form action and souns are different. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsEezNNm-W4&feature=related
  14. I dont find it. http://foto.terpe.lt/inkelti/20100101/i90_Capture.PNG ?
  15. "-Go to CCC, DeskTop Displays, Configure First Monitor". what to do here?