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  1. Thanks! Yes, this will do. And thanks to the "someone else"! :)
  2. Does someone know a way to get all triggers that is linked (synced, grouped or what ever) to an object. I'm making a new mission and when I do I like to do them so they are easy to expand, in this case that means that I would like to avoid overusing global variables that only will be used ones. Alternative: A way to get all Triggers that are present in the mission.
  3. Chris_Acrobat

    [MP, SC 64] Steal the Vehicles

    Update 1.17 is released. 1.15 * Added parameter: Who can repair vehicles - "Everyone" or "Only repair specialists". * Fixed two bugs in the repair-script. 1.16 * Hotfix 1.17 * Minor update.
  4. Chris_Acrobat

    [MP, DM 24] Detector {Redux}

    Added a direct download.
  5. Chris_Acrobat

    [MP, DM/TDM] Maze Runners

    Added a download link.
  6. Chris_Acrobat

    [MP, SC 64] Steal the Vehicles

    Yes, first post updated!
  7. Chris_Acrobat

    [MP, SC 64] Steal the Vehicles

    Steal the Vehicles 1.14 is live on Steam Workshop. Changes: How the repair-script worked. Now everyone can repair, but specialist do it faster and for free. Added: Time acceleration, play during both at night and day. Removed: A few unnecessary bugs.
  8. Chris_Acrobat

    Domination Redux by Champy and Tankbuster

    Haha, no problem! :)
  9. Chris_Acrobat

    Domination Redux by Champy and Tankbuster

    I am well aware of the story, if you are talking about Xeno. I use to play Domination on Arma 2 and then forgot about it when Arma 3 released. Your link seems to work, I'll try it. But I was looking for a Workshop-link so I could get auto-updates when updates releases. /me like automation. ^^
  10. Chris_Acrobat

    Domination Redux by Champy and Tankbuster

    Is this mission on Steam Workshop? Workshop has a lot of "Domination"-missions, so if it is I can't find it. EDIT: Is this one from j0k3r5s an official release?
  11. Chris_Acrobat

    Make a normal car to autonomous

    MK30A! I don't know how, but I have never seen the A-versions before. :blink: EDIT: Thanks!
  12. Chris_Acrobat

    Make a normal car to autonomous

    I just spotted one interesting thing the Arma 3 Showcase NATO mission, that the MK30 can be controlled by a Operator Terminal in the autonomous-section. I did not know about this and I can't find a way to reproduce it. Does anyone know how? NOTE: I'm currently running on RC 1.54, so can someone confirm that this still is the case in the stable branch also?
  13. Chris_Acrobat

    [MP, DM/TDM] Maze Runners

    Maze Runners, is a symmetrical (15 vs 15 vs 15, minimum 2 players recommended) and is based on running around in a constant changing labyrinth. You can play it as free-for-all or Team Deathmatch, with either soft or hard walls. Soft walls allow bullets to penetrate and injury players on the other side. You can chose how to win before the game begins, either with the most points after a timelimit or the last team standing. Subscribe: Steam Workshop Download: Anrop.se
  14. I will! I was going to do that soon anyway, just wanted to confirm it first. EDIT: Done. #24030
  15. attachTo? What? No, absolutely not. And I am already using setVelocity with unsatisfying results. Thanks for trying to help, but if you do not know, please stop answering.