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  1. Clavicula_nox4817

    Multicam Pilots

    You should get Dropbox and have Attridge add you to it; it saves a lot of time and energy and such.
  2. Clavicula_nox4817

    Multicam Pilots

    Err, no I don't. I'll just replace the textures I already made with his, but thanks for jumping into someone else's conversation when you have no idea what is being talked about. You depbo'd the addon and named them the same? That's good news. Do you have access to our Dropbox? You can just throw them in there and I'll take possession.
  3. Clavicula_nox4817

    Multicam Pilots

    Herp derp, pilots don't need multicam. Also, when you give this stuff to me, just give me the textures; I don't need the models and what-not.
  4. Clavicula_nox4817

    Clafghan Map 20x20 Beta Release

    Congratulations on the release guys, I know every one of us at [=TFB=] is proud to see this map come along.
  5. Clavicula_nox4817

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    I understand. You should come onto our public server, especially when there are some members around. We usually (but not always) try to organize our public players as much as they are willing. We don't require anyone to use our TS server unless they intend to fly and VON -should- be enabled. We typically have a buttload of players, as well. Filter "Task" and look for Task Force Black Jack Charlie. For Domination, we usually alternate between the standard 1-Team Domi and TvT Domi.
  6. Clavicula_nox4817

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    Did they have a Teamspeak server and were you in it?
  7. Clavicula_nox4817

    US Army dumps berets

    I don't need a civilian to tell me about the history, wear, and appearance of the beret, thanks.
  8. Clavicula_nox4817

    US Army dumps berets

    It was used by the 75th long before that.
  9. Clavicula_nox4817

    Modified Mine

    I am trying to make a very simple addon that creates a separate mine based on the BIS mine which detonates when personnel walk over it. The only problem is, I am not entirely sure how the class is coded to only detonate for vehicles. I do not see anything obvious under MineCore, nor do I see it under Mine or MineE. Help, please?
  10. Clavicula_nox4817

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    I can answer for [=TFB=]. Over the last 18 months, we have developed a style of gameplay that suits us and, the fact is, it is a style of gameplay that just isn't for everyone, as evidenced by the mass chaos in our public server. Sometimes we are able to organize a small group of public players into a team and it works out quite well; but, typically, I have found the vast majority of the public players are in their own world. That's fine for Domination, but most of TFB's long-time members have long since passed the point where Domination and Domination style games "does it" for us. We recognize that these massed public style games quickly devolve into chaos with 1/3rd, or more, of the players unable, or unwilling, to join our Teamspeak server or, at the very least, speak over VON and, for us, that is not the type of game we want to play. Typically, you'll find our younger, or newer, members on the public server because we're still breaking them from that mindset. We want "Tactical Cooperation" and there just simply is not enough of it in the public forum. We make pains to invite promising non-members to Member and Invite Only events so they have the opportunity to do the things that we like to do, or they have the option to screw around on our public server and crash AH-64's into mountains or hover 300m above a ZSU-23, or whatever it is that you guys do.
  11. Clavicula_nox4817

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    In the US, Task Force Black Jack is consistently busy. We have 3 servers which are usually full, or close to being full, at any given time of the day.
  12. Clavicula_nox4817

    WIP: Stuff you are working on 2!

    Some of us made our own by buying extra pants and having tailors remove the cargo pocket and attaching it to the shoulder sleeves. This was 1000x more common than an actual CCU uniform.
  13. Clavicula_nox4817

    Project RACS

    I'm really happy to see you release this stuff, Eddie. Good work, man.
  14. Clavicula_nox4817

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Task Force Black Jack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReSqIkHdEH4 Takistani National Army Invades Chernarus:
  15. Hey guys, I have a situation where I need to restrict certain ammo boxes to be used by certain players. I have created sets of crates intended for specific teams and I would like to make it so only the members of those teams can use their own crates. Is there a way I can restrict the boxes so they can only be used by specific GroupNames?