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  1. hi are you working on something like this ? W.I.P from BTAM Mod 75th Ranger in ciras and acu

    Missiles proxy on plan

    Hi all i've created a custom version of the F16 for this project. i've created mk82 and mk83 bombs, i added them as proxies on models. O2 Shot When testing in game, all bombs models are replaced with the aim9 model. the release order is bad too. In-Game Shot : i think it's a proxy error, anyone could help ?

    Missiles proxy on plan

    my question was about the arma proxies method from [APS]Gnat. i know there is something to define in model.cfg but i don't know what. Same for the proxies in the model, is there any changes to do here ?

    Missiles proxy on plan

    thank you could you explain me how do you set the proxies in the 3D model ? what about the model.cfg ?

    Missiles proxy on plan

    ooh really ? do you know how i could do it ?

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    hi all i'm working on a bomber version of your F16C. It have 4 mk82, 4 mk83, 14 ffar, 2 Aim9 and the M61. i'm having trouble with the proxies (here) O2 Shot
  7. the main problem now is to do multi-turret. anyone could help ?
  8. Hi all a little armor project i'm working on. It's the BMP-T "Terminator" from Russian army. Hi-resolution source : Wiki En Others pictures : pic1 pic2 pic3 hope you like it Â


    hi all i have 65 p3d to relocate into a new pbo and i dont want to do it manually. Also i know the "addonMaker.bio2s" script can do it automatically (ex : test.pbo into CWM_Weapons and moving all textures, rvmats, configs into new folder). any one know how to use it ? or could anyone create a program who can convert a folder into a new one with all p3d and materials ? thanks in advance


    i tried many differents way but each time the script change the path "test\tex\texture.paa" to "p:\armawork\CWM_Weapons\data\texture.paa". is the fred.exe work with arma mlod ?
  11. a new warrior on the way
  12. hi all this is my first release and i hope you will enjoy the addons First pack is the multiplayer plugin which allows the player to choose differents replacements for each side. Marpat desert and woodland to blufor, Flora to Opfor and some new camo to RACS. How to install : - unzip @CrioMod into your ArmA folder - Edit "Crio_PluginConfig.hpp" in @CrioMod to use the replacements Download : Filefront link ArmAholic Mirror ArmABase.de mirror EPrison.de mirror Then the long awaited weapon pack (... i hope  ). here you have : - Glock - P228 - MP5 - UMP - G36C - HK416 - HK417 - FAMAS - plus some BIS reworked weapons How to install : just unzip into an addons folder. NOTE : class-names are here Download : Filefront Link ArmAholic Mirror ArmABase.de mirror EPrison.de mirror Credits : Bohemia Interactive Members from BI official forum CWM Mod ArmA-fr community Delta One Zero TheVipersfang NSXr and others i forgot... if you have any idea, suggestion, constructive criticism, please post below have a good fun, Â
  13. i will do some screens as far as possible.
  14. it have BIS default recoil. what problem have you ?
  15. about the preprocessor error, you have to edit the cfg.hpp into @CrioMod. It need at least 1 parameter to work (just remove // from a parameter) it will be fixed on next update.
  16. by this way, the dta folder is clear from any *.hpp
  17. the plugin_cfg will work only if mod folder is named @CrioMod. did you renamed it ? about mp5 mistake, i will correct it on next update
  18. addons released please see the right post here
  19. hello all after some months of work, i decided to show arma community a screen of my projects. i'm working on a weapon pack. i have actually around 20 different weapons, some with accessories. actually, i'm working on the models. the next step will be adjusting the textures and obtaining a good visual effect. so i dont speak anymore and here the first picture of my work : direct link Shot at 2007-07-19 - /!\ image is 1.35 Mo large in 1280x1024 PS : i will post units screens after EDIT01 : screen of units ACU units in action Units moving in town EDIT02 : http://img74.imageshack.us/img74....MG]
  20. anyone from armedassault.info, armaholic or others can contact me by pm ? i have a temporary ftp but it's a very slow
  21. i just need mirrors and i can post links to my addons. Anyone knows where i could find it ?
  22. hi all i'm preparing to release my addons. i hope i could do it before friday **i'm hunting lastest bugs
  23. hello all a new W.I.P screenshot : left guy wears Spec4ce Metro vest plus TigerACU trouser. middle guy wears Spec4ce woodland vest plus TigerACU trouser and right guy wears Spec4ce Tiger Desert vest plus TigerACU trouser.
  24. thank you all, and all my feelings to you, Manzilla and Mark XIII