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  1. hi are you working on something like this ? W.I.P from BTAM Mod 75th Ranger in ciras and acu

    Missiles proxy on plan

    my question was about the arma proxies method from [APS]Gnat. i know there is something to define in model.cfg but i don't know what. Same for the proxies in the model, is there any changes to do here ?

    Missiles proxy on plan

    thank you could you explain me how do you set the proxies in the 3D model ? what about the model.cfg ?

    Missiles proxy on plan

    ooh really ? do you know how i could do it ?

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    hi all i'm working on a bomber version of your F16C. It have 4 mk82, 4 mk83, 14 ffar, 2 Aim9 and the M61. i'm having trouble with the proxies (here) O2 Shot

    Missiles proxy on plan

    Hi all i've created a custom version of the F16 for this project. i've created mk82 and mk83 bombs, i added them as proxies on models. O2 Shot When testing in game, all bombs models are replaced with the aim9 model. the release order is bad too. In-Game Shot : i think it's a proxy error, anyone could help ?
  7. the main problem now is to do multi-turret. anyone could help ?
  8. Hi all a little armor project i'm working on. It's the BMP-T "Terminator" from Russian army. Hi-resolution source : Wiki En Others pictures : pic1 pic2 pic3 hope you like it Â


    i tried many differents way but each time the script change the path "test\tex\texture.paa" to "p:\armawork\CWM_Weapons\data\texture.paa". is the fred.exe work with arma mlod ?


    hi all i have 65 p3d to relocate into a new pbo and i dont want to do it manually. Also i know the "addonMaker.bio2s" script can do it automatically (ex : test.pbo into CWM_Weapons and moving all textures, rvmats, configs into new folder). any one know how to use it ? or could anyone create a program who can convert a folder into a new one with all p3d and materials ? thanks in advance
  11. a new warrior on the way
  12. i will do some screens as far as possible.
  13. it have BIS default recoil. what problem have you ?
  14. about the preprocessor error, you have to edit the cfg.hpp into @CrioMod. It need at least 1 parameter to work (just remove // from a parameter) it will be fixed on next update.