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  1. Chris Young

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    You can skip them as you want, they get cancelled and another shows up shortly after. A bit too frequently in my opinion.
  2. Chris Young

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Hello all, With the Simple Single Player Cheat Menu mod, it is possible to have access to the console in-game. Does anyone knows whether we would be able to fix some task trigger problems with this ? I am still stuck with the virus being impossible to upload to a PC, I was wondering if there was a command lien I could type to have this task validated and go to the next. No way I'm restarting a 30h game with no certainty that it won't do the exact same again... Cheers Chris
  3. Chris Young

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    The radio multiplication also happens at some market vendors (at least the one just east of Vagalala)
  4. Chris Young

    Drone Detector?

    Hi, At some CSAT bases, there are sentry drones patrolling overhead (they can drop small charges like demining drones), if you have a drone detector when approaching it will start beeping (with no way to turn it off, which is quite annoying...).
  5. Chris Young

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Hello all, Encountered a problem during the main campaign : Is there some way of fixing this ? I don't have a save anymore before my sawmill attempt so if not, I have to start over...😥
  6. Chris Young

    Incorrect "resume" during official campaign

    Thanks, I put it in the feedback tracker.
  7. Hello all, While playing the official campaign, I noticed that if you try to "resume" the last mission while there is no saved game in that mission, the game loads a save from the previous mission. So you have to use revert instead of resume in that case. I would suggest either to remove the resume button or the make it do the same action as revert when no saved game is available. Regards, Chris
  8. Hello all, In single player mode, when I place line markers on the map, then save at a later point and reload to the save, the line markers disappear from the map. (The standard markers and text work ok, only the lines drawn with Ctrl + Drag disappear) Best regards, Chris
  9. All this brings back me a few years ! Keep up the good work ! Chris
  10. Chris Young

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    The Transall is a totally different airplane, French-German conception, no link with the C130 even if the are quite similar. Much older than the Spartan also.
  11. Chris Young

    Oxygen's UVEditor

    With the latest version of o2, cylinders are automatically unwrapped when you create them. Just try to create one and go look at the UV Editor. You just need to map the flat end faces by hand but it's not that difficult.
  12. Chris Young

    Oxygen's UVEditor

    Thanks Messiah, Quite differrent from the method lodu taught me indeed, I'll give it a try, it seems really interesting.
  13. Chris Young

    Most important annoyance ARMA 2 must get rid of

    As far as I know, this is not a engine limitation, the real life Kamov neither can move its gun. This has been changed a little with the two-seater Ka-52 whose gun has about 20-degrees field of shooting.
  14. Hello, I know many people here are using tools such as babelfish to translate my tutorials from French to English, so I would like to inform you that it is now available at a new address (after my previous host closed) : http://arma-modding.chris-young.info Good day, Chris.
  15. Chris Young

    UV Editor

    I didn't know there was an emf converter with Visitor 3. Â Thanks for the information, I'll add this.