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  1. Hi! I'm glad to know that I can help "giving you ""double trouble"" (work to spend time replying and also fixing and implementing). I thank and admire you patience as much as your work itself. After your previous answer and my reply, I got back to editor and spent some hours testing... ....i thought -filePatching was enabled, but it wasn't so I'll keep some upcoming observations that maybe will cease after trying again with that enabled this time. Besides that, everythig is going pretty fine for a beta stage. I'm anxious to see Artillery working (saw some "TCL_Artillery" groups lines, and also at the debug screen on the "mortar guy" and artillery vehicle, but no single shell at my tests for now.) after messing a little bit, my latest Init.sqf test is like this (I'm pretty proud with that kkk , got it on my own!!! so prodigious kkk): // Tactical Combat Link - Script Based initialize if DePboed TCL_System folder is used. // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TCL_Path = "TCL_System\"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers (TCL_Path+"TCL_Preprocess.sqf"); // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Tactical Combat Link - Debug System TCL_Debug = [True, True, True, True, False, False, False]; // Tactical Combat Link - System.sqf Initialization TCL_System = [0, True, True, True, True, True, True]; // Tactical Combat Link - AI.sqf Initialization TCL_AI = [0,0.15,1,[3000, 5000, 7000, 10000,13000],False,1,700,True,True,170,False]; TCL_Initialize = True; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Notes: Yes even script based version will read and set all files and settings from "UserConfig/TCL/" as long as -filePatching is enabled. That's clear. But'd like anyway to point some related points later. I will change this so "TCL_AI" settings can be used same way as for "TCL_Debug" settings right from within the mission "Init.sqf". As you can see, I could get into the system a little better and "transplant" the userconfig to Init.sqf in a way that seemed correct. I got no error message, but I still had more than 1or 2 reinforcement groups inside the mission besides that I defined so on TCL_AI parameters (showed in debug markers text). Now I see that's probably you just pointed the reason, I was actually playing with the default parameters!!! Thanks to clarify and propose to change that! If you use "TCL_Custom" A.I. group(s) all other none "Custom" A.I. group(s) will be exclude from being initialized. Sorry, I'm still confused about that. So, focusing on you answer, if I add one one more "Custom groups", TCL_System will work just among this defined ones? All other "non defined" groups will be/act as "regular A3 vanilla Groups"? Regarding Reinforce/Request AND Behavior? Being so, if i define specifically other group types; "Combat Group", "Hold Group", "Location Group", "Defend Group", will they work inside TCL? If so, my previous question about "no-request/no-reinforce/Yes-behavior" is almost solved depending just on... ...how to initialize the "behavior parts" to the "vanilla groups"... ...hmmm.... maybe... ..."Behavior Group"s? You could but it would need a Description.ext in the mission where all the sounds are defined to make them available. I'd use that!!! Consciously abusing your good will (or any else here who would do that with one tied hand)... ...mind on, when possible, writing this lines for "code-illiterates" like me? I'd be honored to help you testing and also figuring out ways to improve or add resources but unfortunately, not with coding, my knowledge regarding it is below the average. Let me know if sounds good to you, but maybe other "media" would be more efficient to change so many words. I'll send you a PM with other feedback and suggestions to not expand this reply even more. Thanks again
  2. Hey! thanks for the ultra-fast reply!! Helped a lot!!! Most of all seams pretty clear, but I still have some minor doubts, I'll ask in a format of several smaller questions, to trying to more direct, pls reply as fit you better. So, I should install it locally, the same way as in Mod/Addon" versions, and edit each line at "user config". but, in this case, with the mission released, how can I make/know that "my settings" in user config, will be the same for the person which download it? it won't right? And If the player, doesn't have his own "Userconfig/TCL"settings, I supposed that the he'll have the default TCL settings? Copying the specific UserConfig lines and setting its parameters lines directly in Init.sqf would work too right,? Any observation from you part regarding potencial unwanted override settings? on both mission and mod versions?!) Cristal clear! I can see that each variable, in the specific sequence, correspond to each debug setting in "UserConfig\TCL\TCL_Debug.sqf", so I can edit and determine the ones I want at "\Charlis_crap_Mission\Init.sqf" specifically for that mission. The same way I'd like to do with other "UserConfig" as pointed above. (Tell me "YES, THATS IT" pls!!! kkkk) I'll try to figure which ones I must let enable to make similiar to the GL4 one. hmm, lets see.. ....I'm looking to \UserConfig\TCL\TCL_AI.sqf to check the parameter number and it's correspondent value... // T.C.L. A.I. Reinforcement Request: ( Limit ) // ============================================================== // Choose how many A.I. group(s) can be requested as reinforcement(s). // 0 - 30, default is 3 // TCL_AI set [2, 3]; so here: [0,0.15,0,[3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000],False,1,700,True,True,170,False]; The 3rd parameter is equivalent to this line at T.C.L. A.I. Reinforcement Request: ( Limit ), right? This group will request 0 other groups. In that way, a simple group inserted in editor will benefit from every TCL resource (regarding the settings customization off course), but just won't request any reinforcement. If I don't want it to be requested, I should just make that a "Local Group" and don't sync it with any other group. Is that correct? I think I got it. "Custom Groups" will be off the "TCL Resources" at all? No request, no reinforce, but No everthing else ( tactical movement, throwing granades, "push", debug markers, etc) is that it? Extra NEW question (more a curiosity thing): Can I DePbo the TCL_Sound.pbo and use in "Folder mode" in the "same" way I did with TCL_System.pbo? Thanks again man!!! PS.: Just to add.... ...personally, I don't like TCL (GL4) in "mod mode", because it "breaks" lots of missions designed considering AI reinforcements made with other scripts or even native functions, modules, waypoints, etc... ..or even the ones that some groups shouldn't be requested at all. ...as I see, the reinforce/request part is the more delicate part, the "comportamental" and effects features are very welcome at least the way I use Arma... ...in certain way, it can potentially change a lot the way a mission was though to be. But all that regarding more the reinforcement and request part of it. Besides that, this is one of my "most preferred" community script/content. I'd love to see something like that implemented officially in the game. I hope you can someday get the documentation at the level you did in GL4. But totally understand the amount of work and also the time which we prefere to spend at the objetive itself.
  3. Hi snkman, nice to see you in action again... ..I'm the "script version guy", we chat in pm sometimes about that un GL4... ..in july 2010!!!! kkk I'm tryng the example missions in script mode and it seems fine... ..Questions #1.PArametrers from userconfig... ....how can I edit them in "script mode". #2.DEBUG PArameters... ...I'd like to understand it better, but I imagine that the documentation gave gave you lots of work.... ...could just briefly say whats are the parameters in sequence in provided init.sqf. #3.In script mode, what should I do to exclude units or groups that I dont wanna to request-Reinforce at all? (keeping the "smart AI features" would be even better) #4.Custom Groups -The read me.pdf It's not so clear, I didn't understand why use it. thanx man!
  4. Sorry to bother again, I´m interested mostly in the reinforcements part of it, Can someone point me how to implement it in the script (no-mod) version? Actually, I as able to make it work, the problem is that I´m getting error messages when specifing groups manually (cg1=group this; , sg1=group this; and so on) The other problem, is that I can´t change the preferences which were on "userconfig folder" like number of groups to reinforce and the most important for me, disabling enemy group markers (after using for tests, in the release version). Pls, pls pls help me to implement in non-mod way! I was able to do partially that with Skankman´s heklp itself on A2. That time, the problem was only tenabling/disabling "preferences" part, now I´m getting this erros I told. thanks
  5. Hi. If you have good knowledge in scripting and editor and want to create missions with cool backgrounds and interrelated objectives, call me. I created the concept for several missions, which I can never finish because my lack of scripting practice. I searched, learned and try a lot but most of the time, my ideas requires one step up regarding scripting (or adjust/edit existing ones). I can help to create a cool background and lot´s of objectives/hapenings inter-realted and also doing "heavy-work" placing, indicating stuff in the editor and crating scenerys and custom compositions. I have several mission concepts noted down t o start to work with. My preferred game type is COOP (I´m from the "COOP´s golden age" in OFP and ARMA) Send me PM if interested. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I wanna spawn custom compositions from Eden editor at mission sqf. I did something similar in A2 as treated in these topics: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/190123-calling-custom-compositions/?p=3018391 and https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189457-custom-compositions-with-units-characters-waypoints-markers-triggers-and-objects/?hl=composition In A2 each composition was saved in a sqf with syntax like his (just an exemple): The syntax file from A3 custom compositions is similar but has minor differences: Confronting these 2 syntaxes, I could note that the information regarding the positions of the elements are the same. Seems that the problem is the "header" and maybe the "end". Unfortunattly my sqf scripting skills are very limeted and after spending hours tryng to solve myself I´m "defeated". any help? Thanks in advance! Charlis
  7. charlis

    Calling Custom Compositions?

    Hi Guys, I just tried to do that again, the problem is that I the syntax I posted before is slighly different from this one I saved from EDEN Editor: I did a simle test today, one soldier, non playeable, 02 waypoints and a marker. I moved this set into 03 different positions and save each one as a single composition. (The code above is related to just one of them and I saved the 1st compostion.sqe to TestPos1.sqf.) The random part continues calling right, as each time the error messsage is related to one "TestPos1.sqf" or "TestPos2.sqf" ou TestPos3.sqf. The problem seems to be just the small syntax differences which looks very simple to solve, but as I suck at "sqf language", could not do it by myself. I already tried to edit this by myself, but I keep receiving different error messages regarding "misssing ;" and other simple (yet undecipherable by me). If someone with a little more knowledge than me could take a look, probably the puzzle is solved, at least on this aproach (wich worked very well in A2 as I stated before).
  8. Hi! as far as I know, unitcapture was created for Planes and helos, it works with any vehicle but like you just discovered.
  9. charlis

    Calling Custom Compositions?

    I was able to do that, with the help of Shuko, on Arma 2, it should work the same in A3, someone pls correct if i´m worng. I created a scenario with a Taliban leader, to be capture in the mission. SAve a .sqf like this: This was provided by that time by BIS3DE (I very slightly adustment). I made other two .sqf/Scenarios in the editor. Them, to call it ramdomlly, This subject is related in what I was asking in this topic: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189457-custom-compositions-with-units-characters-waypoints-markers-triggers-and-objects/ I think that right now we can make composition on editor and save them. If there´s no original solution to "transform" that as an .sqf like above must be easy
  10. I got your point, thanks anyway. For my luck, seems that what i asked for is just coming on the new update. I hope that it´ll be simple to implement. Good luck with the directions that are to come.
  11. Yeah. that´s it -Get relative positions and direction between elements of composition -Save it to something like an Array -Pass the array into a syntz similar to this: crate2 attachTo [truck2,[0,-2.65,-.75]]; crate2 setVectorDirAndUp [[1,0,0],[0,0,1]]; -Voilá! Problem for me is my slightly upwrds learning curve x the time I have to go further on this. That wouldn´t be ready for Arma5 i think ;) I hope that a good scripter like the idea and embrace that, at least for me that would be a very usefull tool. thnx anyway
  12. Hi, sorry if I missed, read aoll the 6 pages in a hurry. I use Group Link since the beginning. One of the coolest stuff is that there were a "Script/framework" version of it if you don´t want to make people to have the mod to play it. GL5 has this feature? Is it possible to accomplish that (even if not with all Resources)? Anyway GL was always a really great system. A set of complete solutions yet simple to implement.
  13. Is there a practical way to do that? Something that can catch relative positions between elements of a composition made in the editor and then "converted" to be used with "attachTo" and "setVectorDirAndUp"?!? I understand the logic of scripting, and also know relatively well, the "OFP/ARMA language" but I really suck at combining both things (well). Is not that simple, could be a potencial "very usefull" script! by
  14. @thecoolsideofthepillow Thanks for the option, I´ll try to figure out another approach. Unfortunately that was a really practical way to setup things easy and totally under control, you could just spawn parts of the mission in blocks as "scenes" and just keep on referencing to the elements of the blocks in the "main mission". Really nice to make several inter-related conditions in a random way. Let´s say you have a mission with 03 main objectives, and suppose that each one can have 03 different variations on unit´s placements. Coop missions can be great. @Imperator Cool! Very happy to hear that. If we won´t have content from unit´s init fields I supposed that would be practical too, just one item to include "away" from the editor itself.