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  1. BOTA:16

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    If you lose connection, Steam will resume the download where it left off. You won't "lose" anything.
  2. BOTA:16

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Steam shouldn't have any effect on that. It would be up to BIS how LAN servers are handled.
  3. BOTA:16

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Typically it is done this way. Both the game files and Steam is included (with Steam being installed first), otherwise the folder structure wouldn't exist to install the game files.
  4. BOTA:16

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Steam asks you very specifically when you install a game if you want to "keep it up to date". Can't make it much easier than that. Part of the reasoning of going with Steamworks is to not have multiple version of the game. This is stated very plainly and clearly in the blog post.
  5. BOTA:16

    Development Blog & Reveals

    If a modder only wishes to distribute through the Workshop, then that his/her choice. It's not the players choice on how a mod is distributed now.
  6. BOTA:16

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Where does it say you HAVE TO USE STEAM WORKSHOP for mods? If you don't want to use it, go download them from the source and install them as you wish. Steam Workshop is a feature of SteamWorks, it is not a requirement. Why are there so many people complaining about Steam who have obviously no clue how it even works.
  7. BOTA:16

    Development Blog & Reveals

    D2D was bought out by Gamefly. I don't have a reason to download my old stuff that I had on D2D, but I did check and it's still available. With Steam you can create backup copies of games if you are worried Valve will disappear.
  8. BOTA:16

    Development Blog & Reveals

    ArmA 3 will require Steam as it will incorporate SteamWorks which is a bit different than how ArmA 2 was setup with Steam. With ArmA 2, Steam is merely a distribution method and isn't required to run the game. You will still be able to buy a physical copy with the game files so you don't have to download the whole game, but it will require that you install Steam (if it isn't already).
  9. BOTA:16

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I don't understand the "hate" about Steam. I've yet to read a legitimate complaint about it with regards to how it will effect ArmA 3. Personally I think this was a great move by BIS. Though I would have brought popcorn to work with me if I knew this was going to be announced. ;)
  10. Yea I wouldn't say they have a basic game "done" either. They had the lead programmer from the Infiltration mod (Beppo) helping in the beginning, life happened, they were without a programmer and they've used other means to get some of the programming done to this point. Hence the reason for the Kickstarter, so they can have full time employees to do the things that are necessary to finish what has already be started. But it also what separates a mod from a full game. A lot of the basics and infustructure are already done for you in a mod. In a full game, you must do this yourself and that is where Ground Branch is currently at. They have the foundation in place and is trying the Kickstarter route so they can get resources to finish the game in a reasonable amount of time instead of at a snails pace as it has been so far.
  11. Yes, played it quite abit. Beppo, the lead programmer for Infiltration has helped with Ground Branch. Infiltration was first released in 1999 (13 years ago). The last update was released in 2003.
  12. Could you please point me to them?
  13. Directed at you? Not necessarily. But after reading your others posts on this topic, I guess I can see how it would look like that. And it would be a waste of time to try and change your mind with any kind of logic and just makes me ask why would you even post in this thread to begin with? That comment there just shows your ignorance or you are just trolling.
  14. Very good points SiC, couldn't agree more. Sadly time is running out. Bothers me quite a bit when someone nitpicks at the KS campaign itself with some superiority complex as reason(s) not to pledge, instead of looking at the idea and what the end product is trying to be to make their decision. If they like the idea and what the game can become they should contribute. If not then they shouldn't. But a game like GB or anything remotely close to will not ever get made without the fans of these types of games stepping up.
  15. Hopefully it is. Been getting some media coverage and it's helping, but there's along ways to go.