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    Controller for a local gravel crushing firm and spent a while in the KOCR reserves.
  1. I'm a mature individual , so mature in fact I'm semi-retired. I have extensive military experience , having been CO leading the charge of the 17th Lancers at Balaclava...oh wait ..errrr...that was a former life... In this life I did serve a while in the KOCR reserves back in the 60's (damn did I just age myself??) I've been a member of CoFR since 2002 and played DoD and some CS on my trusty 28.8 dial up until I was able to get high speed out in this rural area just a few years ago. I've puttered around in ArmA2 but never took it up seriously. Play some WoT but getting a little tired of the sniveling , whining brats that tend to populate the server (not all are like that mind you , just a few , but enough to be annoying). I live in Northern Alberta (the true North , Peace country , not Edmonton , city of whiners , who have the nerve to call themselves Northern Albertans :p) and my internet isn't all that great..pings tend to be a wee bit on the high side (according to the ArmA3 server list , most playable are in the 180 - 350 range) with the odd one <100ms I'm NOT looking for a virtual pseudo military group , just a group of individuals (a club??) who play casually for fun and don't mind accommodating someone with the reflexes of a cat (CAT D9 in particular). So....what's next???
  2. BeerHunter

    Something odd...did I just waste $160 ??

    Just FYI : CPU is AMD Phenom II X4 965 at 3.4 GHz. Guess , from reading that article , I should have gotten the 7850..or something in the 8000 series..ah well..the 7770 will still be some improvement so not all is in vain. Txs for the input though.
  3. I've been playing around with the Beta in the editor and some of the scenarios. I have quit a few settings on Ultra or High and seem to get comfortable frame rate of about 30-35 fps. Everything runs smoothly , no stuttering and the game looks absolutely gorgeous...and this is on an old ATI 4870 1G card!! I just ordered an ATI 7770 2G and am starting to wonder if that was really necessary (even if it does come with far Cry 3. :p ). I don't know what difference the new card will make..any comments??
  4. Have a look at Mr-Murray ArmA Editing Guide. It's quit dated now , being for ArmA (think he tried to update it for ArmA2) but the general scripting principles remain the same and are explained in detail. There's a wealth of information int there.
  5. BeerHunter

    Steam not required?

    OK txs.
  6. (should read Steam not required?..typo) Thought it was exclusive to Steam and now find out it's available through ArmA3.com. Will the final release be available this way too? (through ArmA3.com)
  7. Txs for the input. Guess it can be done.
  8. My understanding is that ArmA3 is only going to be available through Steam. Fine for those with unlimited band width and constant download speeds > 400 MB/s. I don't. I have VERY expensive Internet (Rogers HUB) and basically a 10G cap (flex plan but at 10G the cost would be about $120.00). In my rural area there is no alternative other than a $7,000 80' tower for wireless. I have a lap top and a desk top. Question: If I install Steam on my desk top to play , when it's time to download ArmA3 or any patches , can I copy the Steam folder onto the lap top and take it into the office (where I have access to unlimited ADSL) to perform the download functions then copy it back onto the desk top. Also , if possible to do that , is there a way to simply copy over the updated files rather than the entire Steam folder? Or, better still , will there be an alternative way to get the game instead of using Steam? Txs
  9. I haven't downloaded the Alpha version (size of file and very limited data usage) but have searched UTube videos for the answers to no avail and did search the forums as well. Voice Commands:(this one I did find the answer to using different search criteria) Second: One of my complaints (until the introduction of Blastcore) was that bullet impacts etc. were more representative of AirSoft guns rather than high powered weapons. A real 50cal/.222 fired into dirt,sand or water creates a HUGE dust / water cloud compared to the few pebbles that bounce around in ArmA2. Has this been changed? Txs
  10. Just read on the TG web site that their Alpha server (ArmA2 CO) has been really busy with more and more Day Z players trying ArmA2 MP and being really impressed with the team work and ordnance available. Not saying that they'll give up the Day Z mod , but now they have two MP games to play. Good news for the MP community me thinks.:)
  11. Stack AI commands. Ability to issue a series of orders to AI who won't respond until ordered to (ie: 2,3 ..move there...go prone.. execute) without losing the ability of an immediate response. Might require a separate key to either pause the game while issuing commands or indicate the commands are going to be stacked.
  12. So why didn't you simply add an "exclude" command to the server filters has often been suggested? Wouldn't that have been simpler? Then it wouldn't requires having to wait until the server operators decide whether or not to install the latest patch as well as allowing the filtering of any other type of server.
  13. Might but can't see the big deal in a wee bit of code added to the server browser to allow not only searches FOR but to exclude as well. A favorites would be nice too. Jeez..these requests have been going on for over a year at least and apparently NOTHING is being done about it...might have to try XFire though it's so much easier to simply use a built in server browser.
  14. Also wouldn't mind being able to create a list of favorites rather than having to scan the entire server list.
  15. Would be soooooooooo nice ti be able to at least mark a few servers as a favorites so you don't have to keep scanning the entire list trying to remember. WOuldn;t be THAT hard to implement one wold think as just about all server browsers allow this .. except ArmA2.