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  1. buliwyf

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Nice work guys! Thank you! Best xmas wishes and a healthy new year!
  2. buliwyf

    Car Pursuit

    There are no improvements since this game was released...
  3. delete thisTrigger in Deact?!
  4. Thx for info guys. I know community made 3d editors... ;) ..i use xCam editor by myself... ;)
  5. Erm.. a new 3D editor?! Any info about it?
  6. buliwyf

    Map overspill

    Why do you think are Altis and Stratis islands with water around? ;)
  7. buliwyf

    Satellite Image Overlap Issue

    No idea if it helps, but here are my actual project settings: >> click << I tried several times but now i have no problems with my ingame texture. I set resize for export from original 16384 to 20480 in the export settings with split 10*10 and 20480 px in BMP format. Later i put it together with ImageMagick. The result in ArmA3 is really nice... ;)
  8. Roger that! Thx! I found this addon: Arma's Nature That works fine, because you have the standard BI object classnames available and you don`t need extra addons... :)
  9. Thanks for your answer... but this is not what i mentioned. I have a lot of original BIS stuff available but no rocks or trees. Only if i use your xCam objects, but therefor i need your xCam addon which i don`t want to use.
  10. Hi Silola, is there a way to work with the original BIS objects, like rocks, trees and so on? I want to modify some places on Altis and if i use your xCam objects, i need additional addons for the players which are joining the server. Or is there any other trick? thx
  11. buliwyf

    Cossac cape map, Crimea

    Sorry, my english is not the best... If i try to enter the bunker with a standard A3 soldier, the hole to the right side was hard to get through. It looks like that the hole is not high enough to get through. I needed several attempts to enter it. And if i stand in the center of the bunker i`m not able to shot over the wall. So i have the feeling these bunkers are not very useful... :raisebrow:
  12. buliwyf

    Cossac cape map, Crimea

    - I got several errors like "Cannot load texture p:\crimean_asset\data\bb_big_vl_co.paa". - The bunkers are hard to handle >> clipping problems. :(
  13. buliwyf

    New Map : GOS Al Rayak

    Nice island! But a quick test it looks a little bit pale...
  14. You are awesome Silola!