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  1. Archangel08

    ArmA II and KA 50

    What i hated the most about the ka50 is it would take 4+ missles and still not blow up....it may crash but still was able to turn about and launch a missile at u.......
  2. Ive noticed some if not all AKs don't even work......model just sits on my back and is unselectable.
  3. Archangel08

    Project RACS

    is it possible to get a version of the puma armed like so....... 20mm pod on each side ^^ here is a link if more info is needed on them GIAT POD NC 621
  4. Archangel08

    OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

    M8 there is a Gau19 gun in the ACE mod, maybe ask em for perm to use it un your kiowa ... btw the M2 looks not as pretty as the M134 did before. The m134 looked extremely stupid on there and the xm296 is basically a m2 encased in a box.
  5. Archangel08

    OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

    HA that m2 looks SO SO SO much better just 1 more thing bothering me now is the sound the gun makes
  6. Archangel08

    OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

    Just sticking an M2 on there would look so much better.
  7. Archangel08

    OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

    Still dieing to see a real xm296 model instead of the mini gun...its far too small.
  8. Archangel08

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    Sorry to bother ya but redownloaded seems to be ok but then again it seems like it was only certain rocks/sidewalks as if the front suspension would WAY over correct and just launch it up.
  9. Archangel08

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    Thats the all terrain mobility suspension kicking in, it's used to allow the vehicle to perform evasive manouvres In the event of a contact. Not really, sounds like a bug. Messiah will be along shortly and he'll give you a sensible reply. Jonny_LI hehe i tried this all with the same jackal which was the desert hmg...doesn't happen with the others though and its just on things like side walk ledges and small rocks redownloading it now though
  10. Archangel08

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    While playing around with the jackals i hit a small ledge going downwards.......it launched me about 50 ft into the air and flipped backwards about 5 times before landing and was i was able to redo it several times with the jackal on several different objects....when tried with a hummer it acted like it should and just drove over it normally. Just me or happening to anyone else?
  11. An idea would be to have enemy AI drag you further away from your team instead of leaving you there to either die or be rescued by your team.
  12. says the guy who continues to insult me.....
  13. KK you forget though that ak74 shoots 5.45x39mm round not a 5.56
  14. Holy crap! Â Jets and helicopters are bulletproof?! Â I suppose the governments of the world could save a ton of money by not bothering to install machine guns on their interceptors now, since jets and helicopters are bulletproof. I don't know about you but i have never seen an ak74 round go through several inches of cockpit glass and knock the pilot unconscious...would be a real feat then again the bullets don't even have the hit the pilot they can be shooting a wing or the engines and it will still knock the pilot unconscious...how about you post something constructive or go run around like a kid insulting people somewhere else.
  15. Whats with the whole unconscious thing? It's very unrealistic especially when your in a bullet proof jet or helicopter and ak74 rounds and just going straight through it knocking you unconscious with the first hit...even when your on the ground it only takes 1-2 hits for you go to instantly unconscious(very unrealistic it should be over time that you go unconscious) but takes 3+ for enemy's.