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    ION, Inc.

    Sorry, but can some one please pm me the passwords? Thanks.
  2. http://twitter.com/IDEAGames/status/15633747666
  3. It works too with Opera and Google Chrome.
  4. It's working fine for me.
  5. http://www.gamersdailynews.com/article-2458-Carrier-Command-Gaea-Mission-InDepth-First-Look.html
  6. New video. http://www.arma2.com/arma2-operation-arrowhead-double-trailer_en.html
  7. anoik


    Screenshots from Carrier Command.
  8. Thanks Rommel, it's a nice wallpaper ;)
  9. Rommel, could you upload a high res version of your second image? http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/853/arma22009061416492082.jpg
  10. anoik

    I'm Now 100% Onboard With ArmA 2

  11. anoik

    New ArmA II Pictures!

    Civil Mi-8 :bounce3: http://uk.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/armaii/images/0/2/?full_size=1
  12. anoik

    Deadfast's Translations

    Nice, you can click your map while holding "Alt" key on the position where you want to be picked up by a chopper :)
  13. anoik

    Deadfast's Translations

    The fuel tank? Improved damage model with area specific damage? :386:
  14. anoik

    Weapons shown, Vehicles next?

    This is better