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    Low res to high res texture changing anytime

    @WaffelO, It is not showing that much low-end texture...lol. Mine is like below normal texture setting. Anyways, I think the problem is caused by some memory size information mismatching between the game and the driver.
  2. Hi, I have a weird problem on texture resolution change automatically. I have both DLCs and am running Arma 2 + OA 1.59 version + DLCs. I patched the game after installed all DLCs. At the beginning of the custom mission, everything looks fine but soon after medium scaled battle (8 tanks, 250 infantries in the forest) begins, it renders very low res texture. Then the battle goes on, the high res texture comes back and soon after it goes away. I'm running 1980 resolution with very high setting. VGA: 580 GTX Memory: 12 GB Game installed in SSD System OS: Win 7 x64 I have changed some option but it just helps a few second. The thread on nVidia users is not fixing this problem. When I used the 480 GTX, it didn't show very low res texture in that scaled battle. I wonder there is some tweak to solve this problem. Thanks, Edit: OK, I found how to fix this problem. Somehow AA + posteffect is causing this problem. I switched them disabled and enabled super sampling. This fixed the problem.
  3. ArmedAnarkie

    Lcwf mod (rok) - wip

    Good work!!! I think S.Korean SF is now employing new uniform pattern: http://discovermilitary.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/20100114225048.jpg http://discovermilitary.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/201001142254194.jpg And these are awesome!!! http://i44.tinypic.com/2ilptz.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/2up8mz6.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/2mgrty0.jpg Can you make some SF units? Thanks!!!
  4. I got "ARMA 2 OA Has stopped working" error on 1.55 patch. I have this error 2 times. Even if I can run Arma 2 without any problem, Arma2 OA or CO doesn't work. I had to delete all steam files and re-download everything again. It fixed the problem but it keeps happening after some playing on OA. I'm using D2D version Arma 2 with Steam version Arma2 OA.
  5. ArmedAnarkie

    USSOCOM dropped to purchase SCAR Mk16

    You got it right. But instead of using scripts, I'm testing RH(Robert Hammer) weapons series to find the best one for US army units...lol. I could make some US Army unit mod with RH M4/HK416 series..BTW if BI can cover this with their patches, it could be better.:bounce3:
  6. ArmedAnarkie

    USSOCOM dropped to purchase SCAR Mk16

    M4s and HK416s for US Army units...is needed. Not only SF(SEAL) was testing Mk16 but 75th Rangers was also testing this weapon, for it is a part of USSOCOM.:D http://www.armytimes.com/news/2009/05/army_scar_051109w/ US Army units in OA must be 75th Rangers, then.
  7. Here is news http://kitup.military.com/2010/06/socom-cancels-mk-16-scar.html “The Mk-16 does not provide enough of a performance advantage over the M-4 to justify spending USSOCOM’s limited … funds when competing priorities are taken into consideration,†officials at USSOCOM said in an email response to questions from Military.com. “Currently, three of USSOCOM’s four components receive the 5.56 mm M-4 from their parent service as a service common equipment item.†The news also says that they have to return all Mk16 to armory and pick up their old M4s or HK416s.... But USSOCOM will purchase Mk17 (SCAR H) anyway. I wonder this situation would change unit's gear in next patch?:p We may need HK416 and M4 with many options.
  8. http://www.militarytimes.com/multimedia/video/?bctid=68031435001 This news reports U.S. Army is about to dump ACU pattern (UCP: Universal Camouflage Pattern) and use Multicam pattern instead and some of units are currently using Multicam in Afghanistan. The soldiers will receive the Multicam in late this summer. They say Multicam is 21% less detectable than UCP. I want to see Multicam and SCAR in Operation Arrowhead.
  9. ArmedAnarkie

    Arma 2 on windows 7

    It runs fine. There is some~very~little stuttering compared with XP SP3, but negligible.
  10. ArmedAnarkie

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    I was taking my army service when N.Korea sent 3 elite scouts to S.Korea and let them execute their useless submarine crews. It was fall 1996. But Colt45_GTO is still older than me..lol
  11. ArmedAnarkie

    The Most Obscure Easter egg(s)

    lol...is that much old? Wow...I felt old like Santa Claus. Thanks anyway.
  12. ArmedAnarkie

    The Most Obscure Easter egg(s)

    Santa Claus picture in a chimney in Electrozavodsk 147 KB The location is here There is a tall chimney accessed by a tall ladder from the ground level. It is not possible to see without exploiting texture clipping. Stand at top level first then lean forward or left/right to see Santa Claus's picture.:cool:
  13. ArmedAnarkie

    Ai and Driving - curious

    Depend on distance between each vehicle, it may hit and infinitely hit building just like a female drivers. Very annoying. The vehicles must be well-placed with at least a vehicle size distance.
  14. I wonder what kind of new weapons will be released if the main force is U.S. Army. There is a few left over weapons from Arma 2. I hope SCAR and HK417 will be there. SCAR is currently tested by U.S. SF and Rangers.
  15. ArmedAnarkie

    Windows 7 is the cure to all issues

    I just tested my system today; XP SP3 produces more frames per sec. I've tested Windows 7 7100 RC and RTM both with XP SP3; 7100 RC is horrible and RTM is far better but both can't beat XP SP3.