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    Zeus and squad reformation

    I have looked and cannot find, but if i am on a server and have units under my direct control and leave and rejoin the session i do not know how to make those AI units back into my squad in direct control. this should be a drag and drop thing but its NOT. i should be able to select units and drag them into my squad very quickly and simply. if i am doing something wrong please tell me, otherwise it should be a simple drag and drop in zeus.
  2. alpha wofgang

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    lots of people will love this game, everyone on xbox live i tell about this game and the first op flash sound amazed, they simply havnt heard of it yet. i highly recommend that BIS releases this game for 360 from feb to maybe april next year... because cod modern warfare 2 will be selling during christmas big time, most people will get it during xmas, let cod cool down for 2-4 months and then send a mass of advertising after cod cools down a bit and advertising as the most realistic war game possible people will love the sound of it. have it have better features than OFPDR (like a map editor and maybe some customizable features on vehicles) and no bugs and voila, the best results will follow...