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  1. Welcome to Australia island addon for Arma3 VERSION 5.09 This island took many years to complete, Ive worked on it when I have had free time I hope you like it, To enable entry to Police stations use the following code in the Debug console window player setVariable ["copLevel",1,true]; Some Pics finally 5.09 CHANGES - Various sat and mask improvements 3 new Houses 2 new Suburbs ( one in Sydney and one in Brisbane) New industrial area in Brisbane several road changes (removed sharp bend on road leading into Sydney) replaced Perth containers with Apex containers Replaced Melbourne Docks with Apex Dock pieces Fixed clothing store spamming RPT This version no longer requires CUP, If you want to run the island with CUP addons incase you have other islands that need it, make sure to load @australia BEFORE CUP NOW AVAILABLE ON STEAM -------------------Bugs-------------------------- AI dont like 3 roads, 2 roads near the Large Bridge as they have steep ascents. Dirt road in Perth which runs along mountain top AI will path find well in open or flat areas, they seem to NOT like steep hills and will try to drive offroad to avoid the hills. I have watched AI travel alround the map the only real problem areas are Sydney, and the dam roads north of Queensland. Try to avoid sending your AI into the cities. Big Thanks to the following people - Jordon (eagledude4) thanks for all your help over the last coupla months mate very much appreciated!! - Modest@ Modest gaming - thanks mate we've had a good laugh on the streams and TS - Smug (DEADdem) - Thanks for you advice and models you sent me!!! - Poolpunk for allowing me to use his objects and Marker packs thanks mate. - Silola and his team for making Xcam. - Bern (Walshy) maker of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. - luki for Pool and elevator - Bergoff for the desert tree pack. - Dwight Leroy - Carpet idea and addon - Fatkidslov3cak3 for sending me prefabs. - The CUP Team - The Catalina guys for releasing their building source files thanks you!! - MikePhoenix85 for creating Letter/mailbox, thanks mate it looks awesome - Mattaust - Hill gaming - Sliding doors ***Twitch Crew for watching and play testing*** (love having you guys on chat we have a blast) All the people who have donated so far thanks very much it means alot. -------------------------------------------------------- Lastly please remember Australia is a very large continent with most of it covered by desert Ive tried to recreate the "ambience" or feel. The cities are in noway similar to the real cities but Ive tried to add as much detail to the map as I could. I still have alot of work to do and if you can help in any way by donating money or time (to make new buildings) that would be awesome!! Aus aussmeister@gmail.com
  2. Auss

    Floating Vehicle

    Just lower the ground an inch :)
  3. add a landcontact lod with 2 points where it touches the ground , then add placement=slopelandcontact in your geolod
  4. In your geo lod must be class= house, then in your config.cpp your class can be class Land_lights_auto_x2_F: House_F OR class Land_lights_auto_x2_F : Lamps_base_F as mentioned above, without the Land_ prefix it will work in editor but not when binarized onto map.
  5. when askng for help its good to include your config.cpp and model.cfg to assist in troubleshooting. A couple of things to check 1) Land_ class must be infront of your p3d in config 2) Arma bug --> destrType = "DestructNo"; in config will break your lights same as you have described
  6. That's all you can do when binarize a flashing sign onto your island and it causes every street light to flash in sequence..lol
  7. Auss

    You gotta Laugh

    yep all fixed used emitence rvmats
  8. no more work is being done on Australia. All finished now. moved onto other projects :)
  9. ok ive updated the link see if it works now
  10. now its changed, it saying it cannot find any re-uploads at all. which is weird as I'm using a few A2 addons such as plants.pbo etc http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485417177
  11. Mikero youve been coding too long today take a break, that post was nearly 3 years old :)
  12. theres also new internal doors added to new houses, also pathway pos points added in houses to spawn into. Bank walls fixed and also lifts fixed at airports, House doors renamed to door_1, door_2
  13. https://mega.nz/#F!npFGFI7a!PrFPuEo8ZWRvdRiFTktglg try those addons
  14. I got a fix I'll post a link for you to test
  15. its taking an awfully long time to do searches now, my mod pack for some reason has gone from 142 objects upto nearly 6000 objects
  16. No coz the shit from her room would roll into the lounge room lol
  17. oh yes run the cliff down in to the water, also large rocks and boulders are great for hiding ugly stuff like that
  18. maybe we can put invisible geo lods just under the surface of the water then the AC could sail around maps :)
  19. There are several good working lighthouse models in game that you can use