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  1. AtStWalker

    Berlin 45 Addons

    A mirror ;) http://www.armamod.org/mod/berlin1945/download/index.php?action=downloadfile&filename=AtStWalker_mines_mortar_rockets.7z&directory=public_downloads/Berlin1945_addons&
  2. AtStWalker

    Berlin 45 Addons

    Hi Bielow :) thanks a lot for ur work ! That's a mirror: http://www.armamod.org/mod/berlin1945/download/index.php?action=downloadfile&filename=B45pzStand.7z&directory=public_downloads/Berlin1945_addons& Greetings, At :) PS: sadly i was a.w.o.l. from ofp/arma modding for an... era (B.A. :eek: )
  3. AtStWalker

    Operation WW2

    I have not id cause it need to be retextured and rescripted :-/ .. Ingame =) Clip:
  4. AtStWalker

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    1) Festung 2) Waffen/Weapons 3) Kriegsmarine/Navy 3) Luftwaffe-Fsj/Air Force that's our planning :|
  5. AtStWalker

    Thompson Submachine Gun

    nice work so far, can u give us more pics ? btw.. http://www.gunpics.net/ironsights/tommy.html ^^
  6. AtStWalker

    Operation WW2

    The abwehrflammenwerfer 42 re-maked from scratch. The previous version was weird so i erased it. - Big Size
  7. AtStWalker

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Why not a 5cm Kwk ?
  8. AtStWalker

    Operation WW2

    tysm PS: about the m19, i think to add this bunker as "lock=true" to avoid lamerz because it's too powerful..
  9. AtStWalker

    Operation WW2

    Hi, after some (big) troubles w my left elbow, i'm back in business finishing our new one bunker, a Regelbau 633, the only standarized regelbau for the M19 Maschinengranatwerfer. Atm it's under beta testing.. some pics: - pic 1 / pic 2 / pic 3 / pic 4 / pic 5 - Stay tuned ! We're going to release our Waffen pack Â
  10. AtStWalker

    Buldozer help

    My 50 cents.. Â
  11. AtStWalker


    class cfgWeapons { .. { .. burst=X;
  12. AtStWalker

    zSniper in Treetop

    Hi, i'm making a "sniper's nest" pack (w an usable climbingstick) for my festung minimod. ATM it's under beta testing, stay tuned
  13. AtStWalker

    Operation WW2

    Hi, i am working on a ww2 Liberator pistol. That's my first UVmapped weapon for ArmA The FP-45 Liberator was a crude single-shot, smooth bore .45 calibre pistol manufactured for the US Army. The Liberator was designed to be scattered about occupied Europe to be used by Resistance groups as disposable assassination weapons or to enable resisters to kill an Axis soldier and then take his weapon. Maximum effective range was only about less than 8 m. In Europe only a handful were ever distributed. Only the Chinese and resistance forces in the Philippines received the Liberator in any significant quantity. Most Liberators were destroyed after the war. More infos here: Wikipedia And now a clip taken ingame: AT
  14. AtStWalker

    Operation WW2

    We're making a panzer/flakkuppel pack (aka Festung. Pack II. Version 1.0. ). That's a Ringstand 80 für 2cm flak (john's flak38 ) AT
  15. AtStWalker

    Operation WW2

    i'm stupid i forgot to wrote here about this new: Festung. Pack I. Version 1.0., An Operation WW2 minimod Download Festung. Pack I. Version 1.0. HERE