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  1. This visual issue seeing into the water like it's not there on the surface is now fixed with the visual upgrade on the latest Dev version :)
  2. aus_twisted

    Will Arma 3 have fast roping ?

    BAS had fast roping back in OFP, would be good to see official support for it though.
  3. aus_twisted

    When will there be a new update?

    Won't happen, yet VBS1 devs post videos of it many years ago and everyone in the OFP community are like why cant we have such a feature? Many years on same story.
  4. aus_twisted

    Zephyr vs Asraam

    Well Asraam should be the medium range radar guided missile as it's based on the AIM-120 Amraam, while Zephyr for closer range heat seeking which of course ArmA does not simulate as far as I'm aware. But if those configs are current it's kinda useless to have both lol
  5. lol is this some kind of joke? I don't care to much for sim like plane physics in the ArmA series as long as it's fun and partly believable (the standard view is no fun) but it's far from any flight sim physics. ---------- Post added at 01:46 ---------- Previous post was at 01:41 ---------- The actual view is close to the correct position, the problem is the field of view (BIS are trying to simulate a 3 monitor view into 1 monitor which is silly) I edited the config awhile back to a FOV similar to what I use in DCS World and it's much better. Also the chase view is terrible along with a lot of other vehicles which I changed also. BTW nice flying Fuci, especially through the tower gap ;)
  6. Been like this since OFP, I ran a 24 hour CTI one time and when I woke up in the morning client FPS was at 9. So I managed to go around with a chopper and kill all these spawned Resistance everywhere which helped FPS after awhile but it never recovered properly after that. I did have probably the biggest base ever built in a CTI the night before though lol
  7. aus_twisted

    Surround sound problems, DEVs take notice

    I have a better sounding game with Operation Flashpoint Resistance using ECP, not so sure on the surround sound differences but at least I can hear battles and loud vehicles / choppers and planes etc from a distance to get a idea of whats happening or coming.
  8. aus_twisted

    Cant install GOTY edition on Windows 7 64 bit

    Download and install this (it's the full version with Res slightly updated) just use your CD key for the install, worked fine for me on Win 7 64bit. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma:_Cold_War_Assault
  9. aus_twisted

    Stuttering on Stratis and Altis

    I lol'd
  10. aus_twisted

    Jets unable to move on the ground

    Yes there is a issue with wheel collision / physics, it shows while taxing and take off bouncing all over the place and the fact you cannot taxi properly because there's far to much friction going on with the wheels at low speed. The AI won't move from certain areas on the ground.
  11. aus_twisted

    A Large Fixed Wing transport aircraft for Arma 3

    The Buzzard has issues on paved runways also, something wrong with the collision /physics with the wheels as it bounces all over the place. I'd say this is what is also causing it to not able to taxi properly because there is to much friction going on with the wheels.
  12. aus_twisted

    Disable Autorudder?

    Sorry but a rudder on a plane does not move about as it pleases, you obviously don't have any knowledge of aircraft or never played any flight sims. A rudder is designed to change yaw to continue a straight flight path in cross winds, can be used to correct yaw if a engine goes down on a multi engine aircraft etc. It's also needed for things like knife edge flight in fighter or aerobatic aircraft etc. BTW, having nothing assigned to turn left and right will still make the rudder flop around at times.
  13. aus_twisted

    Tanks tanks tanks...PROBLEMS!

    At least in OFP tanks actually drove around the map properly unless there was possibly a bridge involved. OFP CTI worked really good and the AI knew how to navigate around the base walls as long as you gave them enough room, ever since ArmA1 something changed and the AI could not navigate around things properly :(
  14. Problem with the HUD also is it's dependent on the available light either from the sun or moon, I've made some changes to it in the config to make it brighter but the model surface needs to change so the text stands out at night with no help from moon light etc. BTW I think BIS need someone to specifically work on setting up vehicle configs, a lot of aircraft and vehicles views are terrible. I'm currently using this in a custom Buzzard config class ViewPilotBase { initAngleX=6; minAngleX=-80; maxAngleX=+80; initAngleY=6; minAngleY=-160; maxAngleY=+160; initFov=0.55; minFov=0.40; maxFov=0.60; }; class ViewPilot: ViewPilotBase {} extCameraPosition[] = {0, 2.25, -16};