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    ARMAGO - GOLANG extension

    Just to make sure... this is now outdated, right? I tried to use it, and it makes the game crash - is that because something changed about the way A3 calls the extension functions, or is it something else?
  2. Adds interactive 3D icons into cockpit of any vehicle. It is completely scripted, using given model-relative coordinates for icons positions, allowing it to work even with vehicles you cannot mod to add your own selections or memory points. For now, it is not in form of an addon, but just a bunch of scripts that need to be placed in the mission folder. It seems to be working fine, but it hasn't been tested in multiplayer environment yet. I tried to keep the MP in mind, but i haven't done anything for Arma in a long time, so i probably made some mistakes. I wasn't planning to release it yet, but some people in Discord asked for it, so here it is, hope you find it usefull. If you find any bugs, or have any ideas how to improve the scripts, please, post them here. You can download the current WIP in form of a mission here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13hreNnQzVpvaiyFcDVAbvbuhQ8IzlNws/view?usp=sharing Here is a video showing the latest version. And here is an old one with some "fun" ending.
  3. No, i do not have my own discord server, but you can find me on the Casual Arma Players discord, or on the official Arma discord. Look for Sleeper (with a walrus as an avatar).
  4. 5133p39

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I am looking for some nice 4+ (the more the merrier) seats civilian plane. Ideally it should be an older type (for example, i'd LOVE to have an An-2), but i'd settle for just about anything, as long as it looks GOOD. I am aware that i can get the An-72 from CUP or maybe make my own conversion of the old Arma 2 model, but... the age shows (the model is horrible to be honest, even if you take aside the age and forget the not-round-at-all windows and such, different geometry parts aren't even lining up, it is awful, almost like some new intern made it, not a professional 3D artist). Even many original Arma 3 models now look mostly like... well, kinda crap (sorry for the harsh words, but that is the reality, it is now an old game and it shows). What i would like is something that has reasonable texture resolution - meaning the hull texture should be 2K at absolute bare minimum (while using the texture space as best as possible, so for example a one wing will take the whole width) for any small planes (think the size of the Caesar BTT), and 4K for anything bigger. And when it comes to cockpit, i want to be able to READ any text (if i zoom in enough) without seeing the ever present awul jagged lines, because most of those textures seem to be like 256x256 at best (i am aexagerating to drive the point home). And for the love of god, when there is some curved/round shape, like a windshield or the hull/nose, it should be smooth - think of a ball instead of a dodecahedron. I do recognize that my "conditions" may be too much for such an old game, so i am prepared to make compromises, but if there is anything that satisfies at least some of those points, then i'd like to know about it. 🙂
  5. It shows in game as a black opaque plane. As far as i can tell, it is configured the same way the antiwater in the test boat in official BI Samples for Arma 3. I only set the texture to PAA instead of TGA, but that makes no difference, and even if i copy the antiwater from the sample boat, it shows black as well. What is wrong? The actual antiwater from my p3d: http://www.filedropper.com/antiwater
  6. Just in case somebody else stumbles into the same ...problem. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that antiwater plane (especially if you have nothing but the plane, like in the p3d i linked), but it was suggested to select the antiwater plane and use Faces -> Move Top, so i did that. But the real problem seems to be that for reasons unknown to me, the whole model ended up semi-transparent in game, and it seems it borked the antiwater. It took me a long time to notice it, because the transparency effect was very subtle, maybe like 95% opacity, just a tiny bit from being fully opaque. Long story short, the transparency problem can be fixed by adding forcenotalpha (set to 1) to the "Geometry" LOD, and now that i did that, the antiwater suddenly works too. Kudos to Reyhard and Eagledude4 on the Arma discord, who helped me troubleshoot this and eventually suggested this solution.
  7. How do i stop the Cessna TTx from automatically opening/closing its cabin door depending on whether the engine is running or not? 1.) Go into editor, place the Cessna TTx (C_Plane_Civil_01_F), and start the scenario in SP 2.) Begin scratching your head, because the cabin is automatically open. 3.) Lock the plane and begin pulling your hair out, because it doesn't help. 4.) Try messing with various animation sources and start crying, because it leads nowhere. Now, the problem is clearly caused by the plane being configured with "cabinOpening=1". Setting this to 0 stops the cabin door from automatically animating, but then i couldn't find any way to make the door open/close on demand (via user actions, or scripting commands), and i think that is because the model is using some mysterious "cabin" as the animation source, which seems to be something hardcoded (at least i couldn't find its definition in any config). So, any idea what am i doing wrong, and how to fix this nonsensical behavior?
  8. Is there a way to destroy vehicle's engine without making the vehicle look damaged? For example: 1.) Place the Offroad vehicle (C_Offroad_01_F) 2.) Add "this setHitPointDamage ["hitengine", 1.0];" into the init field. 3.) Start the mission and see how it is riddled with bullets - THAT IS BAD. I need a vehicle with broken engine which can be later repaired. If you drown the vehicle in water, the engine will get destroyed, but the vehicle will still look intact - i need similar behavior, except i cannot drown the vehicle in water, because afaik it cannot be made functional again, and it takes time until the vehicle gets drowned, which means delaying mission start by approx. 10 seconds, which is not an option. Playing with fuel is also not an option, as the vehicle needs to retain its fuel, and i dont want to add unnecessary scripts for ensuring the fuel gets removed if player tries to refuel it, etc. So, how?
  9. Nope, it makes no difference in regards to the damage textures. I tried that, and the third parameter only prevented any accompanying particle effects, explosions, etc. - ie. using this, you can set the damage to 100% without causing any explosions, fire, smoke, but it won't affect whether the damage textures are applied or not. I also tried all the other commands (setHit, setHitpointDamage, and setHitIndex), but all of them have the same result here - if you set the engine damage to 0.5 or higher, it "activates" the damage textures. I did a lot of experiments like setting engine damage and then trying to set hull damage to zero, hoping it will revert the visual hull damage, mixing these commands, hoping i would find a combination allowing me to get broken engine with no visual damage, but nope.
  10. Well, i ended up adding "Engine" event handler that shuts the engine down if started, but i was hoping for better, more "sensible" solution based on engine hitpoints. And to give the player at least some visual indication of what the hell is going on, i set the engine damage to 0.4 to make the indicator orange (though that is still misleading, because normally you can still drive with orange engine).
  11. 5133p39


    I just can't get the cfgMods to work. I searched the deepest and darkest crevices of the internets, found few threads and the wiki page, but none of it was helpful. Can somebody please show me how would a correct cfgMods class look like for the following PBO and folder structure? Arma 3\!Workshop\@my mods\addons\main package.pbo
  12. Can somebody tell me how to get rid of that stupid annoying dot in the middle of the screen? The crosshair in the game options is switched off, but this annoying dot is still there. https://imgur.com/a/PzBTat6
  13. I have unit A on position pA, which is moving with speed sA in direction dA. Then there is unit B, which is on position pB, and which wants to "intercept" unit A (like if B wanted to crash into A). How do i calculate the position where to send unit B to intercept(crash into) A?
  14. If there is a more appropriate place for reporting website/account issues, i couldn't find it, apologies. My old email address doesn't exist anymore, so i went to change it at https://accounts.bistudio.com/profile/login When i enter my new email address into the first field, the page shows "This e-mail is already taken." in red underneath the field, and doesn't allow me to proceed. I believe this situation was caused by me when i was just about to create a new account on the Ylands forums using the new email address, but at the end i did NOT use the confirmation link i received in the email, because i realized it is not a separate forum and that i can use this account i already have. What to do?
  15. When on building path, the AI automatically switches from "slow(F/FL/FR)" / "fast(F/FL/FR)" animations to "walk*", even if its "speedMode" is set to fast. I thought it may be controled by something in the CfgMoves class, but i didn't find anything. Is it then something in the buildings configs? maybe directly in the model, like some parameter set for the path? Or is it hardcoded in the game engine?
  16. 5133p39

    Where is the map_data folder?

    That would be map_data.pbo
  17. 5133p39

    DLC Ads

    Is this a flamebait? Because you complain about something that has been discussed to death in other thread(s) without any suggestion or new idea.
  18. Ah, so it could be issue with some visual editor you're using - sorry then, my knowledge is limited when it comes to them.
  19. Could you post the relevat part of the FSM source?
  20. 5133p39

    Arma 2 OA Wont Install.

    What OS? Having no clue what the problem might be, i would start by cleaning registry of any Arma 2 OA keys/values and then trying again.
  21. I faintly recall some problem with such positioning before a simulation even started, saddly i don't remember exactly what was going on (and i might be wrong), but if it doesn't work, try adding some sleep before you issue the setPos command.
  22. some time ago i put together a function to test something, maybe you can alter it to your purpose... private ["_unitPos","_offsetASL","_X","_Y","_Z","_o","_objects","_result"]; // usage: _unit call fIsUnitUnderRoof; // returns objNull, or the house/object the unit is underneath #define BEAM_LENGTH 10 _unitPos = getPosASL _this; _offsetASL = _unitPos Distance (getPosATL _this); // TODO: for debugging, remove later _unitPos Set [2, (_unitPos select 2) + 1.3]; // add something so the beam wont start at character feet where it could intersect with building stairs or furniture _X = _unitPos select 0; _Y = _unitPos select 1; _Z = _unitPos select 2; _o = objNull; _result = objNull; // Simplified calculation of triangle points offsets from the centroid (player pos) // offset A = [ 0, -1] // offset B = [-0.95, +0.65] // offset C = [+0.95, +0.65] _objects = lineIntersectsWith [[_X,_Y - 1,_Z], [_X,_Y - 1,_Z + BEAM_LENGTH], _this, _this, true]; // point A drawLine3D [[_X,_Y - 1,_Z - _offsetASL], [_X,_Y - 1,_Z + BEAM_LENGTH - _offsetASL], [0,0,1,1]]; // TODO: for debugging, remove later if (count _objects > 0) then { _o = _objects select 0; _objects = lineIntersectsWith [[_X - 0.95,_Y + 0.65,_Z], [_X - 0.95, _Y + 0.65, _Z + BEAM_LENGTH], _this, _this, true]; // point B drawLine3D [[_X - 0.95,_Y + 0.65,_Z - _offsetASL], [_X - 0.95, _Y + 0.65, _Z + BEAM_LENGTH - _offsetASL], [0,0,1,1]]; // TODO: for debugging, remove later if (count _objects > 0) then { if (_o == _objects select 0) then { _objects = lineIntersectsWith [[_X + 0.95,_Y + 0.65,_Z], [_X + 0.95, _Y + 0.65, _Z + BEAM_LENGTH], _this, _this, true]; // point C drawLine3D [[_X + 0.95,_Y + 0.65,_Z - _offsetASL], [_X + 0.95, _Y + 0.65, _Z + BEAM_LENGTH - _offsetASL], [0,0,1,1]]; // TODO: for debugging, remove later if (count _objects > 0) then { if (_o == _objects select 0) then {_result = _o}; }; }; }; }; drawLine3D [[_X, _Y -1, 0.1], [_X -0.95, _Y +0.65, 0.1], [0,0,1,10]]; // TODO: for debugging, remove later drawLine3D [[_X -0.95, _Y +0.65, 0.1], [_X +0.95, _Y +0.65, 0.1], [0,0,1,1]]; // TODO: for debugging, remove later drawLine3D [[_X, _Y -1, 0.1], [_X +0.95, _Y +0.65, 0.1], [0,0,1,1]]; // TODO: for debugging, remove later _result
  23. When i look at my CD KEY on Steam, it shows in the following format: XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
  24. 5133p39

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Yep, thats the problem, Karts are not on the Dev branch yet.
  25. 5133p39

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Let Steam download it, and it should be "active" right away - once you start the game, you should be greeted with a one-time info dialog. Also, at the bottom of the screen, right next to menu, you should see DLC icons - eye for Zeus, racing helmet for Karts - click on the helmet, and it will send you directly to the related scenarios/missions ...sorry, i ment "field manual" regarding Karts, to read more :)