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  1. I am one of the people who are genuinely disappointed how TOH when, There wasn't much we asked for, a better default FM, and someone fucking tell people how to use the bloody winch script, none have happened, and the answer we got for not beefing up the FM is that AI don't know how to fly the FM.... Really, who bloody care about AI don't know how to fly with THAT FM? No body even care about cheating the AI to fly their own FM while player use a "normal" advance one.
  2. 4 IN 1

    X: Rebirth

    After watching some twitch live stream and youtube video, I decide to buy the game anyway, there are bugs(game crashing ones), but after the ARMA1 and 2 train wreck release I am more or less bulletproofed on this kind of things(ARMA 3 release is good enough in my book BTW), in fact the only few thing that sadden me is that you can only fly the Shunk all the time, which sucks, and I really wish there is some type of tactical elements IF we ever get to fly a capital class. I generally ignored at less half of the comments on official/steam forum though, seems to me that most people simply need to vent off steam because the game keep crashing(SPAM F5 Oftenly).
  3. does the chart excludes DLC? because it is generally bad idea to include all DLC content and compare something that had built over the years and compare to a flashy released game. I would also want to express again that IMO the biggest problem is not the number of contents, but the functionality of the said content that makes the game rather pointless at the moment.
  4. 4 IN 1

    So I got Bored...

    Well atless they fixed the "ACID SEA"
  5. Not that much of a problem compare to accelerate protons to 99.999999999%of the speed of light;)
  6. Well, the difference between a rail/coil gun and a traditional chemical propeller is that a coil/rail use electrical generated magnetic field to accelerate the projectiles instead of chemical explosives, which means there really ain't that much of changes needed, all they have to do is to decrease the ROF to simulate capacitor recharge time and make sure the gun cannot operate if the engine is too badly damaged to generate enough power for cannon operation.
  7. 4 IN 1

    Reality Check

    I think there is some sort or contradiction with the drone AI, at one point you want the AI to flying around in circle and laze target for you, on the other hand you don't want them to engage at their own will, which comes to a question: knowing that the universal AI have all kinds of problems, wouldn't it be better to us a separate AI for flying, driving and general use instead?
  8. Ever try to control a 20 man squad with the current UI ?
  9. The game is pretty much the same since OFP? If you means the UI then I would have to say what a shame :( But if you are talking about the actual gameplay, then HELL YEAH THATS WHAT I WANT ! :D
  10. 4 IN 1

    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    While I don't think the number of content is that much of a problem(come on! who cares what kind of HMG you are shooting when everyone is shooting at everyone?)I do agree that the game lacks in functionality, I mean most people don't even asking for a revolutionary new editor, they just want a 3D editor for the sake of placing objects without having a headache!
  11. Performance issues aside (of which I don't have as much probably because my machine is good enough) ARMA 3 is actually much more refined then any of their previous title thanks to extensive beta testing, but I fear this is also in part due to a lots of things being drop.
  12. 4 IN 1

    Reality Check

    I am going to agree with you with medic, and possibly with damage as well, and I would like to point out that Squad command is also in the same company with these things, I am going to disagree with movement.
  13. 4 IN 1

    Reality Check

    I am going to quote myself from another thread because this and that thread is basically the same
  14. For me it was not the number of content , nor the quality of the content that is having problem , It is the functionality of the that leads to disappointment. For example, the titan Launcher, it is still the same tab lock we always have, the only thing they ever change from the Javelin in ARMA 2 is a a delay on locking , a new model, and a USELESS FCS console view, the trap wire AP mine is just an AP mine with a bit larger triggering area, the UAV is fine but still lack proper gyro-stabilization locking function, OH! And don't make me to start on another RUBBISH UI or NO TRANSITION DURING MOVEMENT rant......
  15. 4 IN 1

    Weapon switching need some love

    Again it is due to some engine limit that I don't know why still exist, I also don't know why BI haven't think of that in the first place, or why they haven't do anything about it knowing that will be a problem, but it is just absolutely pain in the ass. And for people who saying "Oh you should runs into cover first blah blah blah", I can already hear Travis Haley and Chris Costa yelling "TRANSITION!TRANSITION!" at your ears.
  16. 4 IN 1

    Action Menu - must do better

    IMO, all UI that is related to command and action needed a face lift ever since ARMA2, sadly BI seems to be trying very hard to do the exactly opposite by making it even worse.
  17. 4 IN 1

    Discussion on "Axed" Features

    Not the mention that the command interface is getting worst now. I think the key words here is "frustration", there are many areas that is still not improved, many features not complete, and some even get ditched for god knows what reason. And I don't think anyone here really want to runs a hundreds different heavily hacky scripted mod to try to improve the game if the things is good enough in genuine game.
  18. 4 IN 1

    Switching weapons on the move

    This kind of function should have been on the stock game, good job on proving that it is possible(despite the fact it is quite hacky way to make this happen) One question: does it only works with tab+1/2?
  19. Really, walker, you should really start understand what before posting any more of your "New science discovery".
  20. 4 IN 1

    Take On Mars - New BIS Game

    Well TBH it won't be too far from smashing Kerbals rovers on to the surface of Duna isn't it? Even though we might end up having more sciences to do then in KSP I assume.
  21. 4 IN 1

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    Again, the thing about Oculus Rift support is that you will also need a complete redesign of the UI for a really enjoyable experience, and I don't think it will happen any time soon.
  22. 4 IN 1

    Take On Mars - New BIS Game

    Hum, take on mars, does that means that we will be able to "accidentally" draw a gentleman sausage on the surface of the red planet as well?
  23. Hum, take on mars, does that means that we will be able to "accidentally" draw a gentleman sausage on the surface of the red planet as well?
  24. 4 IN 1

    E3 2013 - General Thoughts

    I am laughing my ass off when Sony slap M$ face so hard that almost anything M$ show just seems irrelevant. P.S. to my surprises MGS5 is actually multi-Platform, well, one less reason to buy XB1:D