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  1. last night i got our server #2 working by deleting all the missions apart from 1 (which wouldn't work normally when tried) it then worked . it appears that the server will only run the first mission in the MP mission folder(NOT the first mission in the server list). i then upload another mission and that worked (never got a chance to test more as everyone instantly wanted to play games). i just went to re-test this before posting but today i can't even get on the server as the game crashes evey time i try to join
  2. wheres my rabbit ?

    Zeus gaming Nights

    why they don't need it. you gonna come back and play ? i'm getting some pvp in the go i could use your help
  3. wheres my rabbit ?

    Invincible Tanks in OA scenario E5:Jackal

    ace has an armor damage system that can disable the vehicle without destroying it, this breaks a lot of missions where the condition is that a certain vehicle or vehicles are destroyed unless you hammer them until they set on fire and explode on our server we once put six satchels on a vodnik and it still didn't destroy it :/ until we gave up and used RPG's
  4. wheres my rabbit ?

    ArmA II Editor Manual - RELEASED

    skimmed through it , got as far as the video and quit cos it was LOUD AS FUCK and wouldn't stop. what i did notice that some of it is hard to read .. take for example the waypoint type page its hard to find the info you want from that page at a glance due to it all being bunched up together. you could have put 1 or 2 spaces in between each one , spacing it out more and making it easier to locate the info you want. theres more than enough spare room at the bottom of the page
  5. wheres my rabbit ?

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    yo what ?
  6. i'm not exactly sure , but my guess is it will make the destruction constant, so everytime you replay the mission the same things are destroyed
  7. wheres my rabbit ?

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    right click on the channel name and choose file browser
  8. wheres my rabbit ?

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    on thee interwebz ... teamspeak.zeus-community.net addon is in the file and support channel / file browser
  9. wheres my rabbit ?

    man sitting at the edge of a rooftop

    lo albert :) you tried running around up there ? maybe the surface is causing the problem, you might need to put him on something
  10. wheres my rabbit ?

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    rof = rate of fire and no it doesn't affect hoomans
  11. wheres my rabbit ?

    [PvP] GunGame --- Fast Paced TDM!

    sounds like an idea :) btw one of our guys had the problem of not upgrading weapons/ levelling up and was getting BAF errors (even though he had it ) he downgraded from the latest beta patch and the problem went away.
  12. wheres my rabbit ?

    The name of a community that I`ve passed through a few times

    such a shame it has an extra T http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twatt,_Orkney
  13. wheres my rabbit ?

    Removing dead bodies from vehicle

    the only way you get get them out without scripting anything is to tell your AI if you have any to get it in the vehicle. once they have filled all the empty slots they will start throwing the bodies out to take the spaces taken by the dead.. not very good as you need enough AI in your team to fill the vehicle.
  14. wheres my rabbit ?

    [PvP] GunGame --- Fast Paced TDM!

    shit loads of fun this mission :) just put it on the zeus server