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    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Hi Sa-Matra love your work and me and my squad use A3 only for your wasteland servers I just played the campaign and noticed a lot of clutter, water, blood, etc. that could be used instead of those big bron bags, just saying :)
  2. waffen

    OFPIP preview

    Hi guys, can you help getting these islands to work on A2 OA (combined) I have CAA1 working and I have all the addons and files for OFPIP but I recalled having some files in the userdata folder, I guess some satimages any way I really need only those files that were supposed to be in the userdata folder thanks, regards EDIT, forgot to say YOMMA ADDON isn't working for me and no torrent was found
  3. Hi guys Me and my mates all have Arma 2 CO from Steam We want to use the squad features, like squad tag and logo Is the members part required in the squad xml file? if it is required, is it safe for us to post the unique player id of our profiles? Also, is the custom faces feature still working? (granted faces are below 100KB) regards
  4. awesome tips, I'll need to tweak my cfg badly
  5. waffen

    need some help pls

    Are the CPU and GPU temps ok?
  6. truer words! maybe we can make this a sticky and before anyone jumps and say "lol this is not cod4" I know is not cod and I've been a user of the series since original OFP, and it really needs to get it addressed +1 on the CQB FIX maybe if we say pretty please?
  7. waffen

    jumping possible ?

    QFT I love this sim, like the most hardcore "fanboi" But the CQB, gun handling and physics need to be reworked, WITHOUT losing any other feature I've seen RL soldiers do: 1.jumping small gaps like roof tops, small trenches etc. 2.climbing walls, and obviously properly climb them down 3.step over small fences it's sad only the latter is modeled
  8. waffen

    Red Dawn: Endgame Arma 2 Trailer

    Excellent stuff mate! well done! I saw the other two parts, US and Russian and the intro for aftermath and the recap where are the FULL downloads of the movies?
  9. According to the update in the news forum there goes the OFP+RES scenario :confused: (aka GOLD EDITION) So since it's a stand-alone game and no content from armaII would work to it's fullest Sigh .. don't forget: Include all your Modules (ACM, SOM, HC, ALICE, etc.) Fix the CQB capabilities, revamp it if necessasy Make all civilians capable of bear arms and include all animations and correct vehicle positions Female soldiers
  10. @ kju hey there mate! thanks for the quick answer, and no, I was also using ACEIP and several other unit addons, I'll remove them and get back to you
  11. @ kju hi mate, listen, a couple of questions, can you tell me what changed from the beta-private version and this public release? I mean they all work, and look extremely awesome but I "feel" like I lost the gained extra FPS by using arma1 islands did you guys improved the landscape textures? or upgraded buildings? what would I lose if I return to the pre-release version? regards
  12. AWESOME mate thanks! I was using your script for arma and had problems using it in chernarus regards
  13. I voted "hell yeah" is anyone working on something? a mission? addons?