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  1. Been having a bloody hard time with the new campagin compared to the first one and previous Arma campagins. Did you guys do anything to change the amount of damage the CSAT and AAF could take? As im having a stupidily hard time killing one rifleman yet they are making swiss cheese out of me. Ive actually had it where ive gone through a full 30 round magazine at a distance of less than 50m from the CSAT 6.5mm rifle and just watched as survived to then in turn fire one burst kill me. then ive been struggling to hit the broadside of a barn at 100 meters while they are scoring headshots on me from 300m+ while ives dropped the enemy skill down from 60 to 20. For the record when i fire, I'm always prone (because its the only way i can score a hit, standing and crouching never hit for me in this campagin. I'm not breathing heavily to stay that im exhusted. I had none of these issues with the Survive Campaign either
  2. ahh the joys of unscripted AI, i had my attempt stopped because of too many casualties, but my second attempt i was going strong....until an RPG ( im not kidding) made contact with my face. but as they say, 3rd times the charm
  3. thyco

    open Season.

    OA added a bootcamp mission to teach you how to use the ULB and the UAV, but put simply, in order to move the ULB, just open your map and left click on the map where you want the ULB to move to and it fly there on its own. though be careful where you send it, because if you lower it too much before moving it can crash into trees etc, and if its too high or you move too close to an enemey, they will shoot it out of the sky
  4. thyco

    ARMA 2 OA 1.52 :Bugs

    Not sure if i should post it in this thread or in just post it in the offical missions forum, but when doing the campaign mission in the AH-64D (MISSION 5) Ive had alot of trouble trying to take out the AA pod in the left AA field. I send my ULB in and laze the pod, usually have 0.97 hit chance (1.0 being perfect). the hellfire hits the pod cleanly but does not destroy the pod or even injure the taki using it. however if i move around so that im to the west of the pod as opposed to the south, i can destroy the AA Pod. not even a hellfire within 20m of the pod is able to damage the occupant.
  5. i havent encounted any bugs in my 16hr play session i had yesterday. im using the sprocket version aswell which was 1.52. The crazy thing is that my preformance on takistan is even better than on Utes, though i havent tried Chenerus yet.
  6. thyco

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    it appears that something has happen with the shipping to australia and we dont get the boxed version until the 9th, which sucks. oh well time to by the game from sprocket as well use that version until my hard copy version arrives xD
  7. eh ill just do what i did with Arma 2... buy 2 copies....one from sprocket and then a retail version when EB gets them in
  8. thyco

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    its been said by a few others now, but i definately prefer the idea of going down to my local EB store and picking up a British Army pack along with an ADF pack, now i know there are quite a few mods out there that add those and many more, but i prefer offical addons due to the ease of use and installation. I still remember having to do the old mod juggling in OpFlash to see which mods were compatible with which etc. Plus after also buying VBS2 and using the ADF and British units from that, i just knw that they would be of extremely high quaility.
  9. im getting this trouble and to my amazement i am unable to get the CCC to turn off/disable Crossfire. I go down to the crossfire tab, uncheck it and then click the apply button and bam! it turns it right back on, even unchecking it and pressing OK does nothing as the moment i load up CCC it automatically turns crossfire back on. my specs are as follows: Alienware Area 51 i7 975 quad core 6gig ram 2x 2gig 5970s
  10. thyco

    Lagushina won't do anything?

    the chopper probably got shot down.....it happens
  11. thyco

    The informants: Manhattan

    might best that you load from an earlier spot, as because the mission is so huge and busy, its got many bugs, but not only that, because the missions are heavyily scripted like a CoD game theres an extremely high chance that Extraction chopper will get shot down if the main chedaki camp is close to it.
  12. thyco

    Manhatten Bug List

    head back to base and grab the empty LAV-25 and use it to take out the t72 and bmp with its anti armour muntions (APFDS or something)
  13. i tried to go back to arma1 but i missed all the new features from A2 like crouched running and reloading on the move and SMAW and LAV-25 and BMP3 and BTR-90
  14. thyco

    How to..........

    in the addon folder within Arma2 called missions.pbo iirc