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  1. 2700x @ Stock with 3200CL14 and RX480 Red Devil gives me around 51FPS in YAAB with standard settings incl. press s @1080p (Same settings with 1800x were only ~42 FPS)
  2. telejunky

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    After upgrading my pc, i also had to reinstall my os. I did'nt keep track of my old arduino/setup files etc. And right now Sourceforge doesn't seem to work. Can anyone provide me some links with the actual links to the arduino files/ Hatire plugin, please? Thanks a lot :) While I can't reach sourceforge from germany. The japanese version works soureforge.jp, but there i could not dowload it. I found the file over baidu... http://pan.baidu.com/wap/shareview?&shareid=2659504062&uk=436321480&dir=%2F-%3D%E7%94%B5%E5%AD%90DIY%3D-%2FDIY%E6%97%A0%E7%BA%BF%E4%BD%93%E6%84%9F%E5%A4%B4%E7%9E%84%2F%E5%A4%B4%E7%9E%84%E8%BD%AF%E4%BB%B6&page=1&num=20&fsid=1690880479&third=0
  3. telejunky

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    Yeah I got a pro mini for 4€ from china. But there was no declaration on the package... I had to drive to the customs authority which is at the end of my city. Saving 2€ for driving 1,5h in total^^
  4. telejunky

    Why no NVG's in all missions?

    Yes, most of your equipment is scattered in the different crates. I always kept looking for my beloved MRCO. But I have to agree, there where moments, where my NV was not available anymore...
  5. telejunky

    Vehicle variety & copy paste

    Yep. Back in the OFP days, it felt so immersive sitting in vehicles, because of the interiors. Shooting the M1A1 maingun kicked the inner end of the barrel back :ok:
  6. I guess the thing with the F-35 (http://media.pcgamer.com/files/2011/08/Arma3_screeenshot_PCGUS_05_exclusive.jpg) tends to be the same thing with the V-22 Osprey (http://cdn2.gamefront.com/wp-content/uploads/gallery/arma-3-8-15-11/290412_223952534318151_192181357495269_571779_2530641_o.jpg) and the same thing with the trapeze shaped railgun on csat tank and the nemo mortar... :-/
  7. telejunky

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    Sadly but true: I also have some problems with occasionally yaw-drifting (to the right side). Playing ArmA 3 3h it occured 4-5 times I guess. Sometimes it helps to just restart FTNOIR. Sometimes I have to reflash the arduino sketch to the board. Then it mostly works for another hour. :-/
  8. telejunky

    Arma 3 Alpha crashing with Radeons

    No Problems with HD 5850, never had a crash
  9. telejunky

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    Okay right now I am confused about the hatire plugin. Can anyone confirm/correct my understanding of the hatire plugin, what the input/output is? Thank you :)
  10. telejunky

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    Thanks newboerg for sharing this :) Using "gy_521_send_serial_HAT_ITG_spring_reset" it gives me an incredible smooth experience compared to my Bluetooth+Wii Remote+3Point LED+Freetrack 2.0. No stutter or jittering like in Freetrack, I'm loving it! There is one thing: when I configured it for infanterists (yaw&pitch, thats enough for me) it is completely fine. When I am in a cockpit like the Buzzzard, there is a strange roll and the settings seems to be odd.
  11. @ Jagdtiger74 [stryder Camera moving up and down] Yeah this could be an easy option via the action menu, sounds great
  12. telejunky

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    I am really excited. As I discoverd your thread last week I immediately orderd the parts over ebay. Right now, I am using a Wii remote and a custom soldered 3-Point IR-LED attachment to my headset. It works quite well while I use sanyo eneloops for easy recharging. I am looking forward to solder the arduino parts and maybe there is an improvement in accuracy. :)
  13. A tool to cut a fence
  14. I just like to have a copy at home and stare on the images for a while :) Like in the old times as a kid^^ Otherwise I use steam with the source games and its mods which are very entertaining and are also connected through steam friends regarding joining servers and chatting the same time. But steam only does not give a chance to users who want to sell their games if it is not their kind of game (not an uncommon thing with ARMA2 series) - you would have to create different accounts for each game to sell them if you want. Otherwise you spent much money and if you don't like it you are ending up losing money.
  15. Hey folks, I remember back in the days of Armed Assault where someone released a huge map of Sahrani and a week ago i started to make Chernarus, rather South Zagoria more printable :) So here is the final one with over 290 pictures taken from the editor...I compressed them with the best settings aviable for jpg to give you the most possible experience with such huge printed map There are three versions aviable: High Quality 13718x13716 94,6 MB Medium Quality 8000x7999 38,2 MB Low Quality 4000x4000 11,0 MB Download can be found here or just click the picture below: Edit: So everything works great now :) Yes, acutally its offivcial that South Zagoria is the northern province of Chernarus http://arma2base.de/content/images/Insel1.jpg :)
  16. I wish they could fade out the sound of the scud, now it starts and after 5 seconds it disappears with a noticable stop of its sound.
  17. I think this was the 8400Gs - Nope it won't run the game smooth @ 1280x1024. Get a used 4850/4870 of ebay for ~60€ if you won't spend. BUt be sure for ArmA 2 you need a powerful cpu for most singleplayergames (heavy script and ai calculations). Best regards :)
  18. Hey guys (and ladies?), I just bought ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead here in Germany. Just put it in a nutshell: If I want to start an internet based game, the game says that I have an invalid cd key. OA Version 1.51.71083 Unless there are dedicated server this is the only real chance to play against each other :) In fact that there is nobody on the serverlist I think it affects other people, too. PS: There is also a new ticket http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11480
  19. telejunky

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    I got it here in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany for 30€ at Saturn. :) Yeah 7€ more than on amazon, but I have it now and not next week.
  20. telejunky

    ARMA 2: 1.07 Patch Released!!!

    Oh I love you so, BIS!!!! You kicked the cpu limit into nirvana!!!!! Now I can reach up to 60fps in singleplayermissions with my PhenomII X4 945 (3Ghz) and ATI 4850. With 1.05 I only got 30-31fps no matter If i played wih 800x600 and everything to the lowest!!! Again, thank you very much for this 'magical' improvement
  21. Yeah I know but i fear that the mainboard would destruct itself because the cpu is with its 95W tdp already at the limit what the mainboard supports. Maybe should I first upgrade the Mainboard to AM3 (eg max tdp of 125w) with the appendant upgrade to DDR3? Any noticable performance difference in ArmA 2 between DDR2 800 and DDR3 1600?
  22. Hey guys, what dou you think of upgrading my cpu? Th fact is this is my system and mostly i only get 25-30fps no matter i use high or low graphics settings... Phenom II X4 945 (3Ghz) ATI 4850 512mb 4gb DDR2 MDT 800Mhz MSI K9A2VM-F V2 WD 640AACS (caviar green) Enermax Modu 82+ 525W XP Pro resolution 1680x1050 11914 3d marks 2006 I know some MP Maps (berzerk, ctf) are less cpu intensive, so if i turn down some graphics settings I achieve up to 60fps. But Singleplayer itself and some heavy scripted Coops playing online like Ace[5th]'s 'Day in a war' gives me only 25-30 fps no matter I use everything at very low or normal. I thought about buying an ATI 5850, but I fear that my cpu is the real bottleneck... any idea? I already thought about overclocking the cpu but my mainboard only allows cpus with a max TDP of 95W, so OC would kill it, because the cpu's TDP is already 95W at normal clock . So if I want to oc my cpu i would need a new Mainboard. Any Idea? Thanks :)
  23. telejunky


    Does anyone have a mirror? I want to post a news&download on arma2base.de but filefactoy does not allow me to download the map itself after leeching the required pbos...
  24. telejunky

    1.05 released

    Thank you for adding freetrack support!
  25. telejunky

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    Hehe thanks to to the betapatch enhancement of using freetrack.dll I can finally use my trusted headtrack setup from Armed Assault! And thanks to lego I can easily mount it to my headphones :D Yeah!